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Figaro Engineering Inc., an ISO 9001 and 14001 compliant company, is the world`s leading gas sensor manufacturer. Figaro has over 30 years of experience in producing the most innovative sensors for the worldwide market place. Figaro Gas Sensors are solid-state devices composed of sintered metal oxides which detect gas through an increase in electrical conductivity when reducing gases are adsorbed on the sensor`s surface. Figaro Gas Sensors are prominently featured in gas detection equipment throughout the world in the fields of safety, health, control systems, and instrumentation. Popular applications of Figaro Gas Sensors include residential and commercial/ industrial alarms for toxic and explosive gases, breath alcohol checkers, automatic cooking controls for microwave ovens, air quality/ventilation control sytems for both homes and automobiles. etc.

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FIGARO an ISO9001 Company

The Figaro Gas Sensor is a gas sensitive semiconductor which was developed by Naoyoshi Taguchi and has been marketed by Figaro Engineering Inc. since 1968. The Taguchi Gas Sensor (TGS) is a sintered n-type semiconductor bulk device. Most TGS sensors are composed of sintered tin dioxide whose resistance in fresh air is very high and drops dramatically in the presence of reducing gases such as combustibles (methane, propane, CO, hydrogen, etc.), volatile organic vapors (alcohol, ketone, esters, benzols, etc.), and many others.

Figaro Engineering Inc.

Figaro Engineering Inc. was formed as a private enterprise in 1962 by N. Taguchi. The company began to mass-produce and sell TGS sensors starting in October 1968. Headquartered in the northern part of Osaka Japan, Figaro has been the worldwide leader in gas sensing technology for more than 30 years, with a commitment to developing the finest gas sensors which offer both low cost and long life. The company was acquired by Tokuyama Soda Co. Ltd. in February 1986.