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Process & Environmental - Ambient Monitoring

The HORIBA’s Ambient Air Pollution analyzers feature advanced technology, field-proven reliability with excellent sensitivity & precision at ppb levels, and hassle free maintenance. Each of these monitor, differs in their operation principle, measure single/multiple components in ambient air or diluted stack gases.

Process & Environmental - Combustion Monitoring

HORIBA is a global leader in high quality, accurate, cost-effective emissions monitoring and analysis. These products are ultimate in dependability, reliability and available as stand alone analyzers, full continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS) or versatile portable analyzers.

Process & Environmental - Process

HORIBA’s Process Analyzers not only uses unique monitoring measurement & fostered sampling technology but also meets the market demanding features like accuracy, stability and reliability to fit your specific measurement requirements.

Process & Environmental - Systems

Since 30 years the HORIBA is developing, producing and selling single analyzers, small systems and also complete Air Pollution Measuring Networks. All over this time we achieved a lot of experience by realizing numerous systems. The vast experience is always used for the development and design of new similar projects in the field of Environmental Monitoring. Regarding this philosophy, every customer is provided with a system, which represents the highest technical level.

Process & Environmental - Environmental Radiation Monitor

Process & Environmental - Water Treatment & Environment

Process & Environmental - Water Quality Measurement

Water Quality Electrochemistry Instrumentation - Benchtop Meters

Process & Environmental - Thermometry

Quick, Accurate and Easy, a full lineup of hand-held and fixed non-contact infrared thermometers covering a wide range of measurement needs.

Process & Environmental - Gloss Checker

For more than 20 years HORIBA has lead the field of gloss meter instrumentation. Today in excess of 50,000 HORIBA Gloss Checkers are being used around the world. On the strength of this experience HORIBA gloss checkers are the recognized standard instrument, especially in the floor maintenance and stone processing industries.

Automotive Test Systems


Material & Property Characterization


Water Treatment & Environment - Environment

Scientific - Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Automotive Test Systems - Emission Measurement Systems


81 Products found
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