EutecTrode XHD-646

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EutecTrode XHD-646

Manual electrode for intermediate layers and rebuilding 13% manganese steel, alloy steels and hardenable steels, plus anti-wear protective coating of gears, drive sprockets, tracked vehicle wheels and return rollers, rails and rail points, armour plate, gyratory crusher cones and drills.

Technical Data

  • Hardness as deposited: 150-190 HV30
  • After cold work-hardening: ~400 HV30

Features and Benefits

  • Very high impact resistance
  • Contact welding
  • Easy slag removal
  • Work-hardens in service
  • Machinable deposit
  • Corrosion-resistant deposit
  • High electrode efficiency (~150%)
Castolin Eutectic
Castolin Eutectic
Ch. de la Venoge 7
St-Sulpice , CH-1025; VD

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