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acid gas (Activated Carbon Treatment) equipment

  • Sulphasorb - Acid Gas Adsorbent

    Pure Air Filtration’s Sulphasorb has been used in the pulp & paper and refinery markets for over forty years. This product targets those gases which are predominant in this environment, especially Hydrogen Sulphide. Pure Air starts with the highest grade activated carbon. This ensures that the greatest possible adsorption ...

    By Pure Air Filtration, LLC based in Norcross, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Gas Adsorbent Media Product line

  • Circulating Dry Scrubber

    Amerair is pleased to announce the introduction of Circulating Dry Scrubber technology to its complete line of acid gas control products. Based on the experience of its resident personnel who have applied this process on a number of high SO2 and HCl applications, Amerair has developed its own optimized version of this process.

    By Amerair Industries, LLC based in Woodstock, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Other Products Product line

  • PureAir - Model PP - Adsorbent Air Filtration Media

    Pure Air Filtration’s PP Blend adsorbent media is a 50 percent/ 50 percent blend of PureAir 8 potassium permanganate based media and Sulphasorb acid gas removal media designed for the removal of corrosive gases commonly found in the Pulp & Paper and Petrochemical/ Refinery industries.

    By Pure Air Filtration, LLC based in Norcross, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Gas Adsorbent Media Product line

  • Model SS-400-MSP - Mounted Sentry w/ Outlet Plenum

    Sentry Air Systems, Inc.’s High Flow Mounted Sentry with Outlet Plenum is primarily used to exhaust filtered air to a remote location, whether that is outside or into your exhaust system. This unit can be ducted or remain ductless, allowing filtered air to remain in the environment. As with the other SAS 400/450 Mounted units, this unit ...

    By Sentry Air Systems, Inc. based in Cypress, TEXAS (USA). from Mounted Fume Extractors Product line

  • EcoSorb - Acid Gas Dry Scrubbing Systems

    BoldEco Environment possesses a great deal of experience in the design and supply of wet, dry and hybrid semi-dry scrubbing systems. BoldEco Environment has been applying conventional wet, dry and semi-dry scrubbing technology for years now, and has recently developed patented SO2 scrubbing technology for the following markets: Power, ...

    By BoldEco Environment, Inc. based in Skillman, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Integrated DeSOx Product line

  • Model SS-200-FSD - Multi-User Fume Extractor

    The Floor Sentry Double is uniquely designed to provide fume extraction to two operators simultaneously. The two self-supportive flex arms provide equal suction at both inlets, which directs contaminants into a patented filtration system that is customized depending on the application being performed. HEPA [up to 99.97% efficient on particles 0.3 ...

    By Sentry Air Systems, Inc. based in Cypress, TEXAS (USA). from Portable Fume Extractors Product line

  • Dustex - Acid Gas Scrubbing & Mercury Filter Systems

    Dustex provides a variety of solutions for hazardous air pollutant controls in conjunction with their fabric filter systems.

    By Dustex Corporation based in Kennesaw, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

  • FiltaCarb - Model FC75 Series - Rapid Skids Filter

    FiltaCarb 75 Series Rapid Skids provide a budget solution to odour problems. They are designed using replaceable vapour carbon canisters, each containing 75kg of activated carbon. Ideal for low-flow air purification for industrial and municipal applications. These budget adsorption filters are specifically designed for wastewater and acid gas ...

    By Bioaction Pty Ltd. based in Tuggerah, AUSTRALIA.

  • SEI - Model ACI and DSI - Activated Carbon Injection and Dry Sorbent Injection System

    Activated Carbon Injection (ACI) Systems and Dry Sorbent Injection (DSI) Systems have been in use for many decades and SEI has been supplying such systems in the industrial markets for 20 years.  The use of these systems for Mercury and Acid Gas control has a low capital cost and proven reliability. SEI’s experience is eclectic with ...

    By Southern Environmental Inc. based in Pensacola, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Model SS-200-TS - Benchtop Fume Extractor

    The Table Sentry is a compact fume extractor that is built specifically for stationary, benchtop operations where airborne fumes need to be captured and filtered at the work surface level. An optional adjustable height stand is available and is highly efficient for elevated operations such as solder pot applications.Typical applications include ...

    By Sentry Air Systems, Inc. based in Cypress, TEXAS (USA). from Benchtop Fume Extractors Product line

  • Model GC IPH - Impregnated Carbons

    GC IPH is a bituminous coal based activated carbon that is specially impregnated for the desulphurisation of gases and the removal of all acidic contaminants such as hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S), hydrogen chloride, and mercaptans. It is available in a variety of mesh sizes as well as in a coconut shell base.This form of Hydrogen Sulphide ...

    By Pacific Character Products based in Mt. Barker, AUSTRALIA. from Air Filtration Product line

  • China-Tianying - Flue Gas Purification System

    We has complied with the international advanced standard of EU 2000 Emission. Import, absorb, digest the foreign advanced flue gas treatment process, successfully developed ”SNCR+ Rotary Atomizing Semi-dry+ Dry+ Active Carbon+Bag Precipitator” combined process, and manufactured 250 TPD to 600 TPD waste incineration furnace matched with ...

    By China Tianying Inc. based in Pudong New District, CHINA.

  • AMSORB - Model I - For Ammonia Removal

    Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) impregnated with phosphoric acid to remove ammonia and its derivatives from air and gas streams.

    By Active Carbon India Pvt. Ltd. based in Hyderabad, INDIA. from Ammonia Removal Product line

  • Xerosorp - Dry Scrubber

    The Xerosorp process removes acidic gases by adsorption with sodium bicarbonate. Due to the very high reactivity of sodium bicarbonate, only little overdosing is required which minimizes reagent consumption and residue generation. In addition, activated carbon or coke can be injected for removal of volatile organics and metals. The process is ...

    By Hitachi Zosen Inova AG based in Zurich, SWITZERLAND. from Flue Gas Treatment Product line

  • Calplas - Model Ø415 – 960 mm - Filters

    Laminated polyester reinforced with fiberglass (GRP) filter. Polyester threaded lateral connections. Design according to needs (diffusers according to filtering media used, connections, etc …). Designs according to filtering media used (Sand, activated carbon, AFM, etc...). Different chemical barriers according to needs (Ionic exchanger, ...

    By Calplas based in Rentería (Guipuzcoa), SPAIN. from Filters Ø415 – 960 mm Product line

  • Jacobi - AddSorb

    Our series of specialty impregnated activated carbons for vapour applications such as acid gases, basic gases, formaldehyde, mercury, and odour control. Included within the AddSorb range are our industry leading grades for personal protection devices.

    By Jacobi Carbons AB based in Kalmar, SWEDEN.

  • Model SS-200-WS - Benchtop Fume Extractor

    The Winged Sentry is a compact benchtop fume extractor that offers a unique and customized design. It features adjustable 'wing flaps' to assist in directing fumes towards the unit's inlet and into the filter chamber. The operator can place these wings in the most effective position for their particular application, or they can be positioned flat ...

    By Sentry Air Systems, Inc. based in Cypress, TEXAS (USA). from Benchtop Fume Extractors Product line

  • Ulpatek - Model ULP-Bi-On KOH - Carbon Based Media

    It is an activated carbon that has the greatest purity and big surface area. Impregnated media that neutralizes acid gases with potassium hydroxide (KOH). Broad spectrum of gas removal. Target Gases; Hydrogen Sulfide (H₂S), Sulphur Dioxide (SO₂), Chlorine (CI₂), Mercaptans, Acidic Gases.

    By ULPATEK Air Filter Manufacturing Inc. based in Esenyurt, TURKEY. from Gas Filtration Product line

  • Calplas - Model Ø 415 - 960 mm 1 - Nozzle Plate Columns

    Laminated polyester reinforced with fibreglass swimming pool filtration column (GRP). Polyester casted threaded connections. Polyester reinforced with fiberglass nozzle plate manufactured as a piece with the vessel end.

    By Calplas based in Rentería (Guipuzcoa), SPAIN. from Columns Product line

  • Activated Coke for Desulfurization & Denitrification

    Activated coke is an excellent adsorbent, which can adsorb the S02 and S03 from industrial boilers' flue gas emissions at the window temperature (120 °C - 180 °C) without heating the flue gas; Meanwhile, activated coke is also a excellent catalyst, it can restore the NOx into N2 and H20 with the conditions of adding the reductant NH3. so ...

    By Shanxi Gobon Activated Carbon Co., Ltd. based in Taiyuan, CHINA. from Activated Coke Product line

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