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aerosol separation (Aerosols) equipment

  • Plastoquimica - Particle and Aerosol Separators

    Aerosols are solid or liquid suspended particles with diameters in size of 10 to 20 microns (submicron range). PLASTOQUIMICA offers a new multistage ordered packing system for the separation of aerosols, being able to achieve a degree of separation down to 0.2 microns. One of its main advantages is that we provide a custom solution for each ...

  • PSI Global - Compressor Separators

    Utilising its own media manufacturing plant and patented technology, PSI Global guarantees trouble-free separation for end users whether they require a wrapped or moulded separator. Whilst a filter removes solid particles from the air stream via a matrix, a separator causes sub-microscopic liquid aerosols to coalesce into larger droplets that ...

    By PSI Global Ltd based in Stockton-on-Tees, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Cylindrical Coalescers

    Today, two stage filter separator technology allows you to have the smallest possible vessel diameter, resulting in the lowest cost, while removing aerosol liquids and solid particles efficiently. The separator’s first stage contains replaceable BCE-GLF  coalescing filters mounted on a tube sheet. Here the larger liquid particles and ...

    By Begg Cousland Envirotec Limited based in Glasgow, UNITED KINGDOM. from Filters Product line

  • Multiventuri Scrubbers

    Venturi scrubbers are used for separation of aerosols. Aerosols are finest solid particles or liquid droplets which are difficult to separate from the exhaust air due to their very small size. The most important criteria for the separation of aerosols, is their particle diameter. To put it simply: The smaller the particle is the more ...

    By Tholander Environmental Engineering based in Viernheim, GERMANY.

  • VSS - Model T120-2 Type - Droplet Eliminators

    VSS-Umwelttechnik offers plastic droplet eliminators which remove entrained liquid particles from air flows.Our chevron type droplet separators (see illustration T120-2) show elimination rates of up to 99.9%.The elimination rate depends on the size and density of the droplets to be separated and on the viscosity of the carrier gas. An even better ...

    By VSS-Umwelttechnik GmbH based in Troisdorf, GERMANY. from Components Product line

  • Keller eLine - Electrostatic Separator

    The eLine electrostatic separator efficiently separates adhesive aerosols such as those created during diecasting processes. Various applications can result in a diverse composition of exhaust air.  For example, adhesive emissions are created during die casting processes or screw machine thread rolling, especially when adding lubricants or ...

    By Keller USA, Inc. based in Fort Mill, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA). from Electrostatic Separator Product line

  • IRIS - Water Separators

    AFE's water separator is specially designed based on the proven centrifugal separation to remove up to 99% of the water aerosol in compressed air. Working in conjunction with other compressed air treatment products like filters, after-coolers and dryers, the water separator is a very cost effective way of further enhancing their efficiency by ...

  • Palas - Model DFP 3000 - Compressed Air Filter Test Rig

    The newly developed compressed air filter test rig DFP 3000 delivers fully-automated measurements of fraction separation efficiency for compressed air filters under overpressure up to 10 bar, offering better results in the process than ISO 12500. On request we can also supply an additional filter holder for flat filter media.

    By Palas GmbH based in Karlsruhe, GERMANY. from Filter Test Rigs Product line

  • Wet Electrostatic Precipitator Technology

    Wet electrostatic precipitators have been used for many decades for the effective separation of micro-particles and aerosols. Michaelis uses long term operational experiences in the industrial field and offers wet ESP systems with gas flow capacities from 500 Nm3/h upwards. Wet electrostatic precipitators are operated in water-saturated areas, i. ...

    By Michaelis GmbH & Co. KG based in Veitshöchheim, GERMANY. from Clean Air Technology Product line

  • Aerosol Neutralizer - Model EAN 581 - Bipolar Electrostatic Discharger

    The mechanical interaction of particles, especially solid ones, may cause undesirable levels of electrostatic charge. Test dusts must be generated with a high degree of reproducibility for instance when evaluating aerosol separation techniques such as cyclones, filters or impactors. Comparable results can only be obtained at controlled and similar ...

    By Topas GmbH based in Dresden, GERMANY. from Aerosol Conditioning and Sampling Product line

  • Fast Aerosol Spectrometer - TR-DMPS

    To measure aerosol size distributions, this instrument system performs three operational functions: charging, size classification, and detection. Particle charging is accomplished by exposing the aerosol sample to intense monochromatic UV light which results in photoelectric ejection of electrons from particle surfaces. The charged aerosol then ...

    By Grimm Technologies based in Douglasville, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

  • UltiSep - Gas-Liquid Separators

    UltiSep technology was developed to address the inherent deficiencies of the conventional gas-liquid separators, making it possible to effectively remove liquid aerosols from gas streams. UltiSep flows from the inside-to-the-outside, reducing the gas velocity as the droplets are being removed. The media technology is specifically designed to ...

    By Pentair Filtration Solutions, LLC based in Conroe, TEXAS (USA).

  • Genie - Model 170 Lab Series - Membrane Separator

    The Model 170 protects gas systems requiring very low sample flow rates on a continuous or intermittent basis. Its small internal volume and low dead volume 1/16€ ports allow the Genie® Model 170 to purge quickly, which is ideal for the removing liquid aerosol droplets from gas samples; it is also perfect for protecting components such as ...

    By A+ Corporation, LLC. based in Gonzales, LOUISIANA (USA).

  • Keller Aero - Oil Mist Collector

    When using coolants (MQL) are created fine aerosols which are separated with maximum effect by our AERO® oil mist separator. The new AERO® separator was designed and engineered to meet the strictest filtration requirements and enables reliable separation of emulstion coolant and oil mist.  The AERO series have features that include:

    By Keller USA, Inc. based in Fort Mill, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA). from Mist Collectors Product line

  • CPC Model 3771

    The Model 3771 CPC is a compact, rugged, and low-cost counter that detects airborne particles as small as 10 nm at an aerosol flow rate of 1.0 L/min. It measures particle concentrations in the range from 0 to 104 particles/cm3 in single particle count mode. It features an anti-spill design, water-removal capability, and USB and Ethernet ports. It ...

    By TSI Incorporated based in Shoreview, MINNESOTA (USA). from Particle Counters & Detectors Product line

  • AERO - Coolant and Oil Mist Separator for Cooling Lubricant Aerosols

    Further product development presents new challenges. Because of additional developments in metal machining processes using non-water-soluble coolants, the requirements for coolants and their treatment are continuously expanding. Higher machining speeds, higher coolant pressure (100 bar and more) and heavy-duty oils with low viscosity require new, ...

    By Keller Lufttechnik GmbH + Co. KG based in Kirchheim unter Teck, GERMANY. from Coolant and Oil Mist Separators Product line

  • Combined Sampling Station

    The AirPhoton combined sampling station measures aerosols in real time using a 3 wavelength integrating nephelometer as well as collecting and preserving the aerosols themselves on filters for later analysis. Aerosols are separated into fine and coarse fractions and preserved on filters protected within a cartridge assembly. The cartridge is ...

    By ​AirPhoton, LLC. based in Baltimore, MARYLAND (USA).

  • EWK - Model NEF Series - Horizontal Wet Electrostatic Precipitator

    Wet type electrostatic precipitators are used where aerosol-solid mixes have to be separated with high efficiency. Today wet type electrostatic precipitators with a high cost-benefit ratio are considered especially for separating:

    By EWK Umwelttechnik GmbH based in Kaiserslautern, GERMANY.

  • Aerosol Precipitators

    Cost-effective aerosol separation (

    By Trema Verfahrenstechnik GmbH based in Kemnath, GERMANY.

  • TeeMark - Model Super 450 - Explosion Proof Aerosol Can Crusher

    Processes many different aerosol can sizes with a wide range of can contents – also handles small paint cans. The Super 450 Aerosol Crusher handles up to 450 cans per hour. Removes and captures 99% of can contents. Separates liquid can content from propellants, VOCs and other gaseous components. Crushed cans are considered empty by EPA ...

    By TeeMark Manufacturing Inc. based in Aitkin, MINNESOTA (USA). from Aerosol Can Crushers Product line

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