Air Biofiltration

Equipment & Solutions

  • VOC Trickling Biofilters
    Showcase Product

    VOC Trickling Biofilters

    By AirScience Technologies Inc.

    In AirScience"s Trickling Biofilters water containing nutrients and neutralizing components is fed in a continuous manner to the top of a bed made of structured packing, covered by an activated biofilm. The polluted air ...

  • Compact Odor Biofilter Unit
    Showcase Product

    Compact Odor Biofilter Unit

    By BBR Filtration Limited

    Fits in a 20´ shipping container. Caustic requirements - 1 quart per day. Water requirements - 0.25 GPM. Automated management of particulate spikes up to 400ppm.

Companies & Suppliers

  • Aquaneering, Inc.

    Aquaneering, Inc.

    Aquaneering is an internationally recognized leader in the manufacture of Fluidized Bed Biofiltration systems for aquatics research housing. A key ...