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    ECONOAIR L-5PTR Premium Personal Air Sampler - Brochure

    The F&J ECONOAIR Premium L-5PTR personal air sampler consists of a pump contained in a high impact steel fiber filled Lexan, antistatic and RFI/EMI-shielded case, exclusive electronic circuit board for constant flow control (patent pending), an LCD display with 2 lines of 16 characters, a single diaphragm pump mechanism and a rechargeable NiMH battery pack. The L-5PTR can be programmed for ...

    By F&J Specialty Products, Inc.

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    Submarines Automatic Air Quality Monitoring Applications Note

    In a submarine there are several airborne chemical substances which are known for their effects on the health of persons exposed to. In operating condiƟons, the most important that can be found are: carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), oxygen (O2), hydrogen (H2), Freon, Halon and Acrolein. The air higher pressure during underwater activities has to be considered because the analytical ...

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    Models 106-PFC / 206-PFC - Pressure Flow Control (Modulation) Valve Brochure

    PFCRemote usersMain Supplywww.singervalve.com105Models 106-PFC / 206-PFC Pressure Flow Control (Modulation) ValvePressure Reducing2011.4KEY FEATURES• Reduces pressure when demand is lower resulting in reduced leakage losses and pipe breaks• Compensates for pressure loss in a long pipeline to deliver virtually constant pressure at all times at a distant point • Higher pressures are ...

    By Singer Valve Inc.

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    Libra - Model L-4 - Abatement Air Sampler - Instruction Manual

    ON green LED. FAULT orange LED is lit when flow cannot be maintained. BATTERY red LED is lit for low battery condition. SET button is to be pressed when using the Arrow keys to adjust flow. Press to turn ON, pump will begin running at previous set flow rate. Press and hold for 3 seconds to turn ...

    By A. P. Buck Inc.

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    Analox - Model MEC - Monitoring Toxic Gases in Breathing Air - User Manual

    The sensor used in particular variants of MEC is an electrochemical sensor which contains toxic compounds. Under normal conditions the sensor will be safely sealed. To prevent leakage, the unit must not be exposed to temperatures outside the specified range, or be exposed to organic vapours, which may cause physical damage to the body of the sensor. The unit must not be stored in areas containing ...

    By Analox Sensor Technology

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    Omnitrol 609 Pneumatic Air Switch - Datasheet

    The Omnitrol Pneumatic Liquid Level Control is a magnetically actuated precision-made on/off pneumatic instrument, which incorporates the use of a magnetically controlled switch actuator in conjunction with specific displacer configurations to provide liquid level indication and control. It is designed to operate under the corrosive and vibrating conditions associated with petrochemical ...

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    Trinitex Advance Purification of Air for Industrial Filtration Applications - Brochure

    Trinitex Advance has the ability to combine EPA efficiencies, whilst delivering highest protection of the gas turbine in all demanding environmental ...

    By Ahlstrom-Munksjö

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    Ahlstrom-Munksjö SafeCabin(TM)

    Cabin air filters are designed to improve air quality inside vehicles by filtering particles and gases, protecting the passengers and improving the driving comfort.   Additionally, they protect the heating and air conditioning system from dirt and ...

    By Ahlstrom-Munksjö

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    Total Solution - Model AL-8021 - Aerosol Foaming Coil Cleaner - Spec. Sheet

    A portable, non-acid foaming coil cleaner that removes grease, dirt, slime, lint and other contaminants from inside fins of heating, refrigeration, and air conditioning coils. Aerosol formula blasts deep inside unit to loosen hard-to-reach dirt and ...

    By Interstate Products Inc

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    Terand - Model CP-274 - Foaming Coil Cleaner Aerosol Spray - 12 Cans/Case - MSDS

    A powerful, thick, clinging foam which removes dirt, lint and grease from air conditioner and heater coil fins. Convenient, portable aerosol features a strong directional spray which helps force foam into coil air spaces. Water-based foam creates no harsh vapors and leaves a fresh natural scent. Spray in pan and drain lines to help keep them clear and destroy odors. ...

    By Interstate Products Inc

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    KAHL - Waste Recycling Plants - Brochure

    Machines and Plants for the Production of Alternative FuelsAK45-ErsatzBrenn-12e15.8_Layout 1 15.08.12 09:47 Seite 5Modern waste management means tominimise or even better prevent theproduction of waste in the community.Furthermore, dangerous substances inthe waste must be eliminated in orderto exclude risks to humans, animals,and the environment.To achieve this aim, several conceptsfor the ...

    By Amandus Kahl GmbH & Co. KG

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    Greenstar Waste Transfer Station Odour Control System Brochure

    Greenstar Ltd. who operate the large waste transfer station at Ballyogan needed to ensure working conditions inside the building were acceptable to the workforce and that the surrounding area did not suffer from odourous emissions. An early part of the design process called for an efficient extraction system to draw air from the Reception Hall and the Baling Hall to meet these ...

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    Simple Green All Purpose Cleaner MSDS Phone (877) 431-0200 Fax (401) 305-3033 MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET SECTION I: IDENTIFICATION OF PRODUCT PRODUCT NAME: Simple Green All Purpose Cleaner Distribution Location: Chemtex, Inc. 1 Front Street Cumberland RI 02864 Customer Service Telephone Number: 1-877-431-0200 Date Prepared: January 20, 2009 SECTION II: COMPOSITION/INFORMATION ON ...

    By Chemtex, Inc.

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    Reliant Stadium & Astrodome (Reliant Park) – Houston, Texas

    03/05/2007 03:36 PMProject Profiles - Record DetailPage 1 of 2http://…op=cn&project%20name=reliant&-lop=or&-max=20&-recid=32780&-find=Reliant Stadium & Astrodome (Reliant Park) – Houston, TexasClick on an image below toenlarge the viewThe Largest engineered grassporous system is located atReliant StadiumThe cool parking lot can serveas ...

    By Invisible Structures, Inc.

  • Sensata - Model 209 Series - Magnetic Circuit Breakers Brochure

    The 209, E-Frame circuit breaker combines power switching with accurate, reliable circuit protection in a compact single or multi-pole unit. The unit is ideal for branch circuit applications such as EDP, air conditioners, panel boards and lighting ...

    By Sensata Technologies Inc.

  • Model JZ-AL - Multileaf Dampers Brochure

    Multileaf dampers made of aluminium for shutting off the airflow in air conditioning systems. Rectangular multileaf dampers for volume flow and pressure control as well as for shutting off ducts and openings in walls and ceiling ...

    By TROX GmbH

  • Trox - Model MSA - Multileaf Dampers Brochure

    Multileaf dampers made of aluminium for extremely low-leakage shut-off in air conditioning ...

    By TROX GmbH

  • ALPHAfon-SA - Sound Attenuators - Brochure

    Sound attenuators ALPHAfon-SA are used in applications in air ducts installations that require noise reduction and low pressure drop. Typical applications are air conditioning ductworks, cooling towers, ventilation systems. ALPHAfon-SA reduce noise in workplaces (offices, industries) households, other buildings (hotels, hospitals, theaters etc) and also reduce noise emitted to the environment. ...


  • Mandik - Industrial Heating Catalogue 2017

    Established in 1990, MANDÍK, a.s. (Inc.) is one of the most significant manufacturers of air-conditioning components and industrial heating systems in the Czech Republic. The MANDÍK, a.s. (Inc.) company is a genuinely Czech, family owned company. The company primarily promotes itself on the market by laying emphasis on high-quality technical crafting of products and maximum ...

    By Mandík, a.s.

  • ULVAC - Model ECO Shock Series ES4A - Dry Pumps - Brochure

    ECO-SHOCK contributes to energy saving; The power consumption of the dry pump can be reduced substantially.  Ex.)Max. 59% of power reduction at ultimate pressure running and 34% of power reduction at repeatedly chamber gas exhausting.  Ratio of our company's LR3601-R ) *1 *2 *3. As the effect which suppresses the heat generation of the dry pump, it can reduces the ...

    By ULVAC GmbH

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