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  • Case-Study: Smart-Campus Air Quality Monitoring in Palava

    Case-Study: Smart-Campus Air Quality Monitoring in Palava

    To make Palava City Management Association (PCMA) the Most Livable City in India, the authorities needed a comprehensive air monitoring solution to create awareness about the environmental health of the Campus. Oizom deployed Air Quality solutions at strategic locations. The authorities were able to create awareness amongst the citizens on the ambient air quality and offer suggestive actions. The ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Advanced Cloud Data Logger

    Advanced Cloud Data Logger

    Maximize your data productivity: In the research world, success or failure hinges upon using data analysis to arrive at the right conclusion. Unfortunately, most data loggers force you to spend more time collecting data than actually analyzing it. With the advent of big data, you can’t afford to be constantly fussing with complex programming, installation headaches, data downloads, data ...