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Air Dispersion Modeling equipment for Air and Climate

  • Premium

    Boreal Laser - Model GasFinder3-OP - Portable Open-Path TDL Analyzer

    Primary uses of the GasFinder3-OP are to: Continuously monitor gas concentrations over open area sources. Provide immediate and unambiguous detection of gas leaks. Can be combined with weather data and an atmospheric dispersion model to give a measured emission rate.

    By Boreal Laser Inc. based in Edmonton, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Portable Open-Path TDL Analyzer Product line

  • Map3D

    Map3D offers a 3D solution for the daily forecast of meteorological fields and pollutant concentrations (gases and aerosols) at regional and urban scales.

    By EnviroScopY SRL based in IASI, ROMANIA. from Map3D Product line

  • Air nozzles

    Air nozzles are used for dispersing air or steam in a concentrated and straight fan. Generally, air nozzles have a flat fan or solid stream spray pattern. When using conventional air nozzles, air is blown through a single hole. Often a loud, ear-splitting and hissing noise is produced. To avoid this unpleasant noise, Lechler has designed special ...

    By Lechler GmbH based in . from Air nozzles Product line

  • Scentroid - Model TR8 - ODOTRACKER

    Scentroid OdoTracker is a wearable multi-sensor device that measures the concentrations of two chemicals in ambient air at the same time. The chemicals to be measured by the device are specified at the time of ordering. For example the user may specify the measurement of Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) in ppb level and Ammonia (NH3) in ppm level. The ...

    By Scentroid, a Division of IDES Canada. based in Stouffville, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Krofta - Air Dissolving Tube

    Key to all Krofta DAF systems is the Krofta Air Dissolving Tube (ADT). By eliminating the need for large volumes of air and water used by typical pressure components, the ADT uses air dispersion technology and centrifugal force in place of just volume and gravity. In operation at thousands of installations worldwide, the Krofta ADT is a central ...

    By Ecolab Inc. based in St. Paul, MINNESOTA (USA). from Air Dissolving Tube Product line

  • Side Entering Mixers

    Side entering mixers are particularly well suited for use in large tanks, in applications where headroom is lacking, or in tanks too deep for top entering units.  The mixers operate efficiently in most fluids with viscosities to 10,000 CPS and are used for blending, heat transfer, and dispersion of suspended solids.Gear driven models are ...

    By ErtelAlsop based in Kingston, NEW YORK (USA). from Side Entering Mixers Product line

  • BladeTec - High Volume Low Speed HVLS Fans for Commercial and Industrial Use

    BladeTec HVLS Fans are the next generation of innovative products from DuctSox Corporation! For over 30 years, DuctSox has been committed to serving the HVAC community with innovative solutions for air dispersion needs. From fabric air distribution systems to HVLS fans, DuctSox products have been accepted within key industry organizations such as ...

    By Tawada CleanTech based in Jakarta, INDONESIA.

  • Inyo - Multi-Orifice Threaded Injection Quills

    Multi-Orifice Threaded Injection Quills are excellent for even chemical dispersion across an entire pipe diameter.  Quills are available in all materials.

    By Inyo Process based in Van Nuys, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Multi-Orifice Threaded Injection Quills Product line

  • Revolution - Ceiling Mount Misting Fan

    There are two key differences between a typical misting fan and the horizontal design of the Revolution. A typical fan can only provide a focused stream of air approximately 25 degrees wide so it can only cover a narrow range. The Revolution misting fan is designed to provide 360 degree mist airflow around the entire circumference of the misting ...

    By TrueFog, USA based in Desert Hot Springs, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Ceiling Mount Misting Fan Product line

  • SIAM-Mining - Meteorological and Air Quality forecasts for Mining Operations

    Meteorological and pollutant dispersion forecasting system designed to provide detailed information for future atmospheric risk management.METEOSIM has developed a full range of environmental modelling solutions that enable a better HSEC management and operational risk detection during all the phases of the mining project cycle.

    By Meteosim S.L. based in Barcelona, SPAIN.

  • Inyo - Mixing Tees

    Mixing Tees are a simple, cost effective method of providing chemical diffusion to a system. Mixing tees typically have been offered in both a wafer style.  We have now added to our product line a pipe spool configuration. There is little or no pressure drop across these devices, which rely on advanced chemical dispersion techniques.

    By Inyo Process based in Van Nuys, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Mixing Tees Product line

  • Daxad - Model 15 - Polynaphthalene Sulfonate Sodium Salt

    Water soluble dispersant. Prevents polymer agglomeration in emulsion polymerization and tanning process.

    By GEO Specialty Chemicals based in Lafayette, INDIANA (USA). from Polynaphthalene Sulfonate Sodium Salt Product line

  • RotoCoater - Model 500 - Single Component Benchtop Dispensers

    The Hernon RotoCoater 500 uses a small, precision air motor to spin a dispersion cup which is inserted into the Ф1/8” bore. The Hernon Sureshot 2200 valve then delivers a metered amount of material to the cup that evenly coats the inner surface of the bore. The dispenser cup prevents over-spray and applies a uniform, controlled bead of ...

    By Hernon Manufacturing Inc. based in Sanford, FLORIDA (USA). from Single Component Benchtop Dispensers Product line

  • DuctSox - Fabric Air Dispersion Systems

    uctSox products are used to distribute and disperse air in Open Ceiling Architecture. There are two products to choose from: the Internal Framework System or our Traditional products.The Internal Framework System option is also known as SkeleCore. It is available in two different models, SkeleCore FTS and SkeleCore IHS. Both models provide ...

    By Tawada CleanTech based in Jakarta, INDONESIA.

  • Air Modeling

    ACS Engineering Group’s air environmental consulting team uses air dispersion modeling to predict off-property concentrations resulting from emissions of air pollution. Equations and algorithms are incorporated into various computer models to calculate atmospheric concentrations of pollutants at specific points. ACS Engineering Group uses ...

    By Argent Consulting Services, Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • Title V

    Argent has extensive experience assisting facilities in complying with the Clean Air Act. We aid clients in all aspects of air permitting including Title V permits, state air construction and operating permits, applicability determinations, emission inventories, air dispersion modeling, compliance plans, emission testing, monitoring plans, and ...

    By Argent Consulting Services, Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Title V Product line

  • UNI-CAL - Model 866 - Industrial Machine Colorants

    UNI-CAL 866 Industrial Machine Colorants are closely controlled machine dispensable dispersions compatible with a variety of non-aqueous industrial and maintenance coatings. The broad compatibility range of these colorants allows the coatings manufacturer to reduce the number of special pigment dispersions normally required for tinting many ...

    By Evonik Industries AG based in Essen, GERMANY.

  • Main Connects (Injection Quills)

    Main Connections and Injection Quills will improve the injection and diffusion of corrosive chemicals into a pipeline. In addition, they will accomplish this without damaging the pipe or threaded port at the point of injection. By injecting the chemical solution from the third to the center flow of the pipe, the more turbulent, higher pipe ...

    By Global Treat, Inc based in Spring, TEXAS (USA). from Main Connects (Injection Quills) Product line

  • Vacuum High Shear Mixer (VMC) - Multimix Heavy Duty Vacuum H

    VMC is specially designed for requirements in the industry of inks, paints & coatings, silicone sealants, adhesives & chemicals which require mixing, dispersing and emulsifying in a single process under vacuum. It is able to mix materials from medium to high viscosity up to 1,000,000 cps.

    By CKL Machinery (M) Sdn Bhd based in Puchong, MALAYSIA.

  • Adjuvants - Spray Applications

    BRANDT manufactures a wide range of adjuvants that help improve the performance and effectiveness of pesticide applications. From tank mix adjuvants to application aids and utility products, BRANDT has the solutions to improve spray application effectiveness.

    By Brandt Consolidated, Inc. based in Springfield, ILLINOIS (USA). from Spray Applications Product line

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