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  • End Cap with Adjustable Air Opening
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    End Cap with Adjustable Air Opening

    By KE GrowAir B.V.

    This end cap need to be installed at the end of your duct. The adjustable holes will supply some air in the middle pad and haze a fixing point to adjust the duct to the gutter on the end.

  • Portable Colour Monitor Device
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    Portable Colour Monitor Device

    By IBOS a.s

    Portable colour monitor device is shaped for home drainage including all DN 50 to DN 300 plugs. Reinforced cable enables manual inserting. Commonly used device by cleaning and service ducts monitoring ...

  • Tubeformer
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    By SPIRO International SA

    Spiro has succeeded with the Tubeformer 2020 to cover the complete range of international standard sizes up to 2500 mm diameter. The Tubeformer 2020 is highly reliable, the strongest in the industry, and continues to ...

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  • Nikro Industries, Inc.

    Nikro Industries, Inc.

    NIKRO Industries, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of H.E.P.A. Filtered Vacuum Systems, Portable Air Purification Equipment, and Air Duct Cleaning ...

  • Western Air Ducts (UK) Ltd.

    Western Air Ducts (UK) Ltd.

    Designers, manufacturers and installers of dust extraction and fume extraction systems solutions to workplace air quality problems and inventors of ...

  • Lean Green

    Lean Green

    Lean Green is a professional heating and cooling air duct and dryer vent cleaning service provider, specializing in residential, commercial, ...

  • Extreme Air Duct Cleaning and Restoration Services

    Are you sneezing, eyes itching, trouble breathing while inside your home? Chances are your air ducts could be blowing dust and mold into your air and ...

  • Chem-Tex Manufacturing

    Chem-Tex Manufacturing

    Chem-Tex is an international manufacturer of professional carpet cleaning equipment and machines. When founded in 1980, Chem-Tex primarily focused on ...