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ceramic air filter Equipment

  • Ceramic Air Filter

    The Ceramic Air Filter of HS Corporation under the trademark CERAPORE features as the follows, High dust trapping efficiency greater than 99.8% / Maximized filtration area / High air permeability and low operating pressure loss / Temperature resistant up to 800℃,/ Excellent chemical resistance / Excellent corrosion resistance / Catalytic ...

    By HS Ind. Dev. Co., Ltd. based in Cheonan-Si, SOUTH KOREA.

  • Premium

    CTP - Mechanical-Thermal Filter

    Removal of sticky particulate (e.g. tar) and aerosols: CTP’s prefilters are filled with high temperature-proof ceramic saddles which generate a turbulent flow and allow for a rapid bake-out of deposits. Due to the depth and the volume of the filter packing particles, tar and aerosols are removed from the waste gas to a high degree.

  • Ceramic Filters

    GENIUS Ceramic Filters are used for protection of Gas Turbines and reduction of emissions from environmentally- conscious Coal Fired, electric power stations, in gasification of fossil fuels and biomasses, for the recovery of valuable substances and for separation of very fine pyro-phoric dusts from process gases, for incernation of low level ...

    By Genius Filters & Systems (P) Ltd based in Visakhapatnam, INDIA.

  • Ceramic Filters

    KC Cottrell Ceramic Filters are an extension to the Pulse-Jet Fabric Filter range and can operate continuously at temperatures of 500°C and peak temperatures of 900°C. They achieve particulate emissions as low as 1mg/m³, and can operate in arduous process conditions with high acid gas concentrations. Pulse-Jet Ceramic Filters are ...

    By KC Cottrell, Inc based in The Woodlands, TEXAS (USA).

  • Caldo - Hot Gas Ceramic Filters

    Caldo hot gas filters are high temperature equipment items for the continuous removal of particulates from air or other hot gases. The equipment consists of ceramic filter elements installed in bespoke vessels fitted with proprietary mechanical parts.

    By Caldo Engineering Ltd. based in Bromsgrove, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • CERCAT - Filter with Ceramic Catalytic Candles

    MAGUIN has extended its activity in air pollution control and is now pleased to offer its innovative system: the CERCAT ® Filter. Equipped with ceramic catalytic candles, it is able to treat acid gases, dust and NOx in one single unit.

    By MAGUIN SAS - a Moret Industries Company based in Charmes, FRANCE. from Environment Product line

  • GGE - Model TM-H - Mobile Air Filter Units with Cartridges

    TM H are wheel-mounted air filters with cartridges, suitable for mechanical, ceramic and food industry. TM H have 4 cartridge filters and max flow rate of 3000 m3/h.

    By GGE srl based in Rio Saliceto, ITALY. from Mobile Air Filters Product line

  • Ceramic foam filter

    Foam filters are just developed as a new type molten metal filter to decrease casting flaw in recent years. With its characteristics of light-weight, high mechanical strength, large specific surface areas, high porosity, excellent thermal shock resistance, erode resistance, high-performance, competitively priced, foam filter is designed for ...

    By YF Ceramic Co. Ltd based in Shenzhen, China, CHINA.

  • Caldo - Ceramic Filter Components

    Caldo hot gas ceramic filter elements are made to the industry standard design: 1000mm long x 60mm o.d. x 40mm i.d. with an 80mm o.d. flange, 20mm deep. They are made from alumino-silicate fibres and a silica binder. Caldo hot gas ceramic elements are packed in boxes of 18. The ceramic elements are susceptible to damage in transit and this ...

    By Caldo Engineering Ltd. based in Bromsgrove, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Rolled Filters

    Our second generation filter medium, ACS Industries, Inc.’s rolled filters were designed for inflators requiring more uniform flow patterns and higher hoop strengths than knitted wire mesh can effectively offer.  Made from various combinations of expanded metal, woven wire cloth and ceramic filter paper, these elements are rolled and ...

    By ACS Industries, LP based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Air Bag Filters Product line

  • Honeycomb Ceramic

    Ceramic honeycombs are a new kind of industrial ceramic product developed in recent years. They have a large surface area, higher air vent rate, good heat functions, stable chemical properties etc. At present, ceramic honeycombs are being used to purify industrial waste gas, automobile emissions, eliminate noise, deal with waste water, to dry air, ...

    By Pingxiang XINTAO Chemical Packing Co., Ltd based in Pingxiang, CHINA.

  • GGE - Model TM-F - Wheel-Mounted Air Filters

    TM-F are wheel-mounted air filters with bag filter and with pneaumatic cleaning system. TM-F have max flowrate of 1200 m3/h.

    By GGE srl based in Rio Saliceto, ITALY. from Mobile Air Filters Product line

  • Pulsed Jet Self Cleaning Air and Gas Filters

    Pulsed jet cleaning is a process developed by Porvair Filtration Group for the effective removal of collected solids from the surface of a filter element. The process is typically undertaken whilst the filter is in operation on-line and, apart from a very small pressure spike (or ‘overpressure’), it does not interrupt or interfere with ...

    By Porvair Filtration Group based in Fareham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Air Gas and Vent Filters Product line

  • Air Gas Filters

    No matter what the industry, contamination of gas stream such as compressed air and natural gas can dramatically increase maintenance costs and even shut your process or plant down. That’s why leading companies all over the world rely on R.P. Adams steam filters to prevent clogging and friction wear caused by slime, rust, pipe scale, solid ...

    By R.P. Adams based in Tonawanda, NEW YORK (USA). from Air Gas and Steam Filters Product line

  • Catridges Filter

    Catridges filter at high efficiency also with very thin dust. The limited size allow the installation inside of the production plants and close to the source of pollution. Suitable for use by chemical, foodstuff, metallurgic and ceramic working industries.

    By Vebair Srl based in Gavirate, ITALY. from Extraction Plants and Air Filtering Systems Product line

  • Sleeves Filter

    Sleeves filter at high efficiency. Suitable in all environment where there is a need to separate dry dust. Suitable for use by chemical, petrochemical and ceramic working industries.

    By Vebair Srl based in Gavirate, ITALY. from Extraction Plants and Air Filtering Systems Product line

  • GGE POLJET - Model FQ-TS - Self-cleaning Bag Filters

    POLJET FQ-TS are self-cleaning bag filters with collection bin. These filters are suitable for dust collection in ceramic, food, rubber, cement, mining, animal feed and chemical industry. POLJET FQ-TS have from 32 to 792 filtering bags, with filtering surface up to 792 m2 (with 2500 mm ht bags).

    By GGE srl based in Rio Saliceto, ITALY. from Centralized Air Filtration Systems Product line

  • Square Filters

    Because of some machining processes, the air of industrial environments may be full of polluting agents, as various dust and motes, harmful for health of working people and non-conforming with the relevant standards. The company Savio S.r.l., ever-sensitive to and in the van of the solution of such problems, has studied and manufactured SQUARE ...

    By SAVIO S.r.l. based in Cascine Vica Rivoli, ITALY. from Filtering Units Product line

  • SpinTek - Stainless Steel Membranes

    The SpinTek Td ceramic membrane offers a new tool for the separation of micro-sized solids from liquid, gas and air influent. The unique Td membrane starts as a 185 micron thick stainless steel substrate and then a thin (15 micron) nanopowder coating of ceramic is bonded to the substrate. The ceramic coating has a smooth surface that resists ...

    By SpinTek Filtration, Inc. based in Los Alamitos, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Membrane Filteration Products Product line

  • ECOGRACE - Dust collector Filter Bags

    Dust Collector Filter Bags 1)Supply Nomex filter bags, PPS filter bags, Polyester filter bags, Pan Acrylic filter bags, Polyester filter bags, P84 filter bags, PTFE filter bags.2)Gram Weight: 400gsm-600gsm3)Thickness: 1.5mm-3mm4)Usage: Air Filtration, Liquid filtration, Powder filtrationApplication:1) The fume and smoke treatment and ...

    By Zhejiang Grace Envirotech Co., Ltd based in XIAOSHAN, CHINA. from Filter Bags Product line

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