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Hot Gas Filtration

by Norafin Industries (Germany) GmbH     based in Müllheim, GERMANY

Norafin offers a variety of spunlaced filter media for process liquid and air filtration. The spunlace technology offers various product opportunities and performance advantages not only in liquid, but also in air filtration as for example in hot gas filtration. Thanks to the hydroentangling process, which binds the fibers in a homogeneous and ...

Hogfish - Hot Gas Filtration System

by Cambridge EnTech     based in Cambridge, MARYLAND (USA)

The Hot Gas Filtration system (known most commonly by its nickname, the “Hogfish”) is a custom engineered technology.  Each Hogfish system has been designed for a specific customer application to filter harmful particulate matter from a processing stream.  For most of these customers, wet, sticky particulates collect on ...

Hot Gas Filtration & Dry Scrubbing

by Begg Cousland Envirotec Limited     based in Glasgow, UNITED KINGDOM

Hot gas filters enable the filtration of gases at temperatures up to 800°C and in the presence of corrosive gases: The technology is licenced from Caldo Environmental Engineering, and their hot gas filters use ceramic filter elements in modular, purpose-built vessels to meet a wide range of process specifications.

Filter Cartridges for Hot Gas Filtration

by R B Filter GmbH     based in Langenbrettach, GERMANY

The filter cartridges are constructed to meet the special requirements of temperatures higher than 140 °C. They are suitable for a maximum operating temperature of 450 °C. Their metal parts are made of galvanized or stainless steel. As filter media needle felts or weaves of stainless steel are used. The cartridges can be cleaned by jet ...

Filcon Filtration - Hot Flue Gas Cleaning Equipment

by Filcon Filtration ApS     based in Slagelse, DENMARK

Hot flue gas cleaning equipment; To help keep our environment clean, Filcon Filtration specializes in the treatment of hot flue gas. Hot flue gas can be generated from biomass, gasification, and/or incinerator plants, and might contain high concentrations of chemical particles which are harmful for humans and the environment. Filcon flue gas ...

contec - Borosilicate Microglass Fiber for Particle and Coalescence Filtration

by contec GmbH Industrieausrüstungen     based in Bad Honnef, GERMANY

Application: To separate dirt and aerosols such as oil and condensate from the gas flow From simple pressure loss to corrosive gases and hot gas application Filtration of solvents and other liquids.

contec - Microglass Fiber Particle Filters for Air and Gas Filtration

by contec GmbH Industrieausrüstungen     based in Bad Honnef, GERMANY

Application: To separate dust and dirt out of the gas flow. From simple pressure loss to corrosive gases and hot gas application Filtration of solvents and other liquids.

contec - Gas Analysis Filters for Air and Gas Filtration

by contec GmbH Industrieausrüstungen     based in Bad Honnef, GERMANY

Application: For all gas filtration applications, whether as an intake/suction filter, particle filter, coalescence or bypass filter, high pressure or hot gas filter. TO protect measuring and analysis technology.

Air Filters Metal Cloth

by Dorstener Drahtwerke H.W. Brune & Co. GmbH     based in Dorsten, GERMANY

Metal cloth in the air filtration can not only be found in the hot gas sector. For the filtration of pollen, fibres, insects and other impurities upstream of e.g. air-cooled units, we have introduced our DDD air sieve as a protective filter to the market. Fine cloths with a large air-flow, reinforced by our sandwich construction, allow a ...

altair - Model PRO - Cartridge Filters

by Clarcor Industrial Air     based in Overland Park, KANSAS (USA)

For mechanical drive and generator applications in the Oil & Gas sector, unexpected outages and routine maintenance cycles are an expensive prospect. Filter efficiency classification is an important factor, but not the only one. The altair PRO cartridge filter is designed to protect against wet and dry fine and corrosive contaminants, and ...

Model DRY-FIL - Hot Gas Filter

by Kanzler Verfahrenstechnik GmbH (KVT)     based in GRAZ, AUSTRIA

Process gas purification is a staple of chemical and process engineering as well as metallurgy, to remove dusts and other solid matters that could impair performance of downstream catalyst and heat exchangers. The KVT Hot Gas Filtration Unit (DRY-FIL) is temperature-resistant up to 800°C, also in a corrosive atmosphere. In industrial process ...

Caldo - Hot Gas Ceramic Filters

by Caldo Engineering Ltd.     based in Bromsgrove, UNITED KINGDOM

Caldo hot gas filters are high temperature equipment items for the continuous removal of particulates from air or other hot gases. The equipment consists of ceramic filter elements installed in bespoke vessels fitted with proprietary mechanical parts.

Tenmat Firefly - Hot Gas Filters

by Tenmat ltd     based in Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM

Tenmat Firefly Hot Gas Filters are designed to remove particles, acids, heavy metals and dioxins from the flue gases at temperatures higher than those achievable with any conventional system. The filter elements are manufactured from unique refractory materials and inorganic bonds, enabling them to be used at temperatures in excess of 1,000°C. ...

GUTSCHE Advantex - Filter Media for Specialist Applications

by MGF Gutsche GmbH & Co. KG     based in Fulda, GERMANY

Advantex combines the economic benefits of a mineral fabric with the favoured characteristics of needlefelt. This results in a hot gas filter that offers long service life and performance with reduced investment costs. advantex® can be combined with many conventional high temperature resistant fibres, such as P84 or PTFE, needled to each side ...

Tri-Mer - UltraTemp Filtration System

by Tri-Mer Corporation     based in Owosso, MICHIGAN (USA)

Tri-Mer Corporation, specializing in advanced technologies for the control of fine particulate and pollutant gases, has introduced UltraTemp Filtration, a hot gas filtration system that captures particulate to extremely low levels, including submicron and ultrafine PM. The heart of the UltraTemp Hot Gas Filtration System is a new generation of ...

Gas Filters

by DIDIER Filtertechnik GmbH     based in Eisenberg/Pfalz, GERMANY

Granular bed filters are used for acid mist separation in chernical industry and for fluorine absorption in ceramic industry. Gas filters are mainly employed for town gas, natural and process gas. Ceramic filter elements and filter cloth have proved suitable. There are constructions for all usual pressures. Cleaning takes place by gas reverse flow ...


by HARMONY EXPORTS     based in Mumbai, INDIA

Lenzing PROFILEN PTFE (Polytetraflourethylene) staple fibers as well as weaving yarns and sewing threads are used successfully since many years in hot gas filtration. Filter fabrics and filter bags made out of “PROFILEN” 100% PTFE have high chemical resistance and can stand the temperature upto 288°C. This gives lot of advantage ...

HI-Q - Ashless Cellulose & Carbon Impregnated Filter Paper

by HI-Q Environmental Products Company     based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Ashless Cellulose Filter Paper such as the Whatman 41 series is commonly used in quantitative analytical techniques such as gravimetric analysis. E.G.: To convert precipitate to a stable weighing form, a chemist may wish to ignite the filter paper containing collected precipitate in a pre-weighed crucible, thereby removing the filter paper with ...

Nomex - Cement Bag Filter

by Zhejiang Grace Envirotech Co., Ltd     based in XIAOSHAN, CHINA

Nomex filter bag specially applied in cement kiln smoke filtration ,Nomex bag filter,Nomex bag filter water repellent. Bag filter Nomex  offer one of the best total economies in a filtration system because of higher air to cloth ratios, higher temperature resistant function ,and long wearing life .

High Temp Ceramic Baghouse

by Griffin Filters LLC     based in Liverpool, NEW YORK (USA)

Griffin’s answer to high temperature applications, the Nova series can withstand tempures up to 1650°F — more than 1000°F over the conventional temperature limit of dust collectors. With several unique features incorporated into its design, the Nova series minimizes thermal stress while protecting the jet pulse from extreme ...

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