Air Filtration Equipment in USA

  • Kimre - Fiber Bed Filters

    Kimre, Inc. offers a complete line of fiber bed filter mist collector systems. We design and fabricate fiber bed coalescing filters for use in a wide range of applications in various industries to reduce and eliminate liquid mist emissions. Available in standard or custom-designed configurations to fit new or exisiting systems in the field. Our ...

    By Kimre, Inc. based in Homestead, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Air-Systems - Model Breather Box™ - High Performance Portable Grade-D Breathing Air Filtration System

    The Breather Box is a portable Grade-D filtration system designed to provide breathing air for a specific number of workers. The system filters incoming air from a compressor to provide ­respirator users with Grade-D quality air and ­monitors for CO and/or Oxygen.

    By Air Systems International, Inc. based in Chesapeake, VIRGINIA (USA). from Grade-D Filtration Product line

  • Panel Filter Booth

    Flexible Filter System: Multi-stage, multi-efficiency 24' x 24' x 4' pleated media filters can be configured to fit a variety of industrial jobs. Available media ranges from inexpensive, lower efficiency pre-filters to high-efficiency HEPA quality filters.

    By Filter 1 Clean Air Consultants, Inc. based in Garland, TEXAS (USA).

  • Purafil - Model SIP - Shelter in Place System

    Recirculating air filtration unit designed to sit inside the protective space and purify the air of biological and chemical contaminants

    By Purafil, Inc. based in Doraville, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Filters and Modules Product line

  • Model MT1251/MT1252 - Ambient Air Cleaning Systems

    MT1251 in ambient air for odor control in printing application. Ambient capture is a good way to capture pollutants and keep plant air below OSHA and NIOSH standards. In basic terms, we filter your plant air in problem areas to achieve desired air changes per hour based on application and pollutant levels. This can be a very cost effective way to ...

    By Micro Air based in Wichita, KANSAS (USA). from Ambient Air Cleaning Systems Product line

  • Air Intake Systems

    Forward-looking Design due to the Modular Configuration of the Air Intake Systems . After having successfully developed, delivered and installed compact packages for small and medium size gas turbines, FAIST has accepted the challenge and is now producing Air Intake Systems for larger gas turbine installations up to 270 MW.

    By FAIST Anlagenbau GmbH Office in Tucson, ARIZONA (USA). from Noise Control Systems- Power Plants Product line

  • Pulse-Cleaned Air Filtration Systems

    Pneumafil offers two types of self-cleaning pulse filter systems for gas turbine inlets: up-draft ('Pneuma-Pulse') and cross flow.

    By Nederman Pneumafil LLC, a Nederman company based in Charlotte, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Gas Turbine Inlet Air Filtration Product line

  • Model GP-198 - Coalescing Filters

    The Dollinger GP-198 coalescing filter is engineered to remove entrained oil, water mist, other liquids and solid particles efficiently from compressed air and other gas streams. When the Dollinger coalescing filter is used within its rated design conditions, an efficiency off 99.9% on 0.3 micron aerosols is achieved.

    By SPX Flow Technology based in Charlotte, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Air Gas and Liquid Pipeline Product line

  • Biological Exhaust Gas Cleaning Scrubbers

    The principle of biological exhaust gas cleaning is based on microorganisms converting the contents of exhaust gas into harmless products. As the process always has to take place in a more aqueous phase than is available in the microorganisms' habitat, the microorganisms are either grown in a film of moisture on a substrate or suspended in an ...

    By Scheuch GmbH Office in Kennesaw, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Wood Based Panel Industry- Dryer Exhaust Gas Cleaning Product line

  • Model GH - Robust Pleated & Bag Filter Systems

    WARCO, Inc’s WARCO™ Series GH is a range of thermally bonded pleated bag filters with absolute ratings from 0.2 to 120 microns. These filters are preferred across industries for their exceptionally high performance even in the most aggressive ad demanding applications. The WARCO pleated bag filters are highly porous, thus delivering a ...

    By Warco, Inc. based in Wood Dale, ILLINOIS (USA). from Thermoplastic Filtration Systems Product line

  • Model GO Series - Compressed Air Filters

    New additional to our G series, Mikropor “ GO ” series compressed air filters are designed for easy element replacement for “zero clearance” ability.

    By Mikropor, Inc. Office in Michigan City, INDIANA (USA). from Compressed Air Treatment- Compressed Air Filters Product line

  • Makroline - Air Intake Filters

    Mikropor Makroline Air Intake Filters are designed to provide maximum performance for those customers with extremely high dust capacity and low pressure drop air intake filter demands. These Makroline filters are also suitable for higher temperature use.

    By Mikropor, Inc. Office in Michigan City, INDIANA (USA). from Compressed Air Treatment- Air Filters Product line

  • Model M66V - Media Air Filtration Systems

    The M66V is a portable version of the M66 that maximizes flexibility in use. Both air purification systems can be ordered in a variety of filter configurations including electrostatic, HEPA, activated carbon and more which will 

    By Air Quality Engineering based in Minneapolis, MINNESOTA (USA). from Media Air Filtration Systems Product line

  • Intake Filters

    Endustra's exclusive Venturi Outlet Design is the truly innovative design improvement in air intake housings for nearly half a century. It's a simple design change, but is most effective in lowering initial air restriction across the element and housing of intake filters and filter silencers. Instead of having the intake air turn a sharp ninety ...

    By JB Systems, Inc. based in LaGrange, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Air Filtration Product line

  • The Air General - Air Pollution Control Barrels

    The General Air Pollution Control Barrels are ready to use, low cost, self-contained air purification adsorbers designed to treat airflow streams of up to 250 CFM. The units are available in four different sizes to better serve your treatment applications.

    By General Carbon Corp. based in Paterson, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Filtration Equipments Product line

  • Air Intake and Exhaust Silencers

    Layered sound absorbent media.  Minimal pressure drop because it does not rely on internal baffles, tubes or other restrictive devices. Reduces high frequency noise up to 30 decibels (Due to the wide range of applications and machines these units are used on, please inquire for your specification application.). Inlet or Discharge silencing ...

    By JB Systems, Inc. based in LaGrange, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Air Filtration Product line

  • Reverse Jet Filter

    The tubular bag reverse jet filter is designed to provide high quality filtration of the conveying air, providing continuous operation. Dust is efficiently removed from the conveying air using anti-static polyester needle felt tubular bags. An electronic sequence controller initiates a pulse of compressed air which momentarily reverses the flow of ...

    By Impact Air Systems Office in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Standard Components Product line

  • High Efficiency Static Air Filters

    After-filter for static air filters. Ideal to obtain high filtration efficiency in processes which generate dust, vapours, micro mists and smoke from neat oil emulsions oil.

    By LOSMA S.p.A. Office in Sparta, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Air Filters Product line

  • Icarus - Air Filter

    Air filter for machine tools for the filtration of oil mist, micro-mist, vapours, smokes, dust and odours. ICARUS is an industrial air filter for machine tools for the filtration of oil mist, micro-mist, vapours, smokes, dust and odours. Ideal for the filtration of air containing oil mist, micro-mists, vapours, smokes, dusts and odours, with a ...

    By LOSMA S.p.A. Office in Sparta, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Air Filters Product line

  • Darwin - Model T - Turbine Air Filter

    DARWIN T is a industrial turbine air filter for machine tools for the filtration of oil mists. Ideal for the filtration of air containing soluble oil mists with heavy particulates. Particularly suitable for use on sharpeners, grinders and complex machining centres.

    By LOSMA S.p.A. Office in Sparta, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Air Filters Product line

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