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  • Why is ventilation indispensable?

    Why is ventilation indispensable?

    Ventilation is the replacement of one part of air with another part. Usually polluted air is replaced by clean air. Ventilation should lead to an increase and improvement in the purity of air. In this article you will find out the most important reasons to ventilate. Why is ventilation important? A healthy living and working environment are essential for optimal work performance. Good ...

  • COVID-19 and the importance of ventilation

    COVID-19 and the importance of ventilation

    The coronavirus is spreading rapidly within the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. Despite the fact that not everything is yet known about COVID-19, we know that the virus spreads through airborne ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • High Volume Air Samplers

    High Volume Air Samplers

    These High Volume Air Samplers are housed in a clear-anodized aluminum outdoor shelter. The Brushless, two or three stage centrifugal fan blower can be used for particulate sampling with either a 4” diameter or 8” x 10” filter paper holder. The blower motor has a variable speed control feature which allows the operator to select a flow rate up to the capacity of the pump. Select ...