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  • Do Air Filters Help With COVID - Here`s the Truth

    Do Air Filters Help With COVID - Here`s the Truth

    Our world is currently dealing with a huge problem with COVID-19. Not knowing if who we may be walking near is sick. Being constantly on edge about what germs we are being exposed to. Having to have that tough talk with our children about what is going on with our health and how they need to adjust their lives in order to manage what’s this pandemic. Despite all of this, the one place ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Nuclepore Track-Etched Polycarbonate (Hydrophobic) PVP-Free Membrane

    Nuclepore Track-Etched Polycarbonate (Hydrophobic) PVP-Free Membrane

    Nuclepore track-etched polycarbonate membranes are manufactured from high-quality polycarbonate film and have sharply defined pore sizes, high flow rates, and excellent chemical and thermal resistance. The membranes have a smooth flat surface and exhibit very low levels of extractables.

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  • InterAIR Asia 2021

    InterAIR Asia 2021

    Around 8 million people die every year from poor air quality, many of them in Asia, where 4 billion people – 92% of Asia and the Pacific’s population – are exposed to life threatening atmospheric pollution. With population growth and rapid urbanisation the situation is getting worse. The levels of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide are now at their highest levels for ...