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Kanomax - Model AES-1000 - Aerosol Monitor

by Kanomax USA, Inc.     based in Andover, NEW JERSEY (USA)

The Aerosol Monitor which has easy-to-read display, and link to Ethernet system, can materialize simplified monitoring of Particulates at multiple location. It's the perfect for monitoring any place where you need simplified cleanliness level monitoring, such as the gowning area of a cleanroom.The monitor provides stable and sensitive detection ...

Microdust - Model Pro - Remote Noise Monitoring System / Remote Dust Emissions Monitoring System

by Casella     based in Kempston, UNITED KINGDOM

Microdust Pro is a rugged, hand-held, data logging instrument for the real-time detection of airborne dusts, fumes and aerosols. A quick, easy to use instrument, giving the user additional qualitative data which cannot be gained by gravimetric air sampling methods alone. This extremely versatile instrument can also be used with a range of ...

Met One Instruments - Model E-Sampler - Laser Backscatter Particulate Monitor

by Enviro Technology Services plc     based in Stroud, UNITED KINGDOM

The E-SAMPLER is the most feature-packed light-scatter Aerosol Monitor available. Whatever your monitoring need the E-sampler will provide accurate, dependable and relevant data. The E-SAMPLER is a dual technology instrument that combines the unequalled realtime measurement of light scatter with the accuracy standard of filter methods. The simple ...

Environnement S.A. - Model AS32M - Analyzer for Quick and Direct (Without Conversion) NO2 Monitoring

by Environnement S.A     based in Poissy, FRANCE

Designed to alleviate potential disadvantages of the chemiluminiscence method and to provide the most accurate value for NO2 concentration measurements.

Hazardous Incident Monitoring Vehicle

by Breitfuss Messtechnik GmbH (BFM)     based in Harpstedt, GERMANY

Base vehicle: Standard vans of all manufacturers Standard trucks with aluminium sandwich box body Trailer and semi trailer with aluminium sandwich box body Electrical installations: Air conditioning Uninterrupted power supply for 2 to 16h Measurement instrumentation: Gaseous components Meteorology Radioactivity Bio aerosols GPS position and ...

Model CMS2000 Mk6 - Alpha/Beta Particulate Monitoring System

by Lab Impex Systems     based in Poole, UNITED KINGDOM

The CMS 2000AB Mk6 is an advanced aerosol monitoring system offering unprecedented performance in terms of alarm response, detectable limits and result quality. Using solid state detector technology, the CMS 2000 provides optimised radon/thoron rejection via spectrometric techniques and gamma rejection. The stainless steel air inlet combined with ...

Model VOPV-7 - High-Volume Air Sampler

by VF, a.s.     based in Černá Hora, CZECH REPUBLIC

The VOPV-7 high-volume sampler is intended for air sampling of very high volumes allowing for follow-up contamination measurement. It is often utilised for the sampling and evaluation of radioactive aerosols, dust, etc. in the contaminated air.

Model VOPV-10 - Digital High-Volume Air Sampler

by VF, a.s.     based in Černá Hora, CZECH REPUBLIC

The VOPV-10 high-volume air sampler is intended for air sampling of very high volumes allowing for follow-up contamination measurement. It is typically utilised for the sampling and evaluation of radioactive aerosols, particulates, etc. in the contaminated air.

Wavelength - Model AE31 - Rack Mount Aethalometer

by European Tech Serv. NV (ETS)     based in Kieldrecht, BELGIUM

The Rack Mount Aethalometer Model AE31 measures light absorption by suspended aerosol particles at seven wavelengths, from 370 nm (UV) to 950 nm (IR).  Real-time measurements of particle concentrations can be made with a time resolution of two minutes to one hour.  Interpretation of the differences in optical response across the ...

Model BAI 9128 - Moving Filter Monitor

by Berthold Technologies GmbH & Co. KG     based in Bad Wildbad, GERMANY

The BAI 9128 moving filter monitor is an easy transportable monitor intended for the measurement of α- and β-particulates. The BAI 9128 features a compact design and high performances, similar to those obtained with stationary monitors operating at higher flow rates. The unit runs without maintenance for prolonged periods.

Model AA-3500 - Airborne Particulate Monitor

by Environmental Devices Corporation (EDC)     based in Plaistow, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA)

Air-Aide Model AA-3500 Airborne Particulate Monitor provides accurate and instantaneous display of concentration readings on lung damaging particulates and aerosols. AA-3500 is a portable handheld survey tool for measuring lung damaging particulate matter. The unique sensor design has applications in indoor air quality (IAQ), HVAC, environmental ...

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