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Model 48898 - EPA Toxic Organic Mix 2A

by Sigma-Aldrich Co., LLC     based in Bellefonte, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

EPA Toxic Organic Mix 2A 2 mg/mL each component in methanol, ampule of 1 mL.

Model 48896 - PA TO-1 Toxic Organic Mix 1A

by Sigma-Aldrich Co., LLC     based in Bellefonte, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

EPA TO-1 Toxic Organic Mix 1A 2 mg/mL each component in methanol, ampule of 1 mL.

Model 48897 - EPA TO-1 Toxic Organic Mix 1B

by Sigma-Aldrich Co., LLC     based in Bellefonte, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

EPA TO-1 Toxic Organic Mix 1B 2 mg/mL each component in methanol, ampule of 1 mL.

Cerex - Model UV Sentry - Open-Path Air-Monitoring System

by Cerex Monitoring Solutions, LLC.     based in Atlanta, GEORGIA (US) (USA)

The Cerex UV Sentry Open Path Multi-gas Analyzer sets the industry standard for time-resolved, gap-less fugitive emissions and chemical emergency monitoring across fencelines, around process units and around tank farms.

Environnement S.A. - Model AS32M - Analyzer for Quick and Direct (Without Conversion) NO2 Monitoring

by Environnement S.A     based in Poissy, FRANCE

Designed to alleviate potential disadvantages of the chemiluminiscence method and to provide the most accurate value for NO2 concentration measurements.

Kitagawa - Model S-27 - Indoor Air Quality Monitor

by Kitagawa America LLC     based in Pompton Lakes, NEW JERSEY (USA)

Air sampler S-27 is a battery-operated air sampler to measure a slight amount of toxic substances in the indoor environment and working environment with high-sensitivity Kitagawa gas detector tubes. With its high suction pressure and stable suction flow rate, Air sampler S-27 has a wide range of uses as a sampling pump for toxic substance ...

GDS - Model C105-B - Remote Fixed Detector for Flammable Oxygen and Toxic Gases

by GDS Technologies Ltd.     based in West Yorkshire, UNITED KINGDOM

Extremely high quality and cost effective sensor providing a wide choice of sensor elements. Compact innovative design ensures fast response to gas with high accuracy measurement. Designed to operate in a full range of environments from commercial premises through to heavy industrial applications which may require hazardous area sensing. A range ...

Model RLA 100 - Ambient Air Monitoring System

by WITT-Gasetechnik GmbH & Co KG     based in Witten, GERMANY

Ambient air monitoring devices by WITT offer reliable protection against the danger of gases often used in the food industry, metalworking industry, chemical processing, and last but not least, waste management.

Model HIM-6000 - Portable Indoor Air Quality Monitor

by Environmental Devices Corporation (EDC)     based in Plaistow, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA)

The Haz-Scanner model HIM-6000 air quality monitoring station measures and documents trace level criteria air pollutants. The portable and expandable system simultaneously measures PM 2.5 and PM 10. The HIM-6000 offers up to 12 sensors for toxic gas, sound, radiation, and meteorological air parameters. Options include solar power, 5-mile wireless ...

Indoor Air Quality Meters (IAQ)

by GrayWolf Sensing Solutions     based in Shelton, CONNECTICUT (USA)

GrayWolf's versatile IAQ Monitors make proactive indoor air quality surveys efficient and easy to conduct. Measure a broad range of key parameters (including VOCs, CO2, CO, O3, DP, %RH and much more) with a single rugged meter or mobile computer. Document surveys on site with text or audio notes; even attach photos/videos directly to data files. ...

Model CTM60400 - Cold Trap

by Camsco, Inc     based in Houston, TEXAS (USA)

Camsco manufactured cold trap for Markes™ TD; Empty; Qty. 1. Camsco manufactured cold trap for Markes™ Unity 2 and TD-100; Air Toxics

Dräger - Model PSS BG 4 plus - Closed-circuit Breathing System

by Draeger Safety     based in Lübeck, GERMANY

Specially developed for tough assignments: The closed-circuit breathing apparatus Dräger PSS® BG 4 plus combines uncompromising safety with the greatest breathing and wearing comfort. It supplies the wearer with breathing air in a toxic environment for up to four hours.

ALTAIR - Pro Single-Gas Detector

by Mine Safety Appliances Co (MSA)     based in Cranberry Township, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Based on the industry-standard ALTAIR Single-Gas Detector—but with added features and functionality—ALTAIR Pro toxic gas and oxygen detectors combine reliable detection and LED/audible/flashing/vibrating alarms with clear, backlit LCD displays. Electrochemical sensors measure concentrations of toxic gas (chlorine dioxide, hydrogen ...

IONICON - Model PerMaSCal - Permeation Source for TOF Mass-Scale Calibration

by Ionicon Analytik Ges.m.b.H.     based in Innsbruck, AUSTRIA

Accurate TOF mass-scale calibration by adding tracer masses with IONICON’s PerMaSCal. Constant signals at high m/z. Reliable and accurate mass-scale calibration. Ideal for optimization of MCP and resolution. Works with all SRI pre-cursor ions. Built-in, temperature controlled permeation device.

Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems

by Advanced Control Systems, Inc.     based in Bellingham, WASHINGTON (USA)

ACS designs and builds custom continuous emission monitoring systems to fit your needs. These systems are configured to comply with 40CFR Part 60 and Part 75. Systems can include monitoring for 02, C02, NOx, CO, S02, Total Hydrocarbons, Air Toxics, Flow, and Opacity. We can also provide you with custom data acquisition and control packages or ...

Model Rivelgas Plus - Portable Instrument Equipped with Vacuum Pump

by Huberg S.a.s.     based in Bolzano, ITALY

Portable instrument equipped with vacuum pump for gas leak detection (CH4 and C3H8) on air pipes, fittings etc.. It can be set up for personal safety when it is combined with sensors for toxic gases such as O2, CO and H2S, activating the LEL scale for the sensors CH4, C3H8.

ENMET - Model MedAir 2200 - Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Dew Point Monitor

by ENMET, LLC     based in Ann Arbor, MICHIGAN (USA)

Air Quality Monitor for Hospital Compressed Air Systems. Standard unit is available for monitoring carbon monoxide and dew point. Optional units are available for monitoring oxygen and carbon dioxide.

AdvancedSense - Environmental Test Meter

by GrayWolf Sensing Solutions     based in Shelton, CONNECTICUT (USA)

The handheld AdvancedSense environmental test meter displays and data-logs a broad range of environmental parameters, from a broad choice of sensors, such as VOCs, CO2, toxic gases, air velocity, particulate, differential pressure, %RH and many more with a single, rugged, cutting edge instrument. This meter's embedded computer runs GrayWolf's ...

Microtector II - Model G460 - 7-Gas Detector

by GfG Europe / Gesellschaft für Gerätebau mbH(GfG)     based in Braintree, UNITED KINGDOM

This light and robust gas detector is the development of the proven Microtector II G450. The key features are retained – smart, interchangeable sensor technology, low cost of ownership - but extra functionality is now added.

Model F709 - Rack Flow Mete

by FLEXIM Instruments UK Ltd     based in Northwich, UNITED KINGDOM

The FLUXUS F709 is the 19' rack version of the highly versatile FLUXUS F704 liquid flow meter. Internally identical to the FLUXUS F704, its non-intrusive measurement technology ensures a precise bi-directional, highly dynamic flow measurement over a wide turndown ratio. As the transducers (available also as ATEX and FM approved versions) are ...

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