Calibration System (Air Monitoring) equipment in USA

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    Sonimix - Model 3012/3022 - Multigas Calibration Systems

    The multigas calibrator with GPT, ozone and self re-generable zero air generator, Sonimix 3012/3022, is an instrument designed to calibrate manually or by remote control up to 6 monitors installed in an air pollution monitoring station, such as SO2, HC, BTX, CO, NOx and O3.

    By LNI Swissgas SA Distributor in TEXAS (USA). from Gas Calibrators Product line

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    Sonimix - Model 6000 C2 - Station Calibration Systems

    The Sonimix 6000 C2 is the station calibration system per excellence. The multigas Mass Flow controller calibrator with GPT, ozone and self regenerable zero air generator, Sonimix 6000 C2, is an instrument designed to calibrate manually or by remote control up to 6 monitors installed in an air pollution monitoring station, such as SO2, HC, BTX, ...

    By LNI Swissgas SA Distributor in TEXAS (USA). from Gas Calibrators Product line

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    Sonimix - Model 2106 PreDivider - Binary Gas Calibration System

    The binary Predivider Sonimix 2106 is based on the principle of gas stream through sonic nozzles and is built according to the ISO 6145/6 normalization. Most accurate device on the market (0.5% rel.) The Sonimix 2106 PreDil is mainly used to increase the dilution range of the Sonimix 2106 or 7000 gas dividers.

    By LNI Swissgas SA Distributor in TEXAS (USA). from Gas Mixers Product line

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    Norsonic - Model Nor1504A - Calibration System

    Uses: Acoustical and electrical calibration of sound measuring instruments, measuring microphones and sound calibrators in accordance with the applicable national and international standards.

    By Norsonic AS Distributor in Columbia, MARYLAND (USA). from Test Systems Product line

  • Model RTD - Fixed Point Calibration System

    Precision RTD calibration with ITS-90, IPTS-68, Calandar Van Dusan or Polynominal Chart. Industrial RTD Calibration with Data and DEviation from IEC-751. Meters, Transmitters & Switch Calibration. Thermistor & Bi-Metallic Calibration.

    By Thermometrics Corporation based in Northridge, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Calibrations Product line

  • Fixed Point Calibration System

    Thermometrics laboratory has an operating range of -100 °C to +1200°C and is designed to support our research, and production operations. Calibrations are performed in accordance with ANSI Z540 and MIL-STD 45662 and are traceable to N.I.S.T. industrial specifications such as AMS, ASTM, DIN, IEC, and JIS are common knowledge among our ...

    By Thermometrics Corporation based in Northridge, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Calibrations Product line

  • Model CS 3 - Calibration Systems

    Routine calibrations of vacuum gauges are an important component of quality assurance schemes. The calibration systems CS from Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum put the customer in a position to check and recalibrate on his own the specified and necessary accuracy of his vacuum gauges.

    By Leybold GmbH Office in Export, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from High and Fore Vacuum Systems Product line

  • Tacuna Systems - Model 1CCAL - Cell Calibration System

    Calibration service to calibrate one load cell and one indicator.  This should be purchased in conjunction the cell and indicator.  Tacuna Systems will connect, configure, and calibrate the equipment prior to shipment.  All calibration services come with calibration certificate. This calibration pricing is good for load cells 10K LB ...

    By Tacuna Systems based in Golden, COLORADO (USA).

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    IONICON - Model LCU - Liquid Calibration Unit

    The IONICON Liquid Calibration Unit (LCU) evaporates aqueous standards into a gas stream, resulting in a gas flow containing compounds at defined trace concentrations. This gas can be used for precise calibration of trace gas analyzers over an extensive range of compounds and concentrations.

    By Ionicon Analytik Ges.m.b.H. Distributor in PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Trace Calibration Systems Product line

  • Delphian - Calibration Systems

    Every gas monitoring system needs to be calibrated [except that the Delphian infrared Determinator does not require span calibration (zero point adjustments are required infrequently)]. Each gas monitoring channel is calibrated separately.

    By Delphian Corporation based in Northvale, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Calibration Systems

    Environics is a world leader in the design/manufacturing of computerized gas calibrators, gas mixers, gas dilutors and gas delivery systems.

    By The Active National Directory of Source Emissions Testing based in Gainesville, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Model VC120 - Vibration Calibrating System

    Rapid and easy calibration of vibration measuring systems. Measurement of frequency response. Built-in signal conditioner with transducer sensitivity display. Built-in accumulator for mobile use. Traceable to PTB standard.  PC controlled via USB. ASCII command set for external control

    By Metra Mess- und Frequenztechnik in Radebeul e.K. (MMF) Distributor in Columbia, MARYLAND (USA). from Vibration Calibrators Product line

  • MKS Instruments - Model PVS6E - Portable Vacuum Calibration System

    The PVS6E consists of up to three MKS Baratron® Type 690 High Accuracy Absolute capacitance manometers as transfer standards and a high vacuum pumping system, mounted in a sturdy transportable cart. The PVS6E provides NIST traceable calibrations over the pressure range from 10-5 to 1000 mmHg and can be used to calibrate capacitance manometers, ...

    By MKS Instruments, Inc. based in Andover, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Pressure/Vacuum Rate Calibrators Product line

  • MagiKal - Model II - Automatic Calibration System

    MagiKal II automatic calibration system is used when a PC is not available or where equipment other than Rel-Tek's is being used. This system, which is virtually invisible to the monitoring system, allows scheduled unmanned calibrations to be performed. These calibration are programmed into the MagiKal II master card via serial comm port from a ...

    By Rel-Tek Corporation based in Monroeville, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Others Product line

  • Model AT 2030 - Portable Vibration Calibrator System

    The AT-2030 portable vibration calibrator is designed for checking accelerometers, transducers, and proximity probes. The AT-2030 portable calibration shaker works by providing a known vibration frequency and amplitude which is input by the user. This information is then compared to the output of the transducer under test, making for quick and ...

    By Agate Technology based in temecula, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Environics - Model Series 9100 - Ambient Monitoring Calibration System

    The Environics Series 9100 Computerized Ambient Monitoring Calibration System is an advanced microprocessor controlled instrument for dynamic calibration of ambient air analyzers.The Environics 9100 is the unit of choice in the Air Quality Monitoring Programs of the EPA and California Air Resource Board (CARB). The Series 9100 can house up to ...

    By Environics, Inc. based in Tolland, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Ambient Monitor Gas Calibrators with Ozone Generators Product line

  • Pipette Calibration System (PCS)

    The PCS is a fast, accurate, and precise system for verifying the volume dispensed from any single-channel pipette and calibrating single-channel pipettes. Portable and easy-to-use, the system is ready wherever and whenever you need it. Because the system uses ratiometric photometry and standardized dye solutions to determine the dispensed ...

    By Artel Inc based in Westbrook, MAINE (USA).

  • Environics - Model Series 2000-U - Ultraclean Computerized Calibration System

    Purity of calibration gas is assured with the Series 2000 Ultraclean Gas Calibration system. Manufactured with metal seal Mass Flow controllers and orbitally welded joints, this system has minimal dead volume and maintains an ultra-low leak rate to prevent atmospheric contamination of gas calibration standards.

    By Environics, Inc. based in Tolland, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Gas Mixers and Gas Blenders Product line

  • Entech Instruments - Flow Professor™ Calibration System

    The FlowProfessor™ automatically adjusts the flow setting of the CS1200E to obtain the correct flow every time. The sophisticated software even adjusts for estimated field temperatures and sampling site elevation to optimize sampling rates under any environmental condition. Trying to accomplish those calculations manually can be difficult at best.

    By Entech Instruments, Inc. based in Simi Valley, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Model MCS200 - Modular Test And Calibration System

    The MCS200 is a modular test and calibration system for workshops and laboratories. MCS200 offers efficient and ergonomic facilities for the maintenance of process instruments.

    By Beamex Oy Ab Office in Marietta, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Workstations Product line

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