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  • Case Study: Gandhinagar Smart-City Air Quality Monitoring Using Polludrone

    Case Study: Gandhinagar Smart-City Air Quality Monitoring Using Polludrone

    The capital city of Gujarat, Gandhinagar is one the smart-city of many. Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation monitored the city’s environmental health by installing Oizom Polludrone. In addition to Air Quality, the Polludrone also monitored the Rain Levels to complement the weather stations. The real-time data was dispersed to the mass audience through visual messaging displays for suggestive ...


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  • Air Pollution Modelling Software

    Air Pollution Modelling Software

    ADMS-Urban is a comprehensive system for modelling air quality in large urban areas, cities and towns. It is the only practical urban air quality model which incorporates the latest scientific understanding, explicitly represents the full range of source types occurring in an urban area, takes account of complex urban morphology including street canyons, and provides output from street-scale to ...

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    SUR/FIN is the primary conference and trade show dedicated specifically to the surface technology industry. Tri-Mer has more than 4 decades experience in the design and manufacture of air pollution control systems and specialty fabrications for metal finishers. Tri-Mer fabricates complete plating equipment, tanks, ventilation, duct systems, workstations and air pollution control for metal ...