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  • Wrap Corrosion Control
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    Wrap Corrosion Control

    By InduMar Products, Inc.

    Stopping corrosion on pipes and tanks is a must in any facility – but it can be a costly, time-consuming process. Or, it used to be. The Viscotaq line of corrosion protection products were developed in cooperation ...

  • Corrosion Prevention for Industrial Pipelines
    Showcase Product

    Corrosion Prevention for Industrial Pipelines

    By InduMar Products, Inc.

    The Viscotaq line of corrosion-prevention coatings was developed with leading oil and gas and polymer engineering companies to be the ultimate solution for corrosion control – a solution that keeps your ...

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  • Spectro Scientific

    Spectro Scientific

    Spectro Scientific, an ISO 9001:2008 company, specializes in analytical tools and software for machine condition monitoring. The company is one of ...

  • Arjay Engineering Ltd.

    Arjay Engineering Ltd.

    Arjay Engineering has been designing and manufacturing process and environmental controls for over 20 years. Our main facilities are located in ...

  • UL - The WERCS

    UL - The WERCS

    UL - The Wercs, is a software development company located in NY that provides SDS software tools and services to help organizations author, manage, ...