Air Pollution Control equipment for Air and Climate available in Micronesia

  • HOFGAS - Model Ready - Land Gas Collection System - Preparation Unit for Gas Utilisation

    The HOFGAS-Ready is a complete extraction and gas flaring system for safe and economic degassing of landfill sites. The gas is collected continuously and prepared for further use. The installation can be equipped with a gas utilisation connection for the purpose of energy recovery.

    By Hofstetter BV based in Schiphol-Rijk, NETHERLANDS. from Land Gas Collection System - Preparation Unit for Gas Utilisation Product line

  • Model 2561 - Economical Two Stage Regulator

    Economical Two Stage Regulator for general welding and similar industrial applications.  When constant delivery is required over a wide range of inlet pressures.

    By Harris Products Group based in Mason, OHIO (USA). from Economical Two Stage Regulator Product line

  • Control Panels

    HEE offers premium quality control panels and control systems to complement our quality line of air pollution control equipment. The best assurance of proper integration is to have the exhaust system and control system engineered and manufactured by a single source. HEE’s control panels and systems are designed and manufactured to U.L. 508 ...

    By CECO Environmental based in Dallas, TEXAS (USA). from Control Panels Product line

  • Reactive Gas Control

    FlotronTM and FloTronTM X (fast CCD spectrometer-based) systems are high-speed closed-loop process controllers, designed for real-time, in-situ precision control of reactive sputtering-based vacuum coating and plasma treatment processes. They are complete, compact, flexible, convenient to use, and economical solutions which can be readily ...

    By Angstrom Sciences, Inc. based in Duquesne, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • PrecipCommander - Central Control System

    A PrecipCommander central control system allows an operator to graphically view the operation of precipitator TR and Rapper controls from a remote location, as well as make changes to the precipitator operating parameters remotely. Graphic representations of electrical operating levels permits the operator to spot improper precipitator operating ...

    By Redkoh Industries, Inc based in Hillsborough Township, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Central Control System Product line

  • MULTISCAN Plus Plus - Model S1 - SIL 1 Gas Control Panel

    The MULTISCAN++S1 are advanced multifunction gas detection control panel designed to meet with the increasing requests for highly flexible systems. A powerful microprocessor allows a wide range of self testing facilities to take place to detect and localize possible failures. The system allows the connection of gas detectors and remote ...

    By Sensitron S.r.l. based in Cornaredo (MI), ITALY. from SIL 1 Gas Control Panel Product line

  • PolyGard DGC - PolyGard (r) Gas Controller System DGC-05

    Digital-Gas-Controller-05, RS 485 / DGC05,without Connector/Repeater Module (Analog), 0 x Expansion Module,5 x Alarm Relay, 4 x Analog Input, 2 x Analog Output, 4 x Digital Input,max. 16 PolyGard Transmitter, Power Supply 6.5A,without Power Fail Flashlight, without Buzzer, without Data Logger Function,without external Interface, without Coupler ...

    By MSR Electronic GmbH based in Pocking, GERMANY.

  • MKS - Pressure and Flow Rate Calibration

    Processes live or die by the repeatability of the process conditions. It is not enough that a particular tool perform in a consistent manner, run-to-run and day-to-day, but also multiple tools that are running the same process must run that process in the same manner and under the same conditions. From a vacuum and gas control standpoint, that ...

    By MKS Instruments, Inc. based in Andover, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Pressure and Flow Rate Calibration Product line

  • Specialty Equipment Technology

    IAC is an OEM supplier of Air Pollution Control Equipment; Baghouses and Fabric Filters; Pneumatic and Mechanical Transport Equipment; and Bulk Material Storage Tanks, Silos, and Equipment.  Within these major equipment categories, IAC offers a variety of specialty products, as well as technological advances used for equipment and systems ...

    By Industrial Accessories Company based in Mission, KANSAS (USA).

  • Vacumobil - Model 250 - 300 - Mobile Dedusters

    The innovative mobile dedusters Vacumobil 250 and 300 from HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK set completely new standards of extraction production machines and air pollution control. They captivate by many innovations as regards energy efficiency, unit size, performance characteristics, modularity and flexible application possibilities. Different cleaning ...

    By Höcker Polytechnik GmbH based in Hilter, GERMANY. from Mobile Dedusters Product line

  • DILO - Model B151R95 - Discharge Gas Collecting Bag

    This bag is a simple and cost-effective system for collecting measuring gas in case it cannot be returned directly into the circuit breaker. Its handling is very easy: Connect the bag with the hose included in the scope of supply to the measuring device.

    By DILO Armaturen und Anlagen GmbH based in Babenhausen, GERMANY. from Discharge Gas Collecting Bag Product line

  • Model 219 U - Tube Manometer

    The Varec Biogas 219 U-Tube Manometer is a primary basic standard of pressure measurement. Measurements are accomplished by balancing a vertical head of indicating fluid with the pressure to be measured. As there are no cams, gears or levers to operate in the manometer, the readings obtained are always accurate.

    By Varec Biogas based in Huntington Beach, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Tube Manometer Product line

  • General - Model F-Series - Vapor Adsorber and Fan

    General Carbon Corporation has added a fan to their user friendly Air Pollution Control Barrels to provide a quick and easy solution for simple VOC and odor control applications. The high volume aluminum fan mounted on the top of the General provides efficient control of minor point source pollution problems.

    By General Carbon Corporation based in Paterson, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Vapor Adsorber and Fan Product line

  • Lundberg - Pre Evaporation Systems

    Pre-evaporation systems utilize low-level waste heat to evaporate weak liquor prior to the main evaporator train. Three heat sources are most often utilized in a pre-evaporator system: heat from a blow heat system, heat from a stand-alone concentrator, or heat from a continuous digester extraction liquor flash tank. The amount of evaporation ...

    By Lundberg, LLC based in Bellevue, WASHINGTON (USA). from Pre Evaporation Systems Product line

  • Digester / WWTP Bio Gas Recovery

    Millions of gallons of sewer water is returned to Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP) for cleaning. The sewer water comes from households as well as commercial & industrial facilities.

    By Pioneer Air Systems based in Wartburg, TENNESSEE (USA). from Digester / WWTP Bio Gas Recovery Product line

  • Multiscan - Model S1 STMTSS1 - 256 zones Gas Control Panel

    STMTS/S1 - 8 zones upgradable to 256 zones Gas Control Panel 19' Rack ATEX and SIL1 Multiscan++S1 Sensitron. The Multiscan++S1 are advanced multifunction gas detection control panel designed to meet with the increasing requests for highly flexible systems. A powerful microprocessor allows a wide range of self testing facilities to take place to ...

    By Ornicom based in Alle-sur-Semois, BELGIUM. from 256 zones Gas Control Panel Product line

  • D.R. Technology - Wet Scrubber and Absorber for Air Pollution Control

    The term “Wet Scrubbers” came into fashion after World War II as people became more aware of the negative effect they were having on the earth’s environment. Along with other technology, Wet Scrubbers were and still are seen as an efficient way of cleansing industrial, commercial and municipal vapor emissions prior to their ...

    By D.R. Technology, Inc. based in Freehold, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Wet Scrubber and Absorber for Air Pollution Control Product line

  • PCC - Sheet and Plate

    PCC Energy Group produces a range of high-nickel, high-performance heat and corrosion resistant alloys available as flat products – plate, sheet and strip. In our facility dedicated to nickel alloys, we produce the industry’s largest available plate sizes with unparalleled capacity.

    By PCC Energy Group based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • Lundberg - Non-Condensible Gas Handling Systems

    Lundberg designs state of the art Non-Condensible Gas handling systems for Dilute, Concentrated and Stripper Off Gas systems. These systems are designed for the safest possible operation and to meet the most stringent environmental regulations. These systems are designed to minimize potential venting episodes as well.

    By Lundberg, LLC based in Bellevue, WASHINGTON (USA). from Non-Condensible Gas Handling Systems Product line

  • Therm-Tec - Model S Series - Animal & Pet Crematories

    Therm-Tec, Inc. is proud of its reputation as one of America's oldest and most technologically advanced designers, engineers and manufacturers of Special-Use Incinerators, Heat Recovery Systems and Air Pollution Control Equipment. Therm-Tec's technology in each of these areas is designed to provide the most environmentally safe and practical ...

    By Therm-Tec Inc. based in Sherwood, OREGON (USA). from Animal & Pet Crematories Product line

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