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MCZ - Model MicroPNS - Gas Collector Control Module

by Umwelttechnik MCZ GmbH     based in Bad Nauheim, GERMANY

Collection on filter plates for the subsequent laboratory analysis (heavy metals) in samples. Control module MicroPNS as 19' rack model with switch for 8 filters. Collection system is mounted in a measuring station.

Natural Gas Remote Controllers

by ABB Measurement Products     based in Zurich, SWITZERLAND

Combining unmatched measurement technologies with next-generation remote-control technologies, XSeries Remote Controllers are designed to optimize your facilities and help you better manage your time. Compatible with our innovative PCCU, TF.NET, WinCCU, and WebCCU software systems, XSeries Remote Controllers greatly simplify the measurement, ...

DIA.NE - Gas Engine Control System

by Clarke Energy     based in Liverpool, UNITED KINGDOM

DIA.NE is a user-friendly engine management system. A colour graphic display provides a clear overview of all information. This diagnostic instrument features an effective alarm management system with all error messages date stamped and clearly presented in tabular form to identify the sequence of events.

Model SO2, SO3, HF, HCI - Dry Acid Gas Scrubbing Control System

by PPC Air Pollution Control Systems     based in Longview, TEXAS (USA)

Up to 85% Control of SO2 . Up to 95% control of SO3, HCL & HF. Easily installs ahead of existing particulate controls (e.g. dry electrostatic precipitator or baghouse). Minimal footprint. Lower installed capital cost than limestone slurry scrubber or spray dryer. Possible to use existing duct work with minimal modifications. No water discharge ...

Model 2561 - Two Stage Gas Control

by The Harris Products Group     based in Mason, OHIO (USA)

Economical Two Stage Regulator for general welding and similar industrial applications.  When constant delivery is required over a wide range of inlet pressures.

Model PT500 - Multi-Channel Gas Controller

by Pem-Tech, Inc.     based in Sugar Land, TEXAS (USA)

Model PT500 is a microprocessor-based multi-channel controller that provides up to 4 channels of continuous gas detection. The controller is housed in a Nema 4X weatherproof enclosure. PT500 can be interfaced with any of Pem-Tech’s toxic and combustible gas sensors. The controller provides a front panel user interface with alarm LED ...

Model 5000 - Stationary Gas Control System

by IMR Ingenieurgesellschaft für Mess- und Regeltechnik mbH     based in Neckarsulm, GERMANY

The IMR 5000 is a flexible and inexpensive stationary flue/Stack exhaust gas analyzer from IMR. Developed as a single or multi-gas detection system, the IMR5000 can be integrated into existing analysis systems. The IMR 5000 can be equipped for the measurement of up to 6 gases. For the measurement parameters O2, CO, NO, NO2, SO2 and H2S, IMR® ...

Model 3010 Series - EMA Unchoked Flow Gas Control Valves

by Young & Franklin Inc     based in Liverpool, NEW YORK (USA)

Young & Franklin 3010 Series Unchoked flow valves are electromechanically actuated (EMA), single seat precision fuel control valves designed for aeroderivative applications. The Y&F 3010 EMA gas control vale (GCV) is a modern, high precision control valve with excellent speed and valve position accuracy at low openings. This GCV ...

Model 3010 Series - EMA Choked Flow Gas Control Valves

by Young & Franklin Inc     based in Liverpool, NEW YORK (USA)

Young & Franklin 3010 Series Choked flow valves are electromechanically actuated (EMA), single seat precision fuel control valves.  These sonic flow valves are available in a range of sizes suitable for industrial or power turbines of any size. The Y&F 3010 EMA gas control valve (GCV) is a modern, high precision control valve with ...

Model 4200-LC - Automatic Gas Feed Controller

by JCS Industries, Inc.     based in Spring, TEXAS (USA)

The JCS Industries Model 4200-LC Automatic Gas Feed Controller feeds gaseous chemicals commonly used for water and wastewater disinfection accurately, reliably and safely. The system is comprised of a vacuum injector to safely introduce the gas into the feed-water stream, a reversing servo motor coupled with a V-notch valve to regulate the ...

Touchpoint Plus - Gas Detection Controllers

by Honeywell Analytics, Inc.     based in Lincolnshire, ILLINOIS (USA)

Touchpoint Plus is an easily configurable, wall mounted control system that supports up to sixteen channels of gas detection. Its intuitive user interface and modular approach enables you to take control of your safety system and configure it to meet your needs for a wide range of applications.

Model R8471 Series - Single-Channel Rack-Mounted Gas Controller

by Det-Tronics - Detector Electronics Corporation     based in Bloomington, MINNESOTA (USA)

The family of R8471 single channel controllers continuously monitor the analog 4 to 20 mA signal output from any Det-Tronics gas detector. Each R8471 controller provides at-a-glance visual indication from high visibility bar-graph and digital readout LED displays, high intensity alarm LEDs, and optional alarm relays. A variety of mounting racks ...

Model SM70 - Gas Monitor & Controller

by Aeroqual Ltd     based in Mount Eden, NEW ZEALAND

The SM70 is a low cost feature-packed ozone and VOC monitor with a digital display and audible alarm, plus the ability to control outputs (0-5V & relay).

Vortex - Model FP - Flameproof Gas Detection Control System

by Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd - a Halma company     based in Milton Park, UNITED KINGDOM

Vortex FP and Vortex FP Compact are ATEX certified Exd Flameproof control panels for use in Zone 1 or Zone 2 hazardous areas such as on offshore production platforms or within refineries. Both offer all of the

GA - Model Series 624, 625 , 626 - Surge Relief Valves

by GA Industries, LLC     based in Cranberry Township, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

SEWAGE VALVES Figure 624, 625 Long Radius Elbow Body, Figure 626 Wye-body. GA Industries offers a wide range of surge relief valves especially designed for use with raw sewage, wastewater, raw water and other solids-bearing fluids. These valves are available from 2' to 16' (50mm to 400mm) and are standard with ANSI Class 125 flanged streamlined ...

Capital Controls CAPTROL Series 1450 Controller

by De Nora Water Technologies     based in Colmar, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

The Capital Controls® CAPTROLcontroller is a microprocessor-based controller designed to control chemical feed with a Capital Controls automatic gas feeder valve in water or wastewater applications. Standard features include: three chlorination and two dechlorination control modes; built-in multiplier for feed forward dechlorination control; ...

Sonimix - Model 7100 - Gas Mixer

by LNI Swissgas     based in Chatelaine-Geneva, SWITZERLAND

The Sonimix 7100 is based on the principle of gas flow through Mass Flow Controllers (MFC’s) and is built according the ISO 6145/7 norm. It generates multi gas mixtures and covering up to three concentrations decades (multi-range).

Sonimix - Model Sx 7000 - Binary Gas Mixer

by LNI Swissgas     based in Chatelaine-Geneva, SWITZERLAND

The binary gas mixer from 0 to 100%, model LNI SONIMIX 7000 is based on the principle of gas stream through mass flow controllers and is built according to the ISO 6145/7 normalisation.

Model MX 32 - Toxic and Flammable Gas Detection Controller

by Oldham Gas     based in Arras Cedex, FRANCE

Introducing the MX 32 measurement and alarm unit suitable to protect equipment and personnel in atmospheres that may contain flammable and toxic gases. Available with one or two channels, the MX 32 offers tailor-made detection capabilities and exceptional programming possibilities compatible with a wide range of fixed gas detectors. The total cost ...

PolyGard DGC - PolyGard (r) Gas Controller System DGC-05

by MSR Electronic GmbH     based in Pocking, GERMANY

Digital-Gas-Controller-05, RS 485 / DGC05,without Connector/Repeater Module (Analog), 0 x Expansion Module,5 x Alarm Relay, 4 x Analog Input, 2 x Analog Output, 4 x Digital Input,max. 16 PolyGard Transmitter, Power Supply 6.5A,without Power Fail Flashlight, without Buzzer, without Data Logger Function,without external Interface, without Coupler ...

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