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  • Coconut Shell Activated Carbons 4x8
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    Coconut Shell Activated Carbons 4x8

    By Simple Solutions Dist. LLC

    GC 4x8S granular activated carbon is ideal for most air purification purposes. Made from select grades of coconut shell, their superior level of hardness makes them cleaner than most other carbons and gives them longer ...

  • Floculation Pipe
    Showcase Product

    Floculation Pipe

    By Toro Equipment S.L.

    Our Flocculator (FLH) equipment is an option that serves as a supplement to the DAF flotator FRC equipment, increasing its efficiency and performance, thus making it easier to carry out the purification ...

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    The Air Element

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  • Physicochemical Treatment Processes

    Physicochemical Treatment Processes

    A critical survey of both the principles and practices involved in water pollution control, potable water treatment, water reuse, and sludge ...

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