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  • Air Purification and Odour Control Ionization System
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    Air Purification and Odour Control Ionization System

    By Etaniv B.Y ltd

    Removes smells rising from sewage, garbage, rotten food and other organic sources. Removes bacteria, odours and dust particles. Enrich the air with oxygen molecules for a better work environment. Used in food processing ...

  • Industrial Air Purification System
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    Industrial Air Purification System

    By Genano Solutions

    Welding, plasma cutting and metal processing release large numbers of fine particles in the air. They can damage your people, your equipment, and your process quality. Our industrial air purification helps you to remove ...

  • Air Purification System
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    Air Purification System

    By ProMark Associates, Inc.

    Our Total Spectrum® air purification system sets a new standard for achieving clean indoor air while significantly reducing HVAC energy cost. Total Spectrum’s five stages of purification unite gas-phase ...

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  • Genano Solutions

    Genano Solutions

    Genano offers professional services for companies, whose processes involve the use of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or metal machining/welding. ...

  • Hengfeng Evergreen Technology Co.,Ltd

    We, Hengfeng Evergreen Technology Co.,Ltd, are an experienced air purification filter manufacturer. We constructed our own production plant with ...

  • IQAir Vietnam

    The world`s most advanced air purifiers are now available in Vietnam.An air purifier can help protect the health of everyone in your home. But the ...

  • Airfree


    Airfree’s story is really quite unusual. The technology began being developed thanks to the initiative and creativity of a Portuguese businessman in ...

  • Guangzhou KLC Co.,Ltd.

    KLC was established on 1994. Our company is committed to research and develop the production to purify air. We are imputing a large amount of fund ...