Air Quality Modeling

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  • Accurate PBL simulation helps model urban pollution

    Accurate PBL simulation helps model urban pollution

    Deteriorating air quality in urban areas is causing growing concern about public health and climate change. To gain a better understanding of air pollution and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, some cities and states are attempting to establish a baseline and collect data over time to track changing conditions. By comparing the performance of models to real-life data, researchers hope to isolate ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Air Pollution Modelling Software

    Air Pollution Modelling Software

    ADMS-Urban is a comprehensive system for modelling air quality in large urban areas, cities and towns. It is the only practical urban air quality model which incorporates the latest scientific understanding, explicitly represents the full range of source types occurring in an urban area, takes account of complex urban morphology including street canyons, and provides output from street-scale to ...