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Air Quality Regulations Equipment available in North Korea

  • Model RKP01M - Climate Regulator

    Climate regulator for systems with traditional heating and / or floor heating. It allows to manage 3 outputs (3 + 1 Relays) and 4 inputs Probes, 1 input for the thermostat environment and input 1 for the Remote Controller.  After selecting a plant, the climate regulator automatically manages the inputs and outputs used in the plant chosen.

    By SEITRON S.p.A. based in Bassano del Grappa (VI) I, ITALY. from Temperature Control Product line

  • Model Type 10 - Air Pressure Regulator

    The Marsh Bellofram Type 10 is a high-precision air regulator, designed to control output pressure with accuracy of 0.1% and high-repeatability, with very low sensitivity to changes in supply pressure, ambient temperature and flow.

    By Marsh Bellofram Group of Companies based in Newell, WEST VIRGINIA (USA). from Precision Air Regulators & Transducers Product line

  • HiDelta - Model H3-HD - Closed Combustion Boilers

    Sealed combustion boilers use fans and ducted air vents which improve the performance of a Low Mass Boiler. They also provide low NOx for emission requirements. Generally, these units also ship with upgraded ignition systems that allow for staged thermal performance for different seasonal loads. The reason this technology was developed was to meet ...

    By BioTherm, Inc. based in Cotati, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Boilers Product line

  • Enviropol - Model FBNT - Wet Scrubbers - Fluidized Bed Nye Tray Scrubbers

    The contaminated gas is brought in to intimate contact with curtain of water layer directed at right angle of gas flow through multi-orifice Nye Tray(s). While passing through the orifice of tray, the whole volume is divided in thousands of small streams, which are accelerated to impinge the water layer creating complete fluidization with ...

    By Enviropol Engineers Pvt.Ltd. based in NOIDA, INDIA. from Air Pollution Control Product line

  • Enviropol - Slurry De-watering System

    Slurry from wet scrubber is processed for solid-liquid separation for 100% re-circulation of liquid back to the scrubbing system & eco-friendly disposal of ash. Various models are available ranging from conventional sludge drying beds arrangement to completely mechanized systems for direct loading of ash in trolleys. The selection mainly ...

    By Enviropol Engineers Pvt.Ltd. based in NOIDA, INDIA. from Air Pollution Control Product line

  • Clean Air Technology: Dry Sorption

    According to the local emission regulation particles or gaseous pollutants have to be removed from the flue gas.

    By Michaelis GmbH & Co. KG based in Veitshöchheim, GERMANY. from Clean Air Technology Product line

  • Model WCP Series - Wall Mount Combination Systems

    Certified by CSA (bearing the CSA mark) for compliance to applicable codes and standards. Spark resistant fan and blower construction. EPA approved, HFC type, R-410a refrigerant. Single cut-out requirement for building wall. Supply and return air registers for ductless air handling. Through-the-wall controls section for indoor access to operating ...

    By Shield Air Solutions Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • PolyGard ADT - PolyGard® VOC Transmitter

    IAQA AirQuality(VOC) Transmitter / Regulator, 24VAC/DC,1 x 0-10V, without BUS Communication, ohne LED,Standard housing (78,3 x 83,4 x 25,5 mm), without Digital Input, Without manual switch,without passive temperature sensor, Measuring Range 0(450)-4000ppm

    By MSR Electronic GmbH based in Pocking, GERMANY.

  • Indirect & Direct Air Heater

    It is manufactured for meet food industries clean and high temperatures hygiene air without any cross each other . Energy transferred to external fresh air which is obtain by burner with using gas,fuel oil etc.  Heated air transferred to process area such a milk for using. It can be possible to increase system efficiency up to 3-8% with using ...

    By Eralp Makina Kazan Kimya Ltd. Sti. based in Mustafakemalpaşa, TURKEY.

  • Model BAS003 - Directional Sound Source

    The BAS003 Source is designed to generate homogeneous sound fields using random noise in compliance with the following standards: Building acoustics (insertion loss, acoustic absorption area, etc: ISO 140-3, ASTM E90, ISO 140-5, ASTM E966). The BAS003 is typically used to generate a noise in a free-field for the evaluation of the transmission loss ...

    By Larson Davis, a division of PCB Piezotronics based in Depew, NEW YORK (USA). from Sound Sources Product line

  • Clean Air Technology: Wet Gas Cleaning

    According to the local emission regulations particles or gaseous pollutants have to be removed from the flue gas.

    By Michaelis GmbH & Co. KG based in Veitshöchheim, GERMANY. from Clean Air Technology Product line

  • Model PT605 - Carbon Dioxide Process Analyzer

    PemTech's PT605-CO2 process analyzer has been designed for the detection of carbon dioxide in process streams and natural gas pipeline. The CO2 analyzer is not only cost effective, but highly accurate and reliable. An industry standard 4-20mA output and three programmable alarm relay contacts are provided (these relay contacts can be used to ...

    By Pem-Tech, Inc. based in Sugar Land, TEXAS (USA). from Process Gas Analyzers Product line

  • Premium

    Model 48898 - EPA Toxic Organic Mix 2A

    EPA Toxic Organic Mix 2A 2 mg/mL each component in methanol, ampule of 1 mL.

    By Sigma-Aldrich Co., LLC based in Bellefonte, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from General Use Air Monitoring Standards Product line

  • Model G4100 - NOx/O2 Analyzing System

    Green Instruments’ NOx analyzer – the G4100 NOx/O2 Analyzing System – is a direct in situ gas analyzer that monitors NOx and O2 concentrations in emission gas. The NOx analyzer provides a cost-effective solution to help fulfill tightening emission regulations as well as supporting the most effective operation for all ...

    By Green Instruments A/S based in Brønderslev, DENMARK. from NOx Emissions Product line

  • Munters - Complete Air Handling Units

    All process industry applications where there are stringent demands for regulation of moisture and temperature, eg, pharmaceuticals, food, electronics, etc. As close to tailor-made as you can get, MDU is constructed around a modular system in which all units are designed to meet the specific preferences and fulfil EU norms for performance and ...

    By Munters based in Kista, SWEDEN. from Dehumidifiers Product line

  • Model SQAD / SQBD - Direct Drive Air Fans

    Direct Drive SQAD/SQBD fans combine the performance and efficiency of Chicago's versatile 'Square' Fans with the advantages of a compact directly driven arrangement. With the fan wheel mounted directly onto the motor shaft maximum efficiency is constantly maintained. Belt noise, power loss, maintenance and troublesome adjustments are eliminated.

    By Chicago Blower Corporation based in Glendale Heights, ILLINOIS (USA). from Clean Air Fans Product line


    Do You Have the Right Catalyst to Meet the EPA’s NESHAPS for Your Gas Compressor Engines

    By Johnson Matthey Emission Control Technologies based in Royston, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Mercury Control

    The regulation and control of mercury emissions, along with mercury monitoring, are new to the power generation industry. However, B&W PGG has been actively involved in research and development, demonstration programs and implementation of mercury control systems since the early 1990s.

    By Babcock & Wilcox based in Charlotte, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Environmental Equipment Product line

  • Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizer

    The Anguil Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizer (DFTO) destroys Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that are discharged from industrial or chemical process exhausts. The DFTO achieves destruction of pollutants by the process of combustion. VOCs and HAPs are oxidized to carbon dioxide and water vapor with the ...

    By Sustainability Business Management, LLC based in Western Springs, ILLINOIS (USA). from Capabilities - Air Pollution Control - Oxidizer Product line

  • Caterpillar Repowers - Engine Systems

    A Repower replaces an in-use engine system with a new or remanufactured engine system. Machines equipped with lesser-regulated engines, such as unregulated or U.S. EPA Tier 1 engines can be repowered to meet emission standards and some repowers may provide additional owning and operating savings such as improved fuel economy.

    By Caterpillar based in Peoria, ILLINOIS (USA). from Caterpillar Machine Emissions Solutions Product line

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