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Kitagawa - Model S-27 - Indoor Air Quality Monitor

by Kitagawa America LLC     based in Pompton Lakes, NEW JERSEY (USA)

Air sampler S-27 is a battery-operated air sampler to measure a slight amount of toxic substances in the indoor environment and working environment with high-sensitivity Kitagawa gas detector tubes. With its high suction pressure and stable suction flow rate, Air sampler S-27 has a wide range of uses as a sampling pump for toxic substance ...

Kitagawa - Model S-23E - Indoor Air Quality Monitor

by Kitagawa America LLC     based in Pompton Lakes, NEW JERSEY (USA)

Smpling pump : Diaphram. Maximum suction pressure : More than 40kPa (At full load). Gas sampling control mode : Time mode : Automatic pump stop by timer presetting (Accumulated volume indication available). Accumulated mode : Automatic pump stop by accumulated volume (Suctioning time indication available). Display : Digital display by LCD. ...

ClimaBox - Air Quality Sensor

by The IMC Group     based in Letchworth, UNITED KINGDOM

The ClimaBox air quality sensor has been designed to monitor CO2, temperature and humidity in one instrument. The unit was designed . pecifically to monitor air quality in terms of carbon dioxide in the air which has been directly linked with sick buildings syndrome (SBS). Additionally the performance of heating and air handling systems can ...

AirAssure - Model PM2.5 - Indoor Air Quality Monitor

by TSI Incorporated     based in Shoreview, MINNESOTA (USA)

From TSI, the world leader in particle measurements, the AirAssure™ PM2.5 Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitor can provide real-time, reliably accurate measurement of indoor PM2.5 dust concentrations, one of the greatest health risks in the world today. The AirAssure Monitor is the ONLY cost effective on-the-wall instrument to meet the needs of ...

Air Quality Monitoring Instruments

by Aridea Solutions     based in Charleston, WEST VIRGINIA (USA)

In order to stay in compliance with federal and state regulations, air quality monitoring is fundamentally important. Agencies monitor both primary and secondary air contamination. Primary effects health directly, while secondary effects things such as damage to crops, animation or buildings. Until recently air quality monitoring was an expensive, ...

NateoSante - Model Lux air - Lux air

by NateoSante     based in Sainte-Pazanne, FRANCE

Quick Details Power Source: Electrical Type: HEPA Filter Installation: Other Certification: CE Capacity (CFM): 365 Power (W): 35 Voltage (V): 240 Place of Origin: France Brand Name: NateoSante Model Number: Lux airPackaging & DeliveryDelivery Detail: 7 daysRemoves 99.9% of the particles.Air flow: 360 m3 / hour (46 m2 real) ...

Kitagawa - Model S-21 - Indoor Air Quality Monitor

by Kitagawa America LLC     based in Pompton Lakes, NEW JERSEY (USA)

Currently, measurements for concentration of formaldehyde is done most commonly by absorptiometric method or HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography) method. However, these methods require expensive devices, knowledge and experience. Furthermore, in detector tube method which is effective as a simple measurement, up to this date it had been ...

Ecotech - Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Systems

by Ecotech Pty Ltd     based in Knoxfield, AUSTRALIA

Ecotech’s air monitoring systems are custom designed to best meet each application’s unique demands. We talk to our customers about their specific needs and tailor the ambient air quality monitoring system accordingly. For instance: A customer of ours requires a system in a warm environment, where power costs for air conditioning are a ...

Model AQT-2000 - Air Quality Monitors/Controllers

by Enercorp Instruments ltd     based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA)

The AQT Air Quality Monitors/Controllers operates by looking at the signal from a full spectrum sensor, automatically zeroing out temperature and humidity effects, and judging the degree of pollution. The sensor is sensitive to a wide variety of air pollutants such as carbon monoxide, ketones, aldehydes, esters benzene, alcohols, hydrogen, ...

Nanoparticle Surface Area Monitor

by TSI Incorporated     based in Shoreview, MINNESOTA (USA)

The Model 3550 Nanoparticle Surface Area Monitor measures the human lung-deposited surface area of particles (reported as µm2/cm3) corresponding to tracheobronchial (TB) and alveolar (A) regions of the lung. The Model 3550 provides a simple and fast solution for measuring the surface area equivalent dose in the lung. The Model 3550 is an important ...

Model 529 NMH, THC - Air Quality Monitoring Analyzer

by PCF Elettronica S.r.l.     based in Levate (BG), ITALY

Mod. 529 NMH, Non Methane Hydrocarbon automatic analyzer,Gas chromatographic separation of Methane Fraction from the Total Hydrocarbons.For continuous environmental monitoring.It Measures the reactive hydrocarbons.Gas chromatographic separation of Methane Fraction from the Total Hydrocarbons . .

DeltaCal - Model DC1/DC100 - Calibrator for Federal Reference Method Samplers

by Keika Ventures, LLC (KV)     based in Chapel Hill, NORTH CAROLINA (USA)

BGI's DeltaCal is the first and only continuous volumetric flow calibration/audit device which gives a direct indication of volumetric flow rate, standard flow rate, barometric pressure (both mm/Hg & mb), ambient temperature and filter temperature in one instrument. It was developed for use with U.S. EPA PM2.5 designated samplers and their PM10 ...

Model Series: i3 - Industrial Standard Precipitators - 3 Ton through 8 Ton Units

by Universal Air & Gas Products Corporation     based in Norfolk, VIRGINIA (USA)

Industrial Standard Precipitators - Model Series: i3 (In-Duct, Spray Wash) - 3 Ton through 8 Ton Units. I-series: Like the Commercial (C-series), the industrial, in-duct designs use housing or cabinet structures to support the cells installed within them. The galvanized cabinet structure can be factory finished on it exterior in enamel at the ...

Model 800045 - Indoor Air Quality Controller

by Sper Scientific     based in Scottsdale, ARIZONA (USA)

Poor air quality may cause tiredness, inability to concentrate, and even illness (i.e., Sick Building Syndrome). This instrument is ideal for monitoring and controlling indoor air quality in crowded public spaces with potentially high levels of CO2 (carbon dioxide) such as offices, factories, classrooms, hospitals and hotels. When CO2 levels ...

Bentax - Model 4-E-1 - Air Quality Control Systems

by Bentax of North America, Inc.     based in Ringoes, NEW JERSEY (USA)

Dimensions: 22 x 6.4 x 5.6 inches. Weight: 6.7 pounds. Power Consumption: 12 watts. Meat and Fish: 700 cubic feet. Dairy: 1050 cubic feet. Fruit and Vegetable: 1400 cubic feet. Power source: 110 VAC.

Bentax - Model ZSE2 Medifresh - Air Quality Control Systems

by Bentax of North America, Inc.     based in Ringoes, NEW JERSEY (USA)

Dimensions:  6.8 x 2.6 x 3.2 inches. Weight: .9 pounds. Power Consumption 3.5 watts. Treatment Capacity: 2800 cubic feet. Power source 110VAC / 12VDC. Fan Internal 2 speed.

E Instruments - Model AQ Comfort - Handheld Indoor Air Quality Monitor

by E Instruments International, LLC     based in Langhorne, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

An indoor air quality monitor will help you perform the most accurate IAQ parameter testing. If there is any detection of mold or other air-borne bacteria formed from outside pollutants, you will be able to detect it right away before it becomes a serious health and safety concern.

Apple Aire - Air Quality Control

by Sunrise Environmental Scientific     based in Sparks, NEVADA (USA)

Apple Aire is at the forefront of air re-odorizing compounds. This high-tech formulation provides the ultimate in freshening, persistence, and cleanliness.SUNRISE'S unique formulation leaves no annoying residue on carpets, draperies, or furniture. The high diffusion characteristics of APPLE AIRE allow it to disperse uniformly throughout the target ...

Bentax - Model 50-F-5 - Air Quality Control Systems

by Bentax of North America, Inc.     based in Ringoes, NEW JERSEY (USA)

Dimensions: 25 x 8.8 8.4 inches. Weight: 16 pounds. Power Consumption 50 watts. Treatment Capacity: 10500 to 17500 cubic feet. Power source 110 VAC. Fan: Required in duct.

Bentax - Model 70-E-5 - Air Quality Control Systems

by Bentax of North America, Inc.     based in Ringoes, NEW JERSEY (USA)

Dimensions: 24 x 10.6 x 16.6 inches. Weight: 33.5 pounds. Power Consumption 130 watts. Treatment Capacity: 14000. Power source 110 VAC. Fan: Internal multi speed.

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