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Wavelength - Model AE31 - Rack Mount Aethalometer

by European Tech Serv. NV (ETS)     based in Kieldrecht, BELGIUM

The Rack Mount Aethalometer Model AE31 measures light absorption by suspended aerosol particles at seven wavelengths, from 370 nm (UV) to 950 nm (IR).  Real-time measurements of particle concentrations can be made with a time resolution of two minutes to one hour.  Interpretation of the differences in optical response across the ...

Differential Ultra Violet Absorption Spectrometer(DUVAS)

by European Tech Serv. NV (ETS)     based in Kieldrecht, BELGIUM

DUVAS (Differential Ultra Violet Absorption Spectrometer) is a portable multi gas monitor operated from batteries or can be vehicle mounted. The system allows monitoring of pollutant gases while on the move with high time resolution and near reference monitor accuracy.

AQMesh - low cost outdoor air quality monitor

by AQMesh     Distributor in BELGIUM

AQMesh is the only commercially available and proven low-cost system for monitoring air quality. The product combines a robust hardware platform with the latest sensor technology and GPRS communication, cloud-based data processing and online access. AQMesh pods are manufactured in the UK to the very high standard demanded by users in the other ...

Opsis - Model HG200 - Mercury Analyser

by Opsis AB     Distributor in BELGIUM

The Opsis HG200 mercury analyser is designed for ambient air quality monitoring, for detecting mercury indoors, and for monitoring in plants. The HG200 analyser monitors elementary mercury, Hg(0), concentrations in the ambient air, from health-hazardous down to the environmental background levels.

Met One Instruments - Model 804 - Four Channel Handheld Particle Counter

by Met One Instruments, Inc.     Distributor in BELGIUM

Small Size—Big Performance: The 804 handheld particle counter is a 4 channel portable particle counter that counts particles 0.3 microns to 10.0 microns - giving you portability and reliability at the lowest price in the industry. Completely Self-Contained—Selectable Particle Sizes: Don't let the size fool you–this unit is ...

Met One Instruments - Model BT-637 - Portable Bench-Top Particle Counter

by Met One Instruments, Inc.     Distributor in BELGIUM

The tool you need to network, monitor and verify your workplace environment. If particulate levels and indoor air quality remain critical, the Met One Instruments BT-637 is the right choice. The unit was designed to meet the needs of monitoring professionals in any indoor environment or process verification application. The new BT-637 features 6 ...

Model 48i HL - High Level CO Analyzer

by Thermo Scientific - Air Quality Instruments     Distributor in BELGIUM

Using gas filter correlation technology, the Model 48i-HL measures the amount of carbon monoxide in the sample.  The Model 48i-HL is based on the principle that carbon monoxide (CO) absorbs infrared radiation at a wavelength of 4.6 microns. Because infrared absorption is a nonlinear measurement technique, it is necessary for the instrument ...

Model 797.381 - Out of Stack Diluting Sampler

by Thermo Scientific - Air Quality Instruments     Distributor in BELGIUM

This out of stack sampler provides reliable sample stability and reduces moisture in the sample. Well suited for high particulate and wet samples, promotes long filter life and can withstand contant exposure in the harshest stack environments, Usable with a wide range of ambient air analyzers, this sampler provides a strong single mounting point ...

Dichotomous - Model PM10/2.5 - Sampler

by Thermo Scientific - Air Quality Instruments     Distributor in BELGIUM

The manual dichotomous sampler is used for routine compliance montoring for PM10 and PM2.5. The Dichotomous sampler operates at a flow rate of 1 CHM (16.7 LPM) and is available with built-in mechanical 6-day or 7-day times, or an electronic digital programmable timer.

Model 300 - Diluting Stack Sampler

by Thermo Scientific - Air Quality Instruments     Distributor in BELGIUM

Diluting Stack Probe Model EPM.300 Series performs four critical functions to prepare a sample from the stack (sample delivery, course filtering, fine filtering, and sample dilution).Dilution Probes are proven performers with low maintenance requirements in the field and a long life on the stack.The system uses an air driven aspirator which ...

Model 5012 - Multi Angle Absorption Photometer

by Thermo Scientific - Air Quality Instruments     Distributor in BELGIUM

The Model 5012 MAAP measures the aerosol-related absorption of light and the corresponding atmospheric black carbon mass concentration. Continuous data is provided by a multiple detector setup to simultaneously measure the transmitted and the scattered light from a particle-loaded filter. Typical applications include determining ambient ...

TAPI - Model 602 BetaPLUS - Particle Measurement System

by Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation (TAPI)     Distributor in BELGIUM

The Model 602 BetaPLUS Particle Measurement System is the first to receive US EPA Federal Equivalent Method (FEM) designations for all three PM parameters in a single instrument.

Model FLEX.US - Ultrasonic Leak Detector

by SDT International     based in Brussels, BELGIUM

The SDT FLEX.US is an extremely versatile tool for the detection of leaks in compressed air systems, pneumatic brake systems, vacuum systems, pressurized gas storage and closed volumes. It is a low cost solution but nevertheless a powerful and reliable tool.Tightness integrity of any enclosed volumes (cockpits of cars, trucks, busses and ...

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