Air Quality Equipment in Germany

  • AirAssure - Model PM2.5 - Indoor Air Quality Monitor

    From TSI, the world leader in particle measurements, the AirAssure™ PM2.5 Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitor can provide real-time, reliably accurate measurement of indoor PM2.5 dust concentrations, one of the greatest health risks in the world today. The AirAssure Monitor is the ONLY cost effective on-the-wall instrument to meet the needs of ...

    By TSI Incorporated Office in Aachen, GERMANY. from Indoor Air Quality Product line

  • Nanoparticle Surface Area Monitor

    The Model 3550 Nanoparticle Surface Area Monitor measures the human lung-deposited surface area of particles (reported as µm2/cm3) corresponding to tracheobronchial (TB) and alveolar (A) regions of the lung. The Model 3550 provides a simple and fast solution for measuring the surface area equivalent dose in the lung. The Model 3550 is an important ...

    By TSI Incorporated Office in Aachen, GERMANY. from Indoor Air Quality Product line

  • Grimm - Model 11-A - Aerosol Spectrometer

    The aerosol spectrometer 11-A from Grimm Aerosol Technik is the star among the portable fine dust measurement devices. The 11-A is popular with almost all occupational health and safety officers, dust monitoring specialists, but also with universities and research institutes as a top class device. With over 2,000 devices, the 11-A is successfully ...

    By GRIMM Aerosol Technik GmbH & Co. KG based in Ainring, GERMANY. from Indoor Air Quality Monitors Product line

  • Q-TRAK Plus - Indoor Air Quality Monitor

    TSI offers two hand-held Q-TRAK Plus IAQ Monitors. The Q-TRAK Plus Model 8552 monitor simultaneously measures CO2, temperature and humidity, all within a single probe. The Q-TRAK Plus Model 8554 adds CO. These easy-to-use, air quality instruments provide real-time measurements and can log data unattended over an extended period of time. Advanced ...

    By TSI Incorporated Office in Aachen, GERMANY. from Indoor Air Quality Product line

  • Vacuum Vapour Extraction

    The conventional technique of Soil Vapour Extraction has proven to be a practical and inexpensive method for the removal of volatile and semi-volatile hydrocarbons from the unsaturated zone. Soil Vapour Extraction is conventionally carried out using small-sized boreholes which extend to just under the groundwater table and are outfitted with ...

    By IEG Technologie GmbH based in Gruibingen, GERMANY. from Vacuum Vapour Extraction Product line

  • Doosan Lentjes - Tailored Grate Combustion Systems

    Benefit from the most advanced thermal waste treatment available, using our proven grate combustion technology. We design and build to your individual requirements, helping select the ideal grate system for the make-up of your waste content. Reciprocating grate. Counter-reciprocating grate. Roller grate.

    By Doosan Lentjes GmbH based in Ratingen 40880, GERMANY.

  • Air Quality Sensors

    Everyone needs air to breathe. Stale air not only makes you tired, it slows down productivity and leads to poorer working performance. Particularly at conferences and meetings, rooms are often inadequately ventilated. STEINEL offers the CO2-AirCheck to monitor and ensure room air of a constant high quality. It automatically measures and evaluates ...

    By STEINEL German Quality based in Herzebrock-Clarholz, GERMANY.

  • Air Toxics Analyzers

    The PerkinElmer® Air Toxics Analyzers integrate several analytical techniques into a single, unified system solution, performing tube-based sampling in accordance with established methodologies such as U.S. EPA method TO-17. Tube-based sampling offers greater convenience as well as some analytical advantages over traditional canister-based ...

    By PerkinElmer, Inc. Distributor in GERMANY. from Chromatography Systems Product line

  • Premium

    Opsis - Model HG200 - Mercury Analyser

    The Opsis HG200 mercury analyser is designed for ambient air quality monitoring, for detecting mercury indoors, and for monitoring in plants. The HG200 analyser monitors elementary mercury, Hg(0), concentrations in the ambient air, from health-hazardous down to the environmental background levels.

    By Opsis AB Office in GERMANY. from Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Product line

  • Signal StreetNOx - Reference Method System for Measuring NOx

    With the footprint of a telephone exchange cabinet the StreetNOx is a reference method system for measuring NOx by the roadside. It is available for measuring other gases such as SOx and can also be configured with a particulate monitor in addition to the NOx detector. Roadside ambient air quality monitoring system for NOx or any single gas in a ...

    By Signal Group Ltd Distributor in GERMANY. from Applications - Air Quality Monitoring Product line

  • Premium

    Environnement S.A. - Model SANOA - Multi-Gas Long Path Air Quality Monitoring System

    Multigas Open Path Differential Optical Absorption (DOAS) Spectrometry Analyzer. Multiple applications An innovative technology for multigas air quality monitoring.

    By Environnement S.A Office in Schliengen, GERMANY. from Air Quality Monitoring - Open Path Multigas D.O.A.S System Product line

  • Corvus - Indoor Air Quality Monitor

    Corvus is a continuous, wireless VOC monitor for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) containing sensors for temperature, barometric pressure and humidity. Corvus utilises high sense technology detecting Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) down to low parts-per-billion (ppb) levels. Its wireless capabilities allow a network of up to twenty instruments to be ...

    By Ion Science Office in Mettmann, GERMANY. from Benzene Monitors Product line

  • Eigenbrodt - Model NMO 191 - Acid Rain Analyser (Monitor) for Inline Measurements

    Continuous measurements of pH and conductivity yield instantaneous values for the amount of dissolved trace substances as well as the acidity. The synchronous measurement of the two parameters allows quality control of the results and a good estimate of the amount of free acid in the precipitation. Acidity and amounts of trace substances obtained ...

    By Eigenbrodt GmbH & Co. KG based in Königsmoor, GERMANY. from Precipitation Collectors and Analyzer Product line

  • Premium

    OPSIS - Mobile Systems

    OPSIS offers a wide range of shelter models and configurations to guarantee the optimal operation environment for your measurement equipment. We have experience in all environments, from hot and humid, to cold.

    By Opsis AB Office in GERMANY. from Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Product line

  • Premium

    Opsis - Model DL256 - Data Logger (AQM)

    OPSIS data logger system is designed for data acquisition applications. The data logger can handle analogue and digital input and output signals as well as serial communication. The hardware of the DL256 is based on modules. It is therefore easy to configure the system to meet a wide range of requirements, and the system can be upgraded by adding ...

    By Opsis AB Office in GERMANY. from Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Product line

  • Carten - Model MD Series - Ultra-High Purity Diaphragm Valve

    This MD (diaphragm design) is designed for point of use, high performance gas and chemical distribution systems where purity, high flow characteristics, combined with the lowest operating costs, make this valve an excellent consideration for: Gas Cabinets, Valve Manifold Boxes, Gas Isolation Boxes. Point of Use connection gas sticks. Process ...

    By Carten Controls Office in Dusseldorf, GERMANY. from Diaphragm Valves Product line

  • Model BAI 9109-4 - Beta Gasmonitor

    The Beta-Gasmonitor BAI 9109-4 provides the opportunity to monitor radioactive gases such as Krypton-85, Argon-41, Xenon-133, Carbon-11 and Fluorine-18 in rooms and discharched air with low minimal detectable activities.

    By Berthold Technologies GmbH & Co. KG based in Bad Wildbad, GERMANY. from Monitoring of Airborne Radioactivity Product line

  • Model KF 2.5...112 - Transfer Gear Pumps

    Conventional sealing gaskets are pushed to their limits with different applications. Typical applications are found in polyurethane facilities, refrigerating machines and vacuum facilities. For these applications, you have the possibility to equip the KF 2,5 ...112 with a magnetic coupling. The magnetic coupling serves as a shaft seal and for the ...

    By KRACHT GmbH based in Werdohl, GERMANY. from Gear Pumps KF Product line

  • Ebro - Model EBI 16 - Bowie Dick Test Data Logger

    Together with the evaluation software the new EBI 16 data logger forms an easy to use and very reliable electronic measurement system. With it a comprehensive routine control of steam sterilizers can be performed using an alternative Electronic Bowie Dick Test according to DIN EN ISO 11140-4. In addition to the review of the steam ...

    By Ebro - a Xylem brand based in Ingolstadt, GERMANY.

  • LAMBDA-OCHC (Biological Filter)

    Biological methane oxidation represents one solution to treating landfill gas with methane contents below 20 %. In this process, the methane available is converted into CO2 and H2O by methanotrophic bacteria under the presence of oxygen. The reaction results in a gain in energy which is used by the bacteria for metabolic activities and to form new ...

    By LAMBDA Gesellschaft für Gastechnik mbH based in Herten, GERMANY.

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