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Niskin - Model 1010 - Water Sampler

by General Oceanics Inc.     based in Miami, FLORIDA (USA)

Non-metallic free-flushing sampling bottles activated by GO Devil messenger (1000-MG) when individually or serially attached to hydrocable. Sequential closure by remote command with model 1015 Rosette multibottle array, or with model AR1015 Acoustic Command Control option.

MICRODUST - Model PM10 - Sequential Sampler

by Aquaria     based in Lacchirarella, ITALY

Both the European Union (EU, 1996) that the Ministry of Environment (DM 25/11/94), have highlighted the importance of continuous monitoring of exposure to physical finer aerosol or with an aerodynamic diameter less than 10 ìm (thoracic fraction or PM 10). These particles are indeed responsible for significant adverse health effects ...

Silent - Sequential Air Sampler

by FAI Instruments     based in Fonte Nouva, ITALY

SILENT Sequential Air Sampler  is a sequential instrument specifically developed for particulate matter collection in indoor environment.

Aquaria - Model CF20 SQ - Sequential Sampler

by Aquaria     based in Lacchirarella, ITALY

The sampler CF20 SQ offers the possibility to carry out a sequential sampling on 16 channels, each of which programmable indifferently in low or high flows. This possibility allows the operator to sample dust and gas in a single cycle.

Air IDEAL - Detection of Viable Organisms

by AES CHEMUNEX     based in Bruz, Cedex, FRANCE

air IDEAL 3P is for the detection of viable organisms through active air sampling. It uses standard prepared media, such as contact plates or 100mm plates.

AirChek - Model 2000 - -Programmable Personal Sample Pump

by SKC Inc.     based in Eighty Four, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

The AirChek® 2000, 5 to 3250 ml/min, PC-programmable personal sample pump provides over 12-hour run times for sampling particulates and gases/vapors. The pump is ideal for use with sorbent tubes, filter cassettes, and size-selective samplers. UL Listed for intrinsic safety

Model PNS 16-3.1 and PNS 16-6.1 - Sampling Systems

by Comde-Derenda GmbH     based in Stahnsdorf, GERMANY

Automatic sequential sampling systems for sampling PM10 (acc. to CEN12341), PM2.5 (acc. to CEN14907) and PM1 particulates. The dust collection system comprises a low-volume sampler unit (LVS) and a filter changer with an intake tube and sampling head (inlet) to collect particulate matter from outdoor air. It functions as per CEN 12341 (PM10) and ...

Thermo Scientific - Model Partisol™ 2300 - Speciation Sampler

by Thermo Scientific - LC/MS GC GC/MS     based in MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

Characterize particles and gases contained in ambient air with Thermo Scientific™ Partisol™ 2300 Speciation Sampler. This flexible sampling platform contains the same user interface and is built upon the same hardware platform as the popular Partisol Model 2025 Sequential Air Sampler and allows two size fractions to be sampled ...

Model GAS-60 - Gas Analyzer

by BTG Instruments GmbH     based in Herrsching, GERMANY

The GAS-60 Gas Analyzer measures online both free air and dissolved gas by a sequential sampling and analysis technique. Paper, board and tissue making processes have become a lot more foamy due to excessive air mixed in from recycled furnishes, high turbulence operations and dissolved carbon dioxide gas released from calcium carbonate, commonly ...

Cerex - Model UV 3000 C - Fixed Mount Multi-Gas Analyzer

by Cerex Monitoring Solutions, LLC.     based in Atlanta, GEORGIA (US) (USA)

The Cerex UV 3000C is a fixed mount multi-gas analyzer with internal sample cell. Available with an integrated twelve port multiplexer, the UV 3000C offers sequential zone monitoring of up to ten locations for leak detection, process monitoring or indoor air quality monitoring. Two ports are generally reserved for operator specified quality ...

Allergenco - Model MK3 - Basic Package Sampler

by Environmental Monitoring Systems, Inc.(ems)     based in North Charleston, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA)

Allergenco MK-3 is a versatile, portable, and ideal sampler for collection of single or sequential indoor air quality samples.

MICROFLOW - Model alfa - Microbiological Air Sampler

by Aquaria     based in Lacchirarella, ITALY

MICROFLOW alfa has been developed for bio-aerosol sampling in critical places (e.g. clean rooms, food plants, fermentation’s plants etc….). Microflow alfa allows to verify and quantify microorganism presence. In this way you can value the exposure or you can identify the source in order to put in place corrective actions.

Whatman - QM-A Quartz microfiber filters

by GE Healthcare UK Limited     based in Little Chalfont, UNITED KINGDOM

High-purity quartz (SiO2) microfiber filters are used for air sampling in acidic gases, stacks, flues and aerosols, particularly at high temperatures up to 500° C and in PM-10 testing. Because of the low level of alkaline earth metals, 'artifact' products of sulfates and nitrates (from SO2 and NO2) are virtually eliminated. QM-A, sequentially ...

Model GX-271 ASPEC - Flexible SPE and Precise Liquid Handling System

by Gilson Inc     based in Middleton, WISCONSIN (USA)

Flexible SPE and precise liquid handling that can be integrated with HPLC - all in one convenient package. The innovative mobile racks allow you to automate sample preparation steps before or after SPE, and the unique sealing caps allow for positive pressure extractions, which are more precise and robust.  With the optional GX Direct ...

Model PBL - Mixing Monitor

by FAI Instruments     based in Fonte Nouva, ITALY

In order to understand the pollutants accumulation and, in general the temporal evolution of all air pollution processes, it is necessary to know the low atmosphere layers dilution properties. To get information about the Planetary Boundary Layer dilution potential you need to monitor a chemically stable compound (Radon) with an emission flow that ...

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