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  • NTP Technology
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    NTP Technology

    By IonO2X Engineering LLC | UAS Canada Inc.

    IonO2x NTP technology relies on planar, dielectric barrier, high voltage electrodes, spaced with a narrow gap between ground electrodes. The electrodes are connected to a rapidly pulsing, high voltage power supply. This ...

  • Steam and Air Stripping
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    Steam and Air Stripping

    By ERG (Air Pollution Control) Ltd

    V-tex strippers achieve higher removal efficiencies than traditional technologies without moving parts or random packings which are prone to fouling. V-tex is used for the stripping of liquors across a range of sectors ...

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  • Fluid Dynamics of Packed Columns

    Fluid Dynamics of Packed Columns

    This book provides support to engineers as well as graduate students in their daily design work within the industry or for the development of new ...