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Air Treatment equipment for Air and Climate

  • Control System

    Whether designed for manual, semi-automatic or fully-automatic continuous operation, our plants for water purification, wastewater and exhaust air treatment as well as chemical supply are characterized by a sophisticated and up-to-date technology.

  • FSX Solutions - Cast Filters

    Cast aluminum construction. Available connections from 1/4' NPT to 3' NPT. Pressures up to 725 PSIG. Flow capacities from 30 to 1650 SCFM. Internal and external corrosion protection. Available with differential pressure gauge, float drains, zero-loss drains, manual drains or oil indicator (for activated carbon filtration) etc.

    By Xebec Adsorption Inc. based in Blainville, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Cast Filters Product line

  • ComAir 20T

    The ComAir 20T Air Treatment System is the most advanced commercial grade HVAC sterilization system available on the market today. With the germicidal killing power of 300 microwatts and 0-100% variable ozone output, this system effectively eliminates bacteria and viruses along with various odors. The ComAir 20T provides germicidal and odor ...

    By ClearWater Tech LLC based in San Luis Obispo, CALIFORNIA (USA). from ComAir 20T Product line

  • Model PC Series - Pioneer Continuous Duty

    PC series purifiers are designed for continuous duty service such as in spray painting, sandblasting, tank cleaning and other applications where workers are exposed to unhealthy environments. In addition to stationary systems, PC Series purifiers are available as portable systems by mounting on a wheeled cart (PCM series) or mounting on a trailer ...

    By Pioneer Air Systems based in Wartburg, TENNESSEE (USA). from Pioneer Continuous Duty Product line

  • Butanediol

    Butanediol (BDO) is a $4B chemical intermediate used today to make textiles, engineering plastics, and solvents. The market for BDO is very attractive with high margins and growth rates exceeding 5% per year. There are currently at least five processes in operation to make BDO, and all are economical depending on raw material position and ...

    By Novomer Inc. based in Waltham, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • Altech - Model 1000 Series - Jet Venturi Scrubbers

    Designed for passive and fugitive emissionsThe jet venturi is an excellent solution to low volume emissions that may be intermittent and fugitive in nature, such as those from storage tank vents. The system does not require a fan to pull the emissions, but works by a continuous water spray that ‘pushes’ the air through the engineered ...

    By Altech Technology Systems based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Jet Venturi Scrubbers Product line

  • Neutra - Acidic Waste Air Treatment System

    The purpose of a waste air absorption unit is to remove contaminants from the fumes arising in surface finishing processes.Neutra‘s absorption units comply with statutory threshold values for exhaust emissions, thus reducing air pollution while protecting the environment for the future. Its absorption systems are designed in collaboration ...

    By Neutra Kunststoffbau GmbH based in Petting, GERMANY. from Acidic Waste Air Treatment System Product line

  • Model FP - Panel Filter

    Panel filters are pleated filters which are assembled within a moisture-resistant cardboard frame.

    By AFPRO Filters B.V. based in Alkmaar, NETHERLANDS. from Panel Filter Product line

  • Model GP - Panel Filter

    Panel filters are pleated filters which are assembled within a moisture-resistant cardboard frame.

    By AFPRO Filters B.V. based in Alkmaar, NETHERLANDS. from Panel Filter Product line

  • Belt-Dryer Compact-Dry

    For water evaporation rates 150-700 kg/h per line. The Low-Temperature-Dry Compact-Dry is a modular drying system which is delivered on site “almost ready to run”. Linking together several parts fully fitted with heating and air technology which can be assembled and activated “Plug and Play”, means that a fully operational ...

    By Sülzle Klein GmbH based in Niederfischbach, GERMANY. from Belt-Dryer Compact-Dry Product line

  • Belt-Dryer Conti-Dry

    For water evaporation rates from 500-5,000 kg/h per line. The Low-Temperature-Dryer Conti-Dry is a semi-mobile Belt-Dryer which is delivered “almost ready to run”. It supplements the Compact-Dry series with higher throughputs and evaporation rates. The standard containers are easy to transport and can be installed permanently or used ...

    By Sülzle Klein GmbH based in Niederfischbach, GERMANY. from Belt-Dryer Conti-Dry Product line

  • Process Air Cleaning System

    Clean and dispose of fumes containing contaminants. For cooling processes as well as for the chemical or physical treatment of materials or surfaces, liquids are used that either partially or fully evaporate. Venti Oelde collects the fumes containing the contaminants (directly at the place where they are produced, if possible) cleans them and ...

    By Ventilatorenfabrik Oelde GmbH based in Oelde, GERMANY. from Process Air Cleaning System Product line

  • Herhof - Exhaust Air Treatment Systems

    With implementation of the 30th BImSchV (German emission control ordinance) there are strict limits for the operation of mechanical-biological plants in Germany. The total carbon emissions in the exhaust air are not only limited in concentration, it is also limited in the loading of carbon emitted.

    By Herhof GmbH based in Solms, GERMANY.

  • Trasfeco - Model 60 kVA 400 - Mono-Phase Transformer

    TRASF ECO produces high frequency transformers designed specifically for water purification application. The treatment of waste water (sewage purification) is the process of removing contaminants from water or sewage from urban or industrial origin, or of an effluent which has been contaminated by organic pollutants and / or inorganic.

    By Trasfeco s.r.l. based in Zelo Buon Persico, ITALY. from Mono-Phase Transformer Product line

  • Exhaust-Air Treatment

    Exhaust-air treatment can be carried out using biological as well as physical/chemical purification processes. In the case of physical/chemical processes, the pollutants are removed by means of absorption, which takes place in a packed column scrubber. The biological treatment, on the other hand, takes place in a bio-reactor, where pollutants are ...

    By ENVIMAC Engineering GmbH based in Oberhausen, GERMANY. from Exhaust-Air Treatment Product line

  • 2 and 3-wheel Vehicles

    Motorcycles and 3-wheel vehicles. With catalyst forcing legislation now affecting many of the worlds motorcycle markets, Johnson Matthey is ideally placed to supply the catalysts. JM recognises the value of working with our customers to produce the best overall catalyst and vehicle configuration.

    By Johnson Matthey Emission Control Technologies based in Royston, UNITED KINGDOM. from 2 and 3-wheel Vehicles Product line

  • Bristol - Model B 3500 EFM - Modular Filters

    Modular filters B 2200 EFM and B 3500 EFM are the basic components for modular filter solutions in heavy-duty designs for extreme particle contamination. Ideal for air treatment systems. For energy efficient and powerful air filtration of volumes from 2000 to 42000 m3/h and more.

    By Bristol T&G International GmbH based in Dombühl, GERMANY. from Modular Filters Product line

  • VidaShield - Model VS03 - No Down Light

    The VS03 is a patented 2 x 4 troffer with a UV-C air treatment system. The VS03 is a standalone, ceiling mounted unit. The VS03 draws in untreated air, pushes it through a highly reflective UV chamber with an ultraviolet light set at the wavelength of 253.7 nanometers which inactivates bacteria or fungi that passes over the lamp. Four fans ...

    By Environmental Disinfection Management LLC based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • Chemical Pickling Section Equipment for Stainless Steel Annealing / Pickling Lines

    CMI Chemline supplies pickling solutions for effective removal of mill scale and other surface impurities from hot and cold rolled stainless steel strips. These solutions consist of a combination of electrolytic and mixed acid pickling. Their flexible design allows the line to rapidly adapt to the specific pickling requirements of each steel grade ...

  • Model 2100 MSDS - Chemical

    Too often, air treatment means perfumes or masking agents atomized aimlessly into the air with little consideration of type of odor, weight of odor, or any other physical and chemical characteristics. Molecular contact is necessary for any chemical change to occur. Consequently, it is vital that the molecular weight of atomized particles of ...

    By Global Odor Control Technologies, LLC (GOC) based in Bloomington,, INDIANA (USA). from Chemical Product line

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