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Environmental impacts of ocean-energy systems: a life-cycle assessment

by European Commission, Environment DG  (Sep. 23, 2016)

Ocean-energy technologies — which harvest renewable energy from the sea — will have a significant role to play in a future low-carbon society. A recent life-cycle analysis of different ocean-energy devices has found that life-cycle environmental impacts are caused mainly by the materials used in the mooring, foundations and structures. ...

Nuclear Waste: Greatest environmental challenge facing society

by Tetronics (International) Limited  (Sep. 20, 2016)

Dr Tim Johnson discusses how we can tackle the nuclear waste epidemic. A world full of waste They say you can tell a lot about a society by what it throws away. Like me, I’m sure you can recall the excitement of archaeologists on numerous TV documentaries, sifting through the remains of a rubbish dump or ‘midden’ on the edge of ...

Luxury Yacht Builder Chooses Western Air Ducts and Inteliair™

by Inteliair Ltd  (Sep. 20, 2016)

When Sunseeker asked their supplier the Direct Tools Company for a solution to the airborne dust problems they were experiencing within their temperature controlled CNC hull forming building DTC knew exactly who to turn to. It was clear from the outset that no ordinary dust extraction system would suit this ...

Primary Standard Gas Flow Calibration—The Only Guarantee of Accuracy

by Sierra Instruments, Inc.  (Sep. 19, 2016)

At Sierra, we have a saying: “An instrument’s accuracy is only as good as its calibration.” The accuracy of your mass flow controller (MFC) is essential in assuring the efficiency, performance, and quality of your flow meter. In many cases, if your instrumentation is not calibrated, then a decline in ...

Ozone-depleting substances 2015

by European Commission, Environment DG  (Sep. 16, 2016)

Aggregated data reported by companies on the import, export, production, destruction, and feedstock and process agent use of ozone-depleting substances in the European Union Executive Summary Background Chemicals known to harm the ozone layer have been successfully substituted in most parts of the world since 1989, when the Montreal Protocol on ...

Optimising laboratory environment for successful IVF outcomes with Geotech’s G100

by Geotech  (Sep. 16, 2016)

The accuracy of incubator gases within an IVF laboratory plays a major role in success of IVF programs in any fertility clinic today. Given the crucial role that the incubator plays in the IVF process, the conditions within the incubator in an IVF laboratory must be optimal at all times to increase the likelihood of a successful assisted ...

Major Considerations in Landfill Closure

by Agru America, Inc.  (Sep. 16, 2016)

Preparing for the closure and long-term care of a municipal solid waste landfill (MSWLF) can be an inordinate undertaking. Whether public or private, all landfills eventually reach the end of their active lifecycle. Before closure, a landfill must meet a series of criteria as determined by Subtitle D of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act ...

8 Recycling Tips for Facility Managers

by CleanRiver Recycling Solutions A division of Midpoint International Inc.  (Sep. 15, 2016)

IFMA (International Facility Management Association) states that Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability is one of the top 3 core competencies for facility managers. Here’s 8 tips to help you implement a recycling program that positively impacts your bottom line, and the environment.  1. Conduct a waste audit. ...

The Path to Safety for Pharmaceutical and Laboratories: Why O2 Deficiency Monitors May be Required?

by PureAire Monitoring Systems, Inc  (Sep. 14, 2016)

To safeguard against gas leaks in pharmaceutical industries and laboratories, businesses are turning to oxygen deficiency monitors. Learn when, where, and why an oxygen monitor or O2 monitor may be required.  Oxygen Monitors in Medical and Pharmaceutical Settings In the hospital setting, nitrogen gas is ...

Helping Laurel Asphalt to Fight Foul Odors and Be Good Neighbors

by OMI Industries (OMI)  (Sep. 13, 2016)

One of the unavoidable byproducts of the asphalt production process is a mixture of volatile hydrocarbons, mercaptans, hydrogen sulfide, and heat, which may cause a unique mixture of foul odors. When this happens, many asphalt producers have to contend with neighboring residents – often homes and businesses – that bring their odor ...

Thermal oxidizers for natural gas savings - Case Study

by Catalytic Products International (CPI)  (Sep. 13, 2016)

It’s in the news every day; the natural gas production industry is experiencing record growth. The gas reserves in the United States are thought to hold enough natural gas for hundreds of years and the gas and oil industry has improved extraction techniques that make gas production more affordable and less impactful on the landscape. Good ...

Measuring Oil Chemistry: Nitration, Oxidation, and Sulfation

by Spectro Scientific  (Sep. 12, 2016)

An in-service lubricant encounters air, heat, pressure, corrosive agents, and other factors that cause chemical changes in the oil. A change in oil chemistry can affect the ability of the lubricant to do its job (for example if crucial additives have been depleted). Over time, these chemical reactions can result in build-up of ...

Links between noise and air pollution and socioeconomic status

by European Commission, Environment DG  (Sep. 10, 2016)

Air pollution and noise pollution have a negative impact on all of society — but some groups are more affected than others. Lower socioeconomic status is generally associated with poorer health, and both air and noise pollution contribute to a wide range of other factors influencing human health. But do these health inequalities arise ...

Third-largest LPG Retailer in Brazil Implements SAP

by Implico Group  (Sep. 9, 2016)

Supergasbras has done it: the Brazilian LPG retailer migrated its logistics IT from obsolete insular solutions to a modern SAP landscape with automated processes throughout the country. The roll-out was successfully conducted with no interruption or impairment of day-to-day operations. With SAP SDM (Secondary Distribution Management), the ...

Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Safety

by SHEilds Ltd  (Sep. 7, 2016)

Know the Gases, Know the Dangers and Protect Yourself Do you know the differences between carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2)? If you don’t then there are no guarantees your safety measures will be adequate. These two different gases are often mixed up with people becoming confused over which they need to protect against, when ...

How to Attain Precise CO2 Injection in the Carbonated Beverage Production Process

by Sierra Instruments, Inc.  (Sep. 6, 2016)

Looking for the perfectly carbonated beverage? Is your CO2 injection process leaving your drinks flat? Industrial mass flow controllers offer the perfect solution for controlling the exact CO2 injection into beverages to create the perfect foam for the beer industry or carbonation for popular soft drinks. It is pivotal that carbonated beverage ...

Green Buildings: Economics and Policies

by Oxford Journals  (Aug. 27, 2016)

Introduction Green building has received increased attention over the past decade from both environmental economists and policymakers. While there is no single definition of “green buildings” or its related policy, researchers and organizations tend to emphasize resource efficiency in building and reducing the impacts of buildings on ...

The 6 Most Common and Dangerous Incidents

by Rivo Software Ltd.  (Aug. 26, 2016)

EH&S plays a vital role in business, but its presence doesn’t mean the workplace is full of numerous hazards waiting to pounce on employees at every turn. Thankfully, most incidents that take place are usually insignificant. Luckily, they’re rare, too, and when something does go wrong it usually results in a minor injury that can ...

Gas Mass Flow Control: Why Thermal Mass Flow Technology is Recommended for Best Accuracy!

by Sierra Instruments, Inc.  (Aug. 26, 2016)

It’s no secret. Price, but perhaps more importantly, performance, drive every new product acquisition you make.  How important is measurement accuracy and control to your lab experiment or industrial process? It’s critical.  If your flow readings are off or the flow is not controlled with precise accuracy your research is ...

Reducing Costs of Steam Flow Measurement

by Sierra Instruments, Inc.  (Aug. 19, 2016)

Traditionally, steam flow has been measured with a differential pressure device. This is typically an orifice plate. However, such devices are inherently volumetric flow measurements. As we have discussed in previous blog posts, changes in pressure and temperature ...

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