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How levels of acidity can affect aquatic ecosystems

by AQUAREAD Limited  (Aug. 24, 2016)

We already know that the pH of water can have detrimental effect on human health, and can be affected by a number of different factors including: residue from volcanic ...

Optimus and Invictus are the Classic Combination - Case Study

by Cirrus Research plc  (Aug. 24, 2016)

Imagine a perfect summer’s evening with a 40-strong classical orchestra playing to an appreciative audience in a leafy green park. So far, so very English. Add in the fact the Park is in the heart of Lancaster city surrounded by thousands of homes and the orchestra is playing sets of the Hacienda’s classic 90s house music hits and ...

Fly Ash Treatment – Plasma Torches versus Graphite Electrodes

by Tetronics (International) Ltd  (Aug. 24, 2016)

Background Plasma generating devices have to be designed to tolerate incredibly harsh conditions during operation and in particular very high heat loads and temperatures around the arc. However, when used in the vitrification of highly chlorinated materials the challenge is even greater than in other applications. The combination of high ...

WWTP Covers Its Grit Tanks to Help Address Odor Concerns

by Geomembrane Technologies Inc. (GTI)  (Aug. 22, 2016)

The Customer: The Georgetown Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) located in Ontario, Canada, provides industrial and municipal wastewater treatment for the urban area in the Town of Georgetown. The plant treats approximately 17.5 ML of wastewater per day. It is sized to accommodate the wastewater treatment needs of a local dairy processing ...

RoHS Directive: Industry Group Challenges Exemption Recommendations

by Assent Compliance Inc.  (Aug. 22, 2016)

A group of industry associations has told the European Union Commission it does not agree with recommendations on how to handle Pack 9 exemptions under the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive. The Cross-Industry Project, also known as the Umbrella Project, includes over 34 industry associations around the world. The group ...

Use of Oxygen Monitors for Nitrogen, Argon, or Cryogenics and Where They Are installed

by PureAire Monitoring Systems, Inc  (Aug. 19, 2016)

An oxygen deficiency monitor or O2 monitor is found in many settings where colorless, odorless gases -- including nitrogen, argon, CO2, and cryogenic gases -- are used. Always monitoring, the oxygen detector can tell when gas levels rise above those deemed safe, and let off a timely alarm. Learn which settings commonly use ...

25 Years of Success – Outokumpu Stainless DC Plasma Smelting Facility

by Tetronics (International) Ltd  (Aug. 17, 2016)

Design is not just what is looks and feels like. Design is how it works. Between 1982 and 1987, British Steel (Outokumpu today) made extensive investigations into the treatment of steel dust. Their research was far and wide and covered off many various methods of recycling, including alternative to plasma technologies. But, in 1985, they engaged ...

Enhanced Vapor Intrusion Mitigation via Horizontal Remediation Wells

by Directional Technologies, Inc.  (Aug. 16, 2016)

Vapor Intrusion (VI) is a potential concern at any building - existing or planned, located near soil or groundwater contaminated with volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Conventional installation technologies (vertical wells) can fall short, especially when large structures such as factories, hangars, and offices buildings are involved because ...

Biogas desulphurisation in the WWTP do Norte (Portugal) - Case Study

by Bioconservacion SA  (Aug. 16, 2016)

The Northern Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) is one of the biggest in the central region of Portugal, servicing various municipalities. The infrastructure is located in the area of Coimbra, Leiria, taking up 6 hectares of land; it receives effluents from some 250,000 inhabitants across multiple municipalities. It has the capacity to treat ...

Ethylene removal through oxidation in EthylClean Machines versus forced air through ozone

by Bioconservacion SA  (Aug. 16, 2016)

Fruit constantly emits ethylene inside the chambers. To efficiently reduce the concentration of ethylene in these spaces, it needs to be eliminated at a speed that is faster than the production ratio of the fruit. This is achieved when the airflow that passes through the machines in one hour is equal to the volume of the chamber. Depending on the ...

Modeling Tip: Creating Animations in BREEZE 3D Analyst

by BREEZE Software and Data / Trinity Consultants  (Aug. 16, 2016)

The powerful post-processor, BREEZE 3D Analyst, enables you to analyze and visualize data in multiple formats to help you better understand, interpret, and summarize your modeling results. To best assist our users, a complimentary license of BREEZE 3D Analyst is included with the purchase of ...

AQMesh: a new option for flexible air quality monitoring

by AQMesh  (Aug. 14, 2016)

AQMesh has an impressive collection of global users and performance results measuring ambient air quality in applications ranging from traffic planning and urban hotspots to industrial fence line monitoring, building ventilation management, or environmental lobbying. This pole-mounted unit comes with an independent power supply and communications, ...

Aeration Retrofit in Troy, Alabama - Case Study

by Aeration Industries International (AII)  (Aug. 11, 2016)

Troy Alabama’s Wastewater Treatment Plant was faced with broken discs causing dropping dissolved oxygen (DO) levels in their oxidation ditch. Aeration Industries International was called to help improve DO. The plant rented a 40hp Aire-O2 Triton®.  As rotors continued to break,  an additional Triton was rented. After seeing the ...

Method Scaling in Preparative HPLC: Analytical Method & Preparative Method

by Waters Corporation  (Aug. 8, 2016)

VOC:  “I tried to scale up my analytical HPLC method to prep and it didn’t work.” Andy:  This is one of the most common things we hear from chemists wanting to do preparative chromatography. We also hear the following question pretty often too: VOC:  “I have a good analytical HPLC method, how do I scale it ...

Performance of the low-emission flare

by Hofstetter BV  (Aug. 4, 2016)

Job report / Elbisgraben (Bale / Switzerland) The summer of 1992 had finally arrived. The 5MW low emission furnace in the district heating station Liestal was ignited, supplied with landfill gas from Elbisgraben landfill. Since then the plant has been running continuously and the comprehensive measurements taken, verify that all targets aimed at ...

The landfill gas collection, utilisation and surplus gas combustion acting in unison

by Hofstetter BV  (Aug. 4, 2016)

In landfill gas utilisation the basic task of the control system is to harmonise three completely independent processes. On the one hand, there is the gas production of the landfill which is inconstant. (From a price point of view, hardly worthwhile to store the gas in a gasometer) On the other side the independent gas utilisation process, ...

Fast analysis of semi-volatile organic compounds using PTV-GC–TOF MS

by SepSolve Analytical  (Jul. 29, 2016)

The evaluation of semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs) in environmental matrices poses many challenges for the analyst, not least the vast number that may be encountered in any given analysis. In addition, analyte reactivity and the potential for multiple analytes to co-elute makes achieving the required method detection limits (LODs or MDLs) ...

VIYELLATEX improves factory efficiency thanks to cogeneration with gas engines

by Clarke Energy  (Jul. 29, 2016)

VIYELLATEX Limited is the composite knit apparel and textile manufacturing business unit of VIYELLATEX group. It started its operations in 1996. The company is comprised of design and product development, sample, knitting, washing, cutting, sewing and finishing sections. The Textile Testing Corporation (Testing Lab) is also a part of VIYELLATEX. ...

Do you have the right portable extinguishers? A quick knockdown.

by SHEilds Ltd  (Jul. 27, 2016)

Why do we have portable fire extinguishers? It may appear an obvious question however many struggle to answer this and I have heard many different analogies over the years. Fires in the workplace tend to start as small incidents and this is where portable fire extinguishers come into their own. By extinguishing, slowing down or preventing the ...

Hole Dug, Leak Found - City Of Ottawa Entrusts Smartball Platform To Look For Leaks In Tranmsission Main

by Pure Technologies  (Jul. 25, 2016)

When your inspection task is to survey a critical pipeline for leaks, nothing is more satisfying than trusting your technology to predict the leak location and then standing by as the client excavates the area to find a flow of water within one meter of exactly where you said it would be. The above-described "leak-where-predicted" recently ...

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