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Bag Filter equipment for Air and Climate

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    Shelco - Model USB Series - ASME Code Bag Housings Single Through Six Round

    The housings have heavy duty swing bolt closure and davit assembly to ensure easy operation and maintenance, and holds one (1) through six (6) #2 size bags to service a wide range of flow rates. Heavy duty carbon steel 304L or 316L Stainless Steel Construction for maximum durability. Optional 134 epoxy coating for seawater or corrosive ...

    By Shelco Filters based in Middletown, CONNECTICUT (USA). from ASME Code Bag Housings Single Through Six Round Product line

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    Lenntech - Bag Filter

    A Bagfilter works by the principle of microfiltration. The liquid is purified in bags by passing small permeable pores. Bagfilters can be used for large amounts of water.

    By Lenntech Water Treatment based in Delfgauw, NETHERLANDS. from Bag Filter Product line

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    Shelco - Model BFS Series - Multi-Cavity Bag Housings

    Heavy-duty 304L or 316L Stainless Steel construction. 2 to 6 bags capacity accommodates a wide range of flow rates and special parameters. Maximum operating pressure: 150 PSI (10 bar) @ 300°F (149°C). 2BFS clamp closure filter housing offers quick, easy service and exceptional value. Larger, heavy-duty swing-bolt closure housings with ...

    By Shelco Filters based in Middletown, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Multi-Cavity Bag Housings Product line

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    AdEdge - General Filtration Systems

    Filtration is a physical method of removing suspended solids from a solution. In water treatment applications, these solids may range from dirt, plant material, and debris washed into the water supply to bacteria, viruses, and other microscopic particles that occur naturally. These particles can damage pumps and valves, decrease the effectiveness ...

    By Adedge Water Technologies, LLC based in Buford, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from General Filtration Systems Product line

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    ProMark - Model PMA - Retro Filter Modules

    PMA Retro filter modules fit into existing air-handling systems in order to add gas-phase capabilities. The Retro is designed with a 1-inch header to replace existing ridged or bag filters that provide gas contaminant control. The housing is permanent, and the eight trays are either refillable or honeycomb disposable. Any ProGuard® Media ...

    By ProMark Associates, Inc. based in Skokie, ILLINOIS (USA). from Retro Filter Modules Product line

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    Shelco - Model BF Series - Single Bag Housings

    #1 and #2 sizes: 304L, 316L or Carbon Steel construction. Band clamp or swing bolt lid closures. Stainless steel compression spring. Standard 2” FNPT side inlet and bottom outlet connections. Adjustable stainless steel mounting legs. Stainless steel basket with 9/64” perforations. #3 and #4 sizes: 316L Stainless Steel construction. ...

    By Shelco Filters based in Middletown, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Single Bag Housings Product line

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    Shelco MicroSentry™ - Model HTF Series - Bag Filters

    Shelco’s MicroSentry HTF Series Bags are made using the highest quality filtration media across a complete range of micron ratings, thereby allowing the HTF bags to provide the highest particle retention efficiency and largest solids-loading capacity for your specific industrial filtration requirements.

    By Shelco Filters based in Middletown, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Bag Filters Product line

  • FT Cremated Remains Transfer Cabinet

    Excellent environmental performance. High volume extraction system. Industrial bag filter application. Simple and quick to install. Complies with relevant European standards. No maintenance. Compact and modern design.

    By Facultatieve Technologies based in The Hague, NETHERLANDS. from FT Cremated Remains Transfer Cabinet Product line

  • SABO - Standard Bag Filters

    SABO makes Standard Bag Filters in house in order to ensure superior quality for our customers. We are very passionate about our products and always go above and beyond to exceed the typical performance standards of the industry.

    By SABO Industrial Corporation based in Newburgh, NEW YORK (USA). from Standard Bag Filters Product line

  • Model FCF - Filter

    FCF - The filter is designed for large amounts of fibrous particulate in cooperation with leading manufacturers of personal care products, for optimum accessibility in processes with extremely high demands for negative pressure and with high particulate content in the gases.

    By Processfilter Sweden AB based in Helsingborg, SWEDEN. from Filter Product line

  • Hi-Flo - Model XLS Series - Bag Filters Glass Fibre Media

    Using a new and smart product design, we have minimized the range and combined cost efficiency, environmental thinking and low energy consumption all in the same filter series.

    By Camfil Ltd based in Haslingden, UNITED KINGDOM. from Bag Filters Glass Fibre Media Product line

  • SFC - Reverse Air Bags

    Reverse-Air Bags Standard Filter designs and manufactures a wide variety of reverse air bags. Typical top designs are strap top, loop top, cord top cuff, compression band tops with steel caps or grommet top bags. Bottom include raw edge, cuffed, compression band or beaded cuff.Anti-collapse rings of mild steel, stainless steel and other alloys are ...

    By Standard Filter Corporation (SFC) based in Carlsbad, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Reverse Air Bags Product line

  • Model PD - Multi Dense Phase Pumps

    The Multi PD Pump is designed for handling either fine or coarse fly ash from ESPs or from bag filters and can be used to convey directly to the main silos without using an intermediate hopper. There can be up to 8 pumps connected on the same pipeline with an ESP. The most efficient arrangement is for the vessels to be connected across the gas ...

    By Stock Equipment Company Inc. based in Chagrin Falls, OHIO (USA). from Multi Dense Phase Pumps Product line

  • Model RV - RVR - Drop-Through Rotary Valves

    RV/RVR Rotary Valves are the ideal solution for controlled discharging and feeding of powdery or granular materials from silos, hoppers, pneumatic conveying systems, bag filter houses, or cyclones. RV Drop-Through Rotary Valves with square and RVR with circular inlet consist of a tubular cast iron or stainless steel casing, a horizontally mounted ...

    By WAMGROUP S.p.A. based in Ponte Motta/Cavezzo (MO), ITALY. from Drop-Through Rotary Valves Product line

  • V&T - Model TRIPLO - Filter Systems

    The “TRIPLO” filter is a different design based on existing filter systems like cartridge- and bag filters. The name “TRIPLO” already explains it's purpose. The “TRIPLO” filter is one filter with three options: cartridge filter, bag filter and basket filter. Three possible filters in one and the same filter ...

    By V&T Group BV based in Numansdorp, NETHERLANDS. from Filter Systems Product line

  • Bag Filter

    The liquid to be filtered by bag filter flows into the feed tube and go by the top of filter bag which is supported by a bracket, making the liquid averagely distributed onto the filter surface.The stream-line distribution of filter media is a uniform face, with no negative effect of turbulence. The liquid flows from the inside to the outside of ...

    By Hangzhou Tiger water treatment equipment Co.,Ltd based in Fuyang City, CHINA. from Bag Filter Product line

  • Cartridge and Bag Combi Filter Unit

    This compact, sophisticated filter unit combines the function of two filter units; a dual pod bag filter unit and dual pod cartridge filter unit. The unit allows pre-filtration, and polish filter with bags or cartridges, within one unit. During the cartridge operation, the baskets and basket plate can be stored in a special storage rack in the ...

    By Twin Filter B.V. based in Zaandam, NETHERLANDS. from Cartridge and Bag Combi Filter Unit Product line

  • Miniline Vessels - Bag Filter Housings

    Miniline vessels are designed for self-supported installation. Stainless steel construction means years of reliable, precision filtration with no concern about corrosion problems and at a price that compares favorably to carbon steel. Miniline vessels are available in two different series: EBF for lower pressure applications, and SBF for higher ...

    By Ecologix Environmental Systems, LLC based in Alpharetta, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Miniline Vessels - Bag Filter Housings Product line

  • Duoline & Miniline Vessels

    Duoline filter housings are for applications where the system flow cannot be shut down for filter bag change out.  Either a butterfly or ball valve assembly is used to divert the flow between the two housings so that the isolated, out of service, housing can be serviced.  The flow is never shut down. Moduline filter housings are for ...

    By Ecologix Environmental Systems, LLC based in Alpharetta, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Duoline & Miniline Vessels Product line

  • SimPact - Model 4T - Bag Filter

    A cost-efficient, low maintenance solution that gives you the benefit of savings and low emissions. SimPulse 4T bag filter series in stainless steel sanitary design execution has a compact and sturdy cylindrical design with efficient down flow filtration, which ensures even the tiniest particles to be collected for effective product recovery and ...

    By Simatek A/S based in Soroe, DENMARK. from Bag Filter Product line

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