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  • Case Study B - The City of Phoenix

    Case Study B - The City of Phoenix

    Client: The City of Phoenix Facility: A sewer Lift Station (LS) located directly adjacent to a residence. (LS 48) Problem: The impact of facility safety and maintenance were main concerns. Decision: The client chose to replace a chemical scrubber with a BOHN BIOFILTER system. Outcome: The facility now exceeds the Maricopa County air quality requirement of 0.030 ppb H2S at the property ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Stand-Alone Bioscrubbers Packages

    Stand-Alone Bioscrubbers Packages

    Used as stand-alone packages, or with Dry Media polishing filters, ERG's bio-scrubbers provide trouble-free odour control for highly contaminated, small gas flows (<3,000m3/hr) emanating from waste water treatment processes.