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  • Sewer Lift Station - Case Study

    Client: The City of Phoenix Facility:  A sewer Lift Station (LS) located directly adjacent  to a residence. (LS 48) Problem: The impact of facility safety and maintenance were main concerns. Decision: The client chose to replace a chemical scrubber with a BOHN BIOFILTER system.

  • Case study - MBT Wrexham

    Planning, delivery, installation, commissioning, testing and turnkey delivery of a plant for mechanical-biological treatment of municipal waste. Customer: FCC Environment Throughput: (50,000 Mg/a): ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Photoionisation System

    Photoionisation System

    The Neutralox Photoionisation system is a highly effective alternative odour control process compared to biofilters and chemical scrubbers with lower capital costs and simple operation. The NEUTRALOX new generation of odour control utilises UV light and catalysts to break down odourous compounds in air in a highly efficient and compact process called Photoionisation.