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Bioscrubbers equipment for Air and Climate

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    ERG - Stand-Alone Bioscrubbers Packages

    Used as stand-alone packages, or with Dry Media polishing filters, ERG's bio-scrubbers provide trouble-free odour control for highly contaminated, small gas flows (<3,000m3/hr) emanating from waste water treatment processes.

    By ERG (Air Pollution Control) Ltd based in Horsham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Stand-Alone Bioscrubbers Packages Product line

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    ENEXIO - Structured Packings for Gas Treatment and Exhaust Air Cleaning

    Use in gas scrubbers and bioscrubbers. We develop and produce structured packings that can be used in chemical/physical processes (gas scrubbers) and biological processes (bioscrubbers). What all scrubber processes have in common is that the gas flow to be cleaned is usually guided in counterflow or cross-flow over the structured packings. A ...

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    Vortex Force - Aerator for Sewer Odour & Corrosion Control

    An aerator for odour and corrosion control in sewer force main discharge, sewer wet wells, storage tanks and irrigation ponds

    By IPEX, Inc. based in Verdun, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Aerator for Sewer Odour & Corrosion Control Product line

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    ERG DryCat - System for Odour Control

    ERG's designers can match the air extraction rate and odour loading of each part of a sewage treatment plant to the odour control required for that area. Combining the basic building blocks of CIFs (catalytic iron filters), biofilters/bioscrubbers and dry media filters, and using intelligent design to look at the site as a whole, ERG's DryCat ...

    By ERG (Air Pollution Control) Ltd based in Horsham, UNITED KINGDOM. from System for Odour Control Product line

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    ENEXIO - Biotrickling Filter and Bioscrubber

    Biological Exhaust Air Cleaning Structured Packings for Biological Processes. With the biological elimination of odors, a better efficiency can be achieved with less effort and less use of chemical agents than in a purely chemical-oxidative process. An increasing number of biological processes are being used nowadays. For example, in order to ...

    By ENEXIO Water Technologies GmbH based in Hürth, GERMANY. from Biotrickling Filter and Bioscrubber Product line

  • Biofiltration System

    ECObio system is a process consisting of a humidifying tower followed by a biofilter. This technology has a high efficiency for odour and VOC removal through a biological oxidation process. For flows up to 10.000 m3/h, prefabricated biological PE or PP filters are used , which make the civil works unnecessary and are easy to install. For bigger ...

    By ECOTEC, Ecología Técnica, S.A. based in Manresa, SPAIN. from Biofiltration System Product line

  • EcoVerde - Model EG-6/EG-6T Series - Bioscrubber

    A cost-effective solution for lift stations, wet wells and small to medium plant processes. The modular design of the EG-6 series bioscrubber ensures total flexibility for your unique application. Each unit in the EG-series of next-generation bioscrubbers / biotrickling filters provides the highest efficiency, cost effectiveness and modular ...

    By EcoVerde Technologies based in Phoenix, ARIZONA (USA). from Bioscrubber Product line

  • EcoVerde - Model EG-8 - Bioscrubber

    Designed to quickly resolve odor control issues with mid-size sites. The EG-8’s multistage capacity and its modular design ensure not only total flexibility, but scalability as well. Each unit in the EG-series of next-generation bioscrubbers / biotrickling filters provides the highest efficiency, cost effectiveness and modular adaptability ...

    By EcoVerde Technologies based in Phoenix, ARIZONA (USA). from Bioscrubber Product line

  • Ecochimica - Model Bio-Comp Series - Compact Biofilter

    Operating Principals: IThe ecochimica biofilter is used to treat gaseous effluents. Air entering the biofilter travels upward through the bed/support (organic particulate material coated with an aqueous “biofilm” in which the micro-organisms are present) while the contaminants present in the air are stripped and metabolized.

    By Ecochimica s.r.l. based in Creazzo (VICENZA), ITALY. from Compact Biofilter Product line

  • TAPC - Biological Scrubbers

    Also known as trickling filters and biotrickling filters, biological scrubbers or bioscrubbers use a modified form of packed tower technology. A special packing is used that encourages and allows the growth of a highly active biological medium on the packing surface. The packing and biological medium are irrigated with water. The pollutants in the ...

    By Environmental Group Limited (EGL) based in Notting Hill, AUSTRALIA. from Biological Scrubbers Product line

  • EcoVerde - Model EG-mini - Bioscrubber

    Don’t let the size of the EG-mini fool you. It may be small, but it’s quite capable of tackling large odor problems. It’s a highly convenient, cost-effective, “plug and play” system that’s ideal for small pump stations and wet wells. The EG-mini also comes skid mounted as the most convenient alternative. Each ...

    By EcoVerde Technologies based in Phoenix, ARIZONA (USA). from Bioscrubber Product line

  • Plas-Tanks - Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastic Scrubbers

    Scrubbing systems are responsible for controlling air pollution and fumigation functions through reducing particulate expelled from industrial systems. Scrubbers may also remove acid gasses produced from industrial processes. Utilization of scrubbers lowers emissions and reduce the harm of emitted substances on the environment.

    By Plas-Tanks Industries, Inc. based in Hamilton, OHIO (USA).

  • BTIP - Bioscrubber and Biofilter

    BTIP extends the capabilities of natural biological treatment of gaseous organic compounds, hydrogen sulfide, odors and more with increased removal efficiency while simultaneously removing particulate if present. A unique combination of proprietary mist scrubbing, bio-scrubbing/filtration and aerobic digestion offers lowest maintenance and ...

    By Bionomic Industries Inc. based in Mahwah, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Bioscrubber and Biofilter Product line

  • VOC Bioscrubbers

    In AirScience's Bioscrubbers, the polluting compounds are first absorbed or dissolved in a water scrubber. The resulting liquid solution is then transferred to a bioreactor where microorganisms degrade the dissolved organic compounds in an anaerobic condition. The resulting bio-gas consists primarily of methane, which can be used as process fuel. ...

    By AirScience Technologies Inc. based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from VOC Bioscrubbers Product line

  • Biotrickling Filter Systems

    Also known as Biotowers, Biotricklers, Bioscrubbing Systems, Bioscrubbers, and Biological Oxidation Systems. KCH designs and manufactures a Biotrickling Filter System to remove high levels of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas and other odors from municipal and industrial processes. Our Biotrickling Filter Systems will effectively remove 99% of H2S ...

    By KCH Services, Inc. based in Forest City, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Biotrickling Filter Systems Product line

  • Large Diameter Pipes

    Ventilation pipe systems of fiberglass plastic, polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (HDPE) are used to eliminate aggressive vapour in industrial objects when vapour temperature does not exceed 110 °C. Material for this ventilation system is selected depending on chemical composition of vapour, pressure in the system and temperature. In each ...

    By UAB GreenWorks Industry based in Vilnius, LITHUANIA. from Large Diameter Pipes Product line

  • Biofilter, Ammonia Scrubber and Straw Filter

    Bio filter: After a Gicom water scrubber a biofilter is placed. Air is blown into the biofilter with very low speed. Bacteria use the odorous compounds of the air for their own survival in the filter and convert this odour part to a less or neutral smelling. That is why Gicom composting facilities can operate in areas where there are strict ...

    By GICOM b.v. based in Biddinghuizen, NETHERLANDS. from Biofilter, Ammonia Scrubber and Straw Filter Product line

  • CECO HEE-Duall - Aerators and Degasifiers System

    Our HEE-Duall brand Aerators and Degasifiers are custom-engineered as efficient and cost effective solutions for the removal of volatile organic compounds (VOC), methyl tertiary-butyl ether (MTBE), hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and CO2, found in groundwater supplies, industrial wastewaters, and process effluents. We apply decades of experience to ...

    By CECO Environmental based in Dallas, TEXAS (USA). from Aerators and Degasifiers System Product line

  • BIOCAT-Scrubber - Biological Catalytic Scrubber

    Biological air treatment with BIOCAT-Scrubber is for various companies and communes an economic and efficient solution to achieve clean air values of the TA Luft and 31.BImSchV.

    By Wessel-Umwelttechnik GmbH based in Hamburg, GERMANY. from Biological Catalytic Scrubber Product line

  • EcoVerde - Model Series EG-12 - Bioscrubber for Heavy-Duty Control

    Heavy-duty odor issues require a heavy-duty solution, and that’s precisely what you get with the EG-12 series bioscrubber. Like the EG-6 and EG-8 series, the EG-12 series bioscrubber has a multistage capacity and a modular design to ensure total flexibility while remaining cost effective. Each unit in the EG-series of next-generation ...

    By EcoVerde Technologies based in Phoenix, ARIZONA (USA). from Bioscrubber for Heavy-Duty Control Product line

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