Carbon Adsorption

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  • Blend of HS-600 & Activated Carbon - 60 LB Bag
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    Blend of HS-600 & Activated Carbon - 60 LB Bag

    By Simple Solutions Dist. LLC

    Through adsorption and oxidization Spectrum HS-600* will adequately control a large number of airborne contaminants. There are situations however, where a blend of this product`s reactive chemistry and the adsorbent ...

  • Enzyme Immobilization
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    Enzyme Immobilization

    By Purolite Corporation

    Purolite Macronets are special sorbents, highly and rigidly cross-linked in the swollen state, and thus characterized by very high internal surface areas, approaching those of activated carbons. As a result of their ...

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  • Babcock & Wilcox MEGTEC LLC

    Babcock & Wilcox MEGTEC LLC

    B&W MEGTEC is a leading global supplier of environmental control technologies and engineered products tailored to meet customers` manufacturing ...

  • Spill Solutions

    Spill Solutions

    Since 1993, Spill Solutions has been committed to providing our customers with the most reliable, efficient and technologically advanced equipment ...

  • econ industries GmbH

    econ industries GmbH

    econ industries offers solutions for the treatment of industrial wastes and contaminated soil. Our VacuDry technology separates harmful substances ...