Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Scrubbers

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  • All in One Unit for GC Applications

    All in One Unit for GC Applications

    Leman Instruments is a leading European company, specialised in standard products, OEMs and in custom designed realisations involving high purity H2, N2, zero air, combined solutions for FIDs, GCs, purge air generators, CH4 & CO2 scrubbers, N2 and multigas for LCMS with high level of communications involving Ethernet, USB, RS 485 and possibility of AK protocol integration. A recent Leman ...


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  • Chemical Scrubbers

    Chemical Scrubbers

    The basic components of the scrubber are the vessel; packing material; liquid recirculation system with spray nozzles, recirculation pump, a sump; and a mist eliminator. A fan draws or pushes the odorous air into the scrubber. The air passes through the packing bed where it comes in contact and is absorbed into the liquid solution sprayed from nozzles above the packing bed. The liquid solution, ...