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  • 22nd PNEC Conference & Exhibition 2019
    Showcase Event

    22nd PNEC Conference & Exhibition 2019

    By PennWell Corporation

    PNEC looks at best practices and real world cases and solutions involving petroleum data and information management across the E&P enterprise. Delegates benefit from this unique global view of the state of data ...

  • GeoConvention 2019
    Showcase Event

    GeoConvention 2019

    By GeoConvention

    The oil and gas industry has been completely reshaped over the past three years. Although the worst of the budget cuts, layoffs and bankruptcies appear to be over, there is a lingering worry about long term commodity ...

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  • /files/47189/publications/47403/1why_scientists_-_front_cover-260-100.jpg

    Why Scientists Disagree about Global Warming

    The most important fact about climate science, often overlooked, is that scientists disagree about the environmental impacts of the combustion of ...

  • /files/47189/publications/47718/4SolarCycles-100.jpg

    Unstoppable Solar Cycles: Rethinking Global Warming

    When Erik the Red first arrived in Greenland, the fertile green land was perfect for farming. But within a few centuries the thriving Viking ...

  • Global Scream

    Are you hearing Nature’s global scream?” is the question posed by this new novel. Veteran South African biologist from Stellenbosch University, ...

  • /files/47189/publications/47720/6FactsvsFaith180-100.jpg

    Global Warming: Facts vs. Faith

    Walter Cunningham has enjoyed careers in the United States Marine Corps, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and private industry, ...

  • Rising Above Global Warming

    This book is a children’s book on global warming with illustrations. Oddly, it is the first of its kind. The subject of global warming when looked at ...

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  • Atago Co.,LTD

    Atago Co.,LTD

    ATAGO has been the leader in refractometer technology for over 73 years. The history of Refractometers began with a basic model – a simple analog ...

  • NAPE


    NAPE is the oil and gas industry’s marketplace for the buying, selling and trading of prospects and for producing properties. Founded in 1993 by ...

  • Waves of the Future

    Waves of the Future

    Waves of the Future is a micro-thinktank / publisher which focuses on global warming, the environment, and world development. We look for fundamental ...

  • TIMIA Capital Corp (formerly GreenAngel Energy Corp.)

    TIMIA Capital Corp (formerly GreenAngel Energy Corp.)

    GreenAngel Energy Corp. was the first publicly-traded investment fund focused on start-up companies in the clean tech sector. Until October, 2015, ...

  • Euro Petroleum Consultants

    Euro Petroleum Consultants

    Euro Petroleum Consultants (EPC Ltd) is an independent consulting company in the Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industries with worldwide experience with a ...