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Carbon Dioxide / Monoxide Equipment

  • Carbon Dioxide CO2 Removal

    With thousands of systems in operation, amine treating units are the well proven market solution for CO2 removal, and membrane unit acceptance continues to grow. To these historical routes the Molecular Gate system for CO2 removal is a new option for gas treating. The Molecular Gate system fits in the gas treating spectrum where site specific ...

    By Guild Associates, Inc. based in Dublin, OHIO (USA).

  • AOI - Model Series 9610 - Carbon Dioxide Monitor

    The Series 9610 Carbon Dioxide Analyzer is designed to provide continuous, unattended measurement of carbon dioxide in other gases in either percent or trace concentrations.

    By Alpha Omega Instruments Corp. based in Lincoln, RHODE ISLAND (USA). from Carbon Dioxide Monitor Product line

  • Model CWLSXX - Carbon Dioxide Sensors

    CWL carbon dioxide sensors maximize energy savings, while ensuring optimal ventilation. The sensors allow ventilation systems to be controlled by the amount of CO2 present in a space. The CWL Series detect fluctuations in CO2 levels and signal ventilation systems to provide an inlet of fresh air optimal for the space at a given time saving energy ...

    By Veris Industries based in Portland, OREGON (USA). from Air Quality Product line

  • Model HCO202 - Handheld Carbon Dioxide Meter/Monitor

    HalTech's HCO202 handheld carbon dioxide meter makes it easy to take quick and accurate measurement of CO2 levels.  Featuring the dual-beam, non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) absorption gas sensor technology, the HCO202 has a wide measuring range and quick response to ambient changes in carbon dioxide concentration with long-term stability and ...

    By Hal Technology, LLC based in Fontana, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Gas Meters/Monitors Product line

  • Model DT3008 - Close Coupled Extractive Combustibles Analyzer

    The Model DT 3008 measures total combustibles or carbon monoxide by using an eduction pump to draw a sample from a process stack or duct to present it to a sensing cell. The cell is a platinum catalytic bead sensor. The sensor chosen depends upon the accuracy and the measurement levels required, and whether total combustibles or carbon monoxide is ...

    By Redkoh Industries, Inc based in Hillsborough Township, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Pollution Monitoring Equipment Product line

  • Premium

    Systech - Model Lyssy L100-5000 - Manometric Gas Permeation Analyzer

    A versatile gas analyzer for measuring the permeability of any common gas or gas mixture through films and foils. Typical gases measured include air, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and helium.  This instrument utilizes the manometric principle one of the most recognised gas permeability testing methods - pressure change via gas ...

    By Systech Instruments Ltd based in Thame, UNITED KINGDOM. from Carbon Dioxide Analyzer Product line

  • Premium

    Portamap - Portable Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Headspace Analyzer

    Portable oxygen analyzer for measuring headspace gas of modified atmosphere food packaging. The Portamap portable gas headspace analyzer is specifically designed to test for the presence of oxygen and carbon dioxide in food packaged under modified and controlled atmospheres. The portable oxygen and carbon dioxide analyzer is simple to use and is ...

    By Systech Instruments Ltd based in Thame, UNITED KINGDOM. from Carbon Dioxide Analyzer Product line

  • Aspida - Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Portable Alarm

    Aspida derives from the Greek word meaning shield, and like a shield this robust analyser is dedicated to protecting you and your staff from the dangers of elevated carbon dioxide (CO2).

    By Analox Sensor Technology based in Stokesley, UNITED KINGDOM. from Carbon Dioxide Alarms Product line

  • Carbon Monoxide Detector Controller and Transducer

    Carbon Monoxide in commercial facilities. Can be used as a stand-alone detector and controller and as an analog transducer for use with the DVP-120 and other systems – ETL Listed, LADBS Approved

    By Aerionics, Inc. based in Sioux Falls, SOUTH DAKOTA (USA). from Carbon Monoxide Products Product line

  • Enviro - Carbon Dioxide Scrubbing Curtain

    The Enviro-Curtain is your solution to removing CO2 in mine refuge shelters, barricaded areas or sealed confined spaces, using safe soda lime (not lithium hydroxide) for removing CO2.

    By ChemBio Shelter, Inc. based in Allentown, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Co2 Scrubber Product line

  • Model CM Series - Carbon Monoxide Monitor

    A carbon monoxide monitor is strongly recommended by OSHA and CSA for all breathing air applications. The Pionox Carbon Monoxide (CO) Monitor is designed to meet the OSHA and CSA standards for the detection of carbon monoxide in compressed air systems. The Pionox CO Monitor continuously monitors the compressed air line for CO concentration and ...

    By Pioneer Air Systems based in Wartburg, TENNESSEE (USA). from Breathing Air Products Product line

  • Carbon Monoxide Analyzer (CO, H2O)

    LGR's CO Analyzer (Carbon Monoxide Analyzer) measures ambient levels of carbon monoxide with a precision better than 0.1 ppb in 1 second. The instrument may be set up in minutes and does not require cryogens. In addition, the CO Analyzer simultaneously measures water vapor mixing ratios with high precision. As a result, the instrument also reports ...

    By Los Gatos Research - a member of the ABB group based in Mountain View, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Carbon Monoxide (CO) Analyzers Product line

  • Model 5012 - Multi Angle Absorption Photometer

    Black Carbon (BC), a product of incomplete combustion, comes from industrial pollution, traffic, fires, the burning of coal and biomass fuels. Unlike carbon dioxide emissions, which add to global warming by trapping heat in the atmosphere, soot emissions may contribute to global warming and climate change by absorbing sunlight, heating the air and ...

    By Orion s.r.l. based in Veggiano, ITALY. from Air Monitor - Ambient Carbon Monitor Product line

  • Senscient ELDS - Model OPGD Series 1000 - Carbon Dioxide

    Reliable, open path detection of carbon dioxide at levels low enough to provide early warning for leakage of this highly toxic gas. Detection Limits for carbon dioxide leak detection are orders of magnitude lower than any other OPGD product. Specific detection of Carbon Dioxide without any cross interference from any other gases virtually ...

    By Senscient Inc based in Holyrood Close,, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Premium

    Model Z-500 - Hand Held Carbon Monoxide Meter

    Environmental Sensors Co.'s Carbon Monoxide Meter is a hand held instrument that measures carbon monoxide concentration in a range of 0-300 ppm and a resolution of 1 or 0.1 ppm. The instrument makes it possible to monitor carbon monoxide vapor in air. The insturment has an LCD display giving concentrations in ppm, a low battery indicator, and an ...

    By Environmental Sensors Company based in Boca Raton, FLORIDA (USA). from Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Product line

  • Model CDM and JI - Kyoto Protocol

    The Kyoto Protocol strengthens the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change by establishing a framework for the direct implementation of actions reducing GHG emissions. The protocol was adopted in 1997 and entered into force in February 2005 after its ratification by Russia. Countries having ratified the Kyoto Protocol have committed ...

    By Biothermica Technologies Inc. based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • Model EA Series - Horizontal Carbon Dioxide Storage Units

    These long life carbon dioxide storage units come in a variety of capacities, and are designed to operate efficiently even in environments of high heat and humidity. Auxiliary outlets are available for additional liquid and vapor supply needs.

    By TOMCO2 Systems based in Loganville, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from CO2 Storage Units Product line

  • HOFGAS - Model IFM4c - Customised Industrial Gas Flare System

    Customised industrial gas flare with high-temperature combustion, conceived specifically for the disposal of industrial and contaminated gases. Ideal for combustible industrial gases, such as VOC gas, pyrolysis gas, wood gas, flue gas, benzene gas and much more.

    By Hofstetter BV based in Schiphol-Rijk, NETHERLANDS. from Industrial Gas Product line

  • Carbon Dioxide Isotope Analyzer (CO2,δ13C,δ17O,δ18O)

    Stable isotopes act as tracers for studying flows and fluxes of material through ecosystems and the atmosphere. In practice, scientists measure the stable carbon isotope content of air, plants and soil to quantify many phenomena including the recycling of carbon dioxide within forests, water use efficiency, partitioning ecosystem carbon exchange ...

    By Los Gatos Research - a member of the ABB group based in Mountain View, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Analyzers Product line

  • Carbon Dioxide Emission Reduction Technology

    The compelling need to reduce CO2 emissions has lead to many creative schemes to accomplish CO2 emission reduction. For economic or social reasons, most are simply not feasible. However, EnPro's CO2 emission reduction technology is a monumental breakthrough, elegant in its simplicity, effective in practice. Unlike any other solution proposed thus ...

    By EnPro AS based in Drammen, NORWAY.

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