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Carbon Emissions equipment for Air and Climate

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    PEL - Model BBO4 - Mega Jaws Glass Bottle Crusher

    The BB04 or ‘Mega Jaws’ waste glass bottle crusher is ideal for hospitality or other businesses producing large quantities of waste glass bottles in the course of their business operations. The BB04 is a stand-alone glass bottle crusher or glass bottle breaker that generates savings on labour, creates space and reduces the ...

    By PEL Waste Reduction Equipment based in Balla, IRELAND. from Waste Glass Bottle Crushers Product line

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    econ - Model HTTU - High Temperature Treatment Unit

    The econ High Temperature Treatment Unit is a continuous process designed for the treatment of catalysts and activated carbon contaminated with mercury, mercury sulphide (HgS), sulphur, and hydrocarbons. The HTTU uses a direct fired thermal oxidation technology for the high temperature (700 - 1000 °C) destruction of mercury compounds and ...

    By econ industries services GmbH based in Starnberg, GERMANY. from Technology Product line

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    Anguil - Model RCO - Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizer

    The Anguil Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizer (RCO) destroys Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and odorous emissions that are often discharged from industrial processes. The RCO achieves emission destruction through the process of thermal and catalytic oxidation, converting the pollutants to carbon dioxide and water ...

    By Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc. based in Milwaukee, WISCONSIN (USA). from Thermal & Catlytic Oxidizers Product line

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    Polaris FID Smart Edition (SE) - Model PF-300SE - Portable TOC Analyser for Stack Emissions

    Portable TOC Analyser for Stack Emissions – Polaris FID SE (Smart Edition). Lightweight, Compact, Ergonomic, Safe. POLARIS FID SE (PF-300SE) is the evolution of our bestseller Polaris FID, the on-site portable TOC Analyser for Stack Emissions in compliance with EN12619, EN13526 and EPA METHOD 25A. It is a fully portable instrument because it ...

    By Pollution S.r.l. based in Budrio (Bologna), ITALY.

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    Polaris FID NMHC SE - Docking Station

    POLARIS Docking Station SE – NMHC s an external catalyst for the automatic analysis of Methane / NMHC. POLARIS FID SE controls the Docking Station to measure sequentially total hydrocarbons and/or methane only. Automatically it calculates the difference between them reporting the NMHC value. The Docking Station also powers POLARIS FID ...

    By Pollution S.r.l. based in Budrio (Bologna), ITALY.

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    Dürr Megtec - Carbon Adsorption Systems

    Carbon adsorption systems from Dürr Megtec are used in a wide range of industrial applications. Both regenerative and non-regenerative systems are used to capture vapor-phase emissions of volatile organic compound (VOC) solvents from industrial processes and prevent their emission to the atmosphere.

    By Dürr Systems, Inc. based in De Pere, WISCONSIN (USA). from Exhaust Gas and Air Pollution Control - Sorptive Processes Product line

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    PEL Baby Jaws - Model BB01 - Glass Bottle Crushers

    The BB01 or ‘Baby Jaws’ glass crusher saves on labour, on storage space and on waste glass disposal costs. The BB01 glass crusher fits under a standard height bar counter and allows staff to crush the waste glass bottles as they are poured or as the empty bottles are returned from the floor. Crushing waste glass bottles at the point of ...

    By PEL Waste Reduction Equipment based in Balla, IRELAND. from Waste Glass Bottle Crushers Product line

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    AirScience - Landfill Gas Flares

    Landfill Gas Application; For landfill gas applications enclosed flame flare have been required for years for the destruction of landfill gas emissions. As more and more landfill gas is valorized through the production of electricity or the production of renewable natural gas (RNG), enclosed flame flares are used for emergency conditions and for ...

    By AirScience Technologies Inc. based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Flares Product line

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    PEL - Model BB03 - Jaws Glass Bottle Crusher

    The BB03 or ‘Jaws’ waste glass bottle crusher is a low-height stand-alone glass bottle crusher or glass bottle breaker that generates savings on labour, creates space and reduces overall waste glass disposal costs for businesses producing waste glass bottles. The waste glass or cullet produced by the BB03 is collected in a tote box ...

    By PEL Waste Reduction Equipment based in Balla, IRELAND. from Waste Glass Bottle Crushers Product line

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    ENVEA - Model Amesa-B - Continuous Monitoring of Biogenic CO2‚ Emissions

    Biogenic or carbon-neutral stack CO2 gas can be deductible from any company’s greenhouse gas inventory which is required for reporting under various regulations.

    By ENVEA based in Poissy, FRANCE. from Emissions - Permanent Samplers Product line

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    Plastic Recycling

    The PEL Waste Reduction Equipment range of electric hydraulic vertical balers will reduce your waste plastic bottles & wrapping volumes by up to 90%, saving space, saving handling and most importantly saving on disposal costs. Business of any size can benefit from baling their waste plastics as these materials in baled format have a financial ...

    By PEL Waste Reduction Equipment based in Balla, IRELAND. from Waste Types Product line

  • Super Sludge Dryer

    The Super Sludge Dryer is a special equipment for sludge reduction. The sludge is dried by direct contact with hot air. The high-speed rotating crushing shaft is built in, which completely solves the problem of sludge adhesive phase. The sludge with different water content will be directly reduced to 20% , and the reduction amount will be 80% . ...

    By Benenv Co., Ltd. based in Yixing City, CHINA.

  • Freeflow - Fixed Thermodynamic Pump Monitoring System

    Our industry-leading FREEFLOW fixed thermodynamic pump monitoring system is an easy to use, self-contained piece of kit. It is used to monitor pumps at medium to large stations, and is one in our range of monitoring systems designed to optimise performance in relation to industrial pump systems.

    By Riventa Ltd based in Threemilestone, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • BWaste - Self Compacting Waste Bin

    The self-compacting waste bin is an innovative bin for use in public areas. The bin is fitted with a built-in compactor powered by solar energy. It is the result of a combination of innovative technology, implementation of client-specific properties, results of practical testing, and standards for a safe and healthy working environment. Use of ...

    By Waste Vision based in Eefde, NETHERLANDS. from Waste Collection Systems Product line

  • Enventix - Enpresso System

    Enventix'ss patent-pending Enpresso system enables clean, renewable electricity from mixed waste or other low-grade feedstocks at the distributed scale. It generates pure syngas for a gas turbine without the addition of oxygen. The process converts waste to energy 2-6 times more effectively than competing systems while exceeding any standard for ...

    By Enventix, Inc based in San Jose, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • FEC - Rotary Concentrator Systems

    Concentrator systems utilize adsorption technology to remove low levels of organic molecules from process exhaust streams. Once captured on the adsorbent (activated carbon or zeolite) the media is reconditioned with a hot gas or air to remove the organics for further treatment/ destruction. The final destruction of the organics is accomplished via ...

    By Fusion Environmental Corporation based in Atlanta, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

  • PentoMag - Neutralises Sulfuric Acid Plant

    Magnesium-based additives increase efficiency of the boiler while neutralising sulfuric acid fouling and corrosion.In the combustion chamber, vanadium pentoxide deposits are eliminated by PentoMag by forming magnesium vanadates with a high melting point. The vanadium pentoxides cannot serve as catalyst for the transformation of SO2 to SO3 anymore.

    By Pentol-Enviro AG based in Basel, SWITZERLAND. from Fuel Oil Fired Power Plants Product line

  • Elite Energy - LED Lighting

    LED lighting is set to be the next revolution in lighting. While used in electronics for yeras it has only recently become practical as a replacement for existing commercial light fittings.

    By Elite Energy based in Draperstown, IRELAND.

  • Quadgeneration Systems

    Quadgeneration systems are some of the most advanced gas engine driven power plants in the world. Quadgeneration encompasses the features of a trigeneration system, with combined electricity, heat and cooling but in addition includes the recovery of carbon dioxide from the exhaust gas. This carbon dioxide is scrubbed and can be used in industrial ...

    By Clarke Energy based in Liverpool, UNITED KINGDOM. from Power Product line

  • MaximOS - Onsite Water Disinfection Technology

    MaximOS™ uses a patented and award-winning on-site water disinfection technology that safely and economically generates sodium hypochlorite from just salt, water and power. It offers huge advantages to plant operators, by replacing the need to purchase, transport and store dangerous chemicals. On-site generation cuts back transportation ...

    By Parkson Corporation based in Fort Lauderdale, FLORIDA (USA). from Disinfection Product line

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