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Carbon Offsetting equipment for Air and Climate

  • Premium

    Focused Photonics - Model RLGD-100 - Remote Methane Laser Detector

    The RLGD-100 Remote Laser Methane Detector is an easy-to-operate portable device, capable of detecting methane leads by pointing it towards the survey areas. Utilizing proprietary technology of Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS), the RLGD-100 only detects methane with no cross-interference. This unit also features an OFFSET ...

    By DOD Technologies Inc based in Cary, ILLINOIS (USA). from Gas Detectors Product line

  • Xinhai Valve - Model DOBV API 609 - Double Offset Butterfly Valves

    Double Offset Butterfly Valves: API 609, Carbon, Stainless, Alloy, Duplex Steel, NBR, EPDM, VITON, PTFE, RPTFE Seat, Class 150 - 600, 2 - 72 Inch. 

  • FlowSafe - Electrochlorination Ballast Management System

    Flow Water’s modular electrochlorination Ballast Management System is unique, safe, easy-to-install, eco-friendly and will be compliant with the latest IMO and USCG regulations. The filterless system was developed specifically for the shipping industry after extensive consultation with global ship owners and operators. FlowSafe uses a ...

    By Flow Water Technologies Ltd based in Ypsonas, CYPRUS.

  • Track Record Services

    Climate Bridge is one of the leading global voluntary offset players.  The company has been active in the voluntary carbon markets since 2006 and has built a very substantial portfolio and a strong track record in project development.

    By Climate Bridge based in London, UNITED KINGDOM. from Voluntary Carbon Product line

  • BioRefinex Process Technology

    At the core of the patented BioRefinex process (patents in 20 countries) is the 'thermal hydrolysis reactor', which uses high pressure and saturated steam to denature all organic material and destroy all pathogens while retaining the valuable nutrients. The hydrolyzed output is then fractionated using a series of centrifuges to maximize value and ...

    By BioRefinex Canada Inc. based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA).

  • Radicle - Methane Reduction Technologies

    Methane emissions have more than 20 times the impact on the environment than carbon dioxide. In this case, we mean impact in a bad way. Our software and hardware solutions will help you understand your methane emissions, and then actually reduce them in a profitable way.

    By Radicle based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA).

  • Edinburgh - Model FS5 - Spectrofluorometer

    The FS5 Spectrofluorometer is designed to meet the highest measurement specifications in the research and analytical markets. To achieve optimal sensitivity, resolution, and acquisition speed, we select only the optimal performance photomultipliers in temperature stabilised housings, and utilise an optical design that includes plane, ...

    By Edinburgh Instruments Ltd based in UNITED KINGDOM. from Fluorescence Spectrometers Product line

  • Model SPARC - Refrigerant Waste Destruction System

    Evolving from our plasma platform developed for the US Military, SPARC is a highly effective, patented process for the complete destruction of ozone depleting substances and other environmentally noxious chemicals. SPARC is the latest innovation from our team of engineers, scientists and technicians. Refrigerants and other fluorinated chemicals ...

    By PyroGenesis Canada Inc. based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Plasma Waste Processes Product line

  • Tengs - Model PN16 - PN25 - Flange End Butterfly Valve

    Din Eccentric Butterfly Valve Flange Ends To Pn16, Pn25, Triple Offset, Double Offset, Hard Seal, High Performance, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, A216 WCB, A351 CF8, CF8M, Dn50 - Dn2000, Lever, Gear Operated, Manual Cast Steel Double Flanged Butterfly Valves Supplier and Exporter.

    By Tengs Valve International Limited based in Wenzhou City, CHINA. from Cast Valve Series - Butterfly Valve Product line

  • Bioflog - Waste to Energy Incinerator

    Energy recovery from the combustion of waste is a key part of the waste management hierarchy, which ranks various management strategies from most to least environmentally preferred. Energy recovery ranks below source reduction and recycling/reuse but above treatment and disposal. Confined and controlled burning, known as combustion, can not only ...

    By Enginnov Construction Limited based in West Midlands, UNITED KINGDOM. from Bioflog Incinerators Product line

  • Green Mountain Driver

    The driving you do every day may not be pollution-free. In fact, transportation is the second largest cause of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the U.S., and likely a large contributor to your carbon footprint. By becoming a Green Mountain Driver, you can help offset your vehicle's CO2 emissions for a whole year and reduce your impact on the ...

    By Green Mountain Energy based in Austin, TEXAS (USA).

  • Everest Interscience - Model 3000MD - Microminiature Infrared Thermometer

    The 3000MD Microminiature Infrared Thermometer is the world's smallest one-piece infrared thermometer. The 3000MD measures temperatures from -70°C to 400°C or -70°C to 1000°C (optional) with ±0.25° Accuracy. The standard field of view is 10°. The user can calibrate offset, slope and emissivity in the field without ...

    By Everest Interscience Inc. based in Chino Hills, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Microminiature Product line

  • TRIBO Series - Model U3400 - Data Loggers

    TRIBO.dsp U3400 is the industry’s first two-wire, loop powered, wide dynamic range particulate monitor for both high and low temperature applications. The U3400 is simple to install and requires no operator sensitivity adjustment. It is the most reliable, sensitive, easy to use particulate emissions and flow monitoring system available ...

    By Auburn Systems, LLC based in Danvers, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from TRIBO Product Line Product line

  • Mayhew - Model 42004 - 1/2 Dominator HD Crbon Scraper

    Carbon scrapers are used for removing gaskets, rust, paint, carbon buildup, and floor tile. The blade of the scraper is offset for safety and increased force in application. Their edges can be sharpened to the original cut after heavy use. The capped metal end is in direct contact with the tempered steel shaft and the two- composite, ergonomic ...

    By Mayhew Steel Products, Inc. based in Turners Falls, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Carbon Scraper - Straight Product line

  • Model 600 Series - Bag Filters

    The Series 600 are pressure vessels installed in a pipeline to remove unwanted solids from fluids. The Series 600 are used in applications where flow can be interrupted for bag replacement (duplex arrangements are available upon request). The Series 600 are designed with .4 to .5 cu. ft. debris holding capacity that allows for a longer run time. ...

    By Fluid Engineering is a division of TM Industrial Supply, Inc based in Erie, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Filters Product line

  • Green Mountain Traveler

    Whether for business or pleasure, most of us find ourselves traveling on airplanes sometimes. But emissions from air travel are a significant contributor to global climate change. By purchasing the Green Mountain Traveler, you can neutralize the CO2 emissions associated with your air travel and significantly reduce your impact on the environment. ...

    By Green Mountain Energy based in Austin, TEXAS (USA).

  • Wingas - Eco Natural Gas

    Is it possible to burn natural gas, carbon neutral? Not really, because the combustion process of natural gas carbon dioxide (CO2) is released - but much less than for example in coal. We make your gas completely CO2-neutral: For this purpose, we will buy CO2 certificates. These guarantee that the exact amount of carbon dioxide ...

    By Wingas GmbH based in Kassel, GERMANY. from Eco Natural Gas Product line

  • Xinhai-Valve - Model TOBV API 609 - Triple Offset Butterfly Valves

    Triple Offset Butterfly Valves: API 609, Carbon, Stainless, Alloy, Duplex Steel, Wafer, Lug, BW, Flanged End, Class 150 - 600, 3 - 72 Inch, or as required.

  • Senqcia - Drive Chains

    Senqcia Heavy Duty Engineering Class Drive Chains are designed and built to withstand the rugged requirements of high load power transmission applications. In order to offer the best combination of chain strength, wear performance and shock load resistance, these premier chains possess the following key features:

    By Senqcia Maxco, Ltd. based in Kennesaw, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Engineering Class Chain Product line

  • Green Mountain Home

    Did you know that the traditional production of electricity is the largest source of industrial air pollution in the U.S.? That means that the electricity you use at home is a daily contributor to your carbon footprint. The good news is that you can reduce your carbon emissions by supporting cleaner energy sources like wind, solar and biomass ...

    By Green Mountain Energy based in Austin, TEXAS (USA).

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