Catalytic Filtration

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  • Catalytic Iron Filters (CIF)
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    Catalytic Iron Filters (CIF)

    By RSF Technologies Limited

    Catalytic Iron Filters (CIF) are generally used in the removal of H2S and are often the first stage of a two stage system with a Carbon Filter installed as a polishing unit. RSF CIF systems are designed as a two stage ...

  • Desulfurization, Deodorization, Smoke Decomposition
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    Desulfurization, Deodorization, Smoke Decomposition

    By Clariant International Ltd.

    Clariant provides catalysts and adsorbents to purify indoor air. Applications include the purification of restaurant emissions, as well as products for in-house use, such as odor and smoke abatement for kitchen stoves. ...

  • Catalytic Filtration Systems
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    Catalytic Filtration Systems

    By W. L. Gore & Associates

    W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc., the worldwide leader in filtration technologies, is proud to offer the most cost-effective way to meet dioxin and furan emission regulations. A simple replacement of your existing ...

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  • W. L. Gore & Associates

    W. L. Gore & Associates

    Founders Bill and Vieve Gore started W. L. Gore & Associates in the basement of their home in 1958. The company initially served the electronic ...