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  • New issues in dispersion modeling

    New issues in dispersion modeling

    Sulfur Dioxide (SO2 ) In 2010, the US EPA finalized a new 1-hour National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS) for SO2. Since that time, a number of guidance documents have been issued by the US EPA to clarify the modeling procedures needed to demonstrate compliance. The tighter SO2 NAAQS standards have resulted in more refined analyses of interactions between sources (culpability analysis) as ...


  • Fashion industry should pay for clothes impact

    Fashion industry should pay for clothes impact

    The era of throwaway fashion must end, and government must penalise companies who do not act responsibly and reward those that do, according to MPs on the Environmental Audit Committee. The committee scrutinised the impact of the fashion ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Three Screw Pumps

    Three Screw Pumps

    The Tritec series three screw pumps are designed for handling liquids with little or no lubricating properties, liquids that are corrosive or that contain abrasives. Examples include fresh or sea water, desalinated or deionized water, acid containing liquids, boiler feedwater, caustic solutions, emulsions, naphtha, waste oils and solvents, residual oils, etc. The use of stainless steel casings, ...