Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)

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  • Gases that cause the most air pollution

    Gases that cause the most air pollution

    Air pollution is the presence of dangerous substances in the atmosphere in concentrations high enough and for durations long enough to cause harm or undesirable effects. Chemicals, dust, suspended particles and gases, among others, pollute the air we breathe every day. The emissions of gases can ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Refrigerator Recycling Systems

    Refrigerator Recycling Systems

    Technologically advanced solutions for refrigerator shredding and processing. One particular challenge in the refrigerator recycling process is presented by chlorofluorocarbons such as R 11, R 12 or R 141b, which were used for decades as foaming agents for insulation materials. Since these substances damage the Earth’s ozone layer when released, they must be removed and collected securely ...