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  • boiler soot blower

    boiler soot blower

    During the combustion of pulverized coal in boiler, coal will turn into slag and get discharged, but still some unburnt carbon, volatile matters, fly ash will go with flue gas. These things will cool off and adhere to heating surface. They settle down on heating surface to cause problem called soot fouling and slagging. Boiler soot blower could keep boiler clean.

  • Project Tank Vapors - Case Study

    Project Overview: In 2015 Questor was selected to provide emissions control for a truck loading and tank vapors at a Shell oil battery in Alberta, Canada. The waste gas stream consists primarily of ...


  • A Guide to Using Portable Gas Detectors in Cold Weather

    The cold weather months are fast approaching. Your company needs to prepare by making sure all gas detection equipment is in tip-top shape. And you might want to invest in some backup portable multigas detectors, which can be beneficial in an ...

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  • Medical Waste Incinerator

    Medical Waste Incinerator

    I8-M250 model is the first of our larger models with the internal capacity to handle larger batches of waste per operation. You get controlled air incineration, offering optimal combustion conditions and careful management for most waste streams. Its large opening gives you the best aperture with top loading design for easy access and continuous loading. This unit benefits from a large secondary ...