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cooling tower clean (Cooling Towers) equipment

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    2H Plasdek - Counter-Flow Cooling Tower Fills

    Different Types For All Requirements – Available In PVC And PP; From small cooling towers to large cell and natural draught cooling towers: Our PLASdek packings fulfill all requirements. Different types of film fills with large specific surface are highly suited for clean and medium water qualities, whereas for special operation conditions ...

    By ENEXIO Water Technologies GmbH based in Hürth, GERMANY. from Counter-Flow Cooling Tower Fills Product line

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    ENEXIO 2H - Air Inlet Louvres For Cooling Towers

    Our cellular inlet louvres improve the air flow into the cooling tower. They not only hold back unwanted elements (e.g. leaves) but also prevent water splash-out which can cause icing and loss of expensive water and treatment chemicals. Moreover, an inlet louvre restricts the amount of sunlight entering the cooling tower thereby impeding algae ...

    By ENEXIO Water Technologies GmbH based in Hürth, GERMANY. from Air Inlet Louvres For Cooling Towers Product line

  • TowerClean - System For Cooling Tower Cleaning

    Filtration for cooling tower basins and remote sumps in HVAC applications. TowerClean and TowerCleanPLUS systems eliminate the need for manual basin cleaning by separating solids out of cooling tower basins and remote sumps using strategically placed LAKOS HydroBoosters. Accomplished by preventing solids accumulation in the basin through ...

  • Zinc-Loc

    The safe solution to both cleaning system deposits, and stemming the deterioration of galvanized coatings, is to implement the 'Zinc-Loc' Program developed by the ACT Research and Development Field Studies Team. Zinc-Loc is the only pH controlled program designed specifically for deposition removal and to stem the investment destroying effects of ...

    By Advanced Chemical Technology based in Rancho Cucamonga, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • CHLOR-AWAY - Dechlorination Tablets

    Specially formulated Chlor-Away tablets provide dechlorination convenience, efficiency and dependability. To ensure you are in compliance with U.S. EPA Clean Water Act regulations, use Chlor-Away prior to discharging water or wastewater into your receiving environment. Fire hydrant flushing, water main testing, wastewater system discharge, cooling ...

    By Jet Inc. based in Cleveland, OHIO (USA). from Dechlorination Tablets Product line

  • Model PME-E Series - Cooling Towers

    The PME-E series cooling towers are manufactured with a high thickness (3-5 mm) steel bearing frame, which is hot-dip galvanized after all works and with fibreglass sandwich panels of 22 mm thickness. This kind of panel is made by a double laminated layer with supporting expanded material in between. This construction grants, also on large ...

    By Torraval Cooling S.L - part of The MITA group based in LEIOA (Vizcaya), SPAIN. from Cooling Towers Product line

  • Cannon-Water - Model BD200 - Biomass Dispersant

    Super concentrated: 5.0 - 30 ounces treats 1000 gallons of cooling tower water. Penetrates and lifts biomass, slime and dirt from cooling tower and pipe surfaces. Reduces corrosion by cleaning biofilms that can create localized corrosion cells. Helps deprive organisms of food by preventing nutrient rich biomass from forming and accumulating. ...

    By Cannon Water Technology Inc. based in Granite Bay, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Biomass Dispersant Product line

  • Elex - Evaporative Cooler

    In the case of certain gas-cleaning processes, particularly in the cement industry, it may be necessary to cool down the gases prior to the cleaning process or to condition the gases to the most favourable physical state. The operating principle of an evaporative cooling tower system is simple. By injecting water in very fine droplet sizes ...

    By Elex AG based in Schwerzenbach, SWITZERLAND.

  • Cooling Tower Cleaning

    The diagram below shows a sludge removal system to clean the basin of a refinery cooling tower. This prevents fouling problems that can be caused when sludge in the basin is transferred to the cooling water lines and heat exchangers in the process unit.

    By BakerCorp based in Shafter, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Cooling Tower Cleaning Product line

  • TOWER MATE - Model 217 - Cooling Tower Treatment

     TOWER MATE cooling tower treatment is a versatile cooling tower treatment designed to provide superior scale control and corrosion inhibition for cooling towers operating in a wide range of make-up water conditions. Its very unique chemical balance provides for the running of several cycles of concentration while maintaining a very clean ...

    By Constant America based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Cooling Tower Treatment Product line

  • TIMEX - Model CTSS - Cooling Tower Filtration Systems

    TIMEX CTSS series cleans, sweeps and filters, continuously removing suspended solid matters down to less than 20 microns in size from the cooling water system. The system operates as a continuous re-circulation system taking water from the tower basin and returning it to the tower basin.

    By TIMEX Filtration and Water Systems based in Saray-Kazan, TURKEY. from Cooling Tower Filtration Systems Product line

  • Cisterns-Holding Tanks Cooling Towers

    Cisterns and holding tanks can grow algae and thats when the E,coli, Salmonella, Listeria and other bacteria/pathogens start to grow. We have custom designed equipment to oxidize and ionize this water to not only keep the tank or tanks clean but also to kill the pathogens and bacteria that can be harmful to humans, animals and plants.

    By Agri Ionization Systems, Inc. based in Sarasota, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Model TFC-200 - Cooling Tower Fill Cleaner

    Dirty, crusty, scale filled cooling tower fill is a perfect environment for bacterial growth, especially legionella bacteria. This can lead to sick buildings and sick people. Cleaning dirty fill has been a huge headache and challenge - until now. The TFC-200 removes scale buildup, helping eliminate hiding places for legionella, other bacteria, ...

    By Goodway Technologies Corporation based in Stamford, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Cooling Tower Fill Cleaner Product line

  • FilterNox - Model PFH-MR - Self Cleaning Automatic Filter System

    Filternox PFH-MR models are supplied with manual coarse screen Filternox PFH-MR models specially developed with a motor for low pressure and heavy duty industrial applications. Filternox PFH-MR models, with their stainless steel construction and higher filtration surface area provide excellent performance in low pressure industrial applications. ...

    By Filternox Europe, S.L. based in Valencia, SPAIN.

  • Cooling Tower Maintenance

    Beta Pramesti, under the supervision of Hydro-Chem Australia, possesses the experience and equipment necessary to clean water cooling towers up to a capacity of 200,000 litres.Highly skilled technicians are trained in the use of chemicals, wet vac’s and high-pressure pumps. For large jobs multiple teams are dispatched to minimise ...

    By PT Beta Pramesti based in Jakarta, INDONESIA.

  • Centrapack - An Efficient Cooling Tower Film Heat Exchange Medium For Clean And Treated Cooling Tower Water.

    The CentraPack consists of predetermined layers of vacuum formed corrugated sheets with a snap-on- positioning system. Each sheet is in opposite mirror position to create a labyrinth function for the water and air contact.

    By Wacon International Pte. Ltd. based in Singapore, SINGAPORE.

  • WHS - Model C100 - Cooling Tower

    C100 is an economical silicate based corrosion inhibitor product for use in cooling towers operating with softened water.C100 is highly effective for eliminating the corrosion potential of softened water. High stability polymers and scale inhibitors have also been incorporated into the product to help maintain clean heat transfer surfaces through ...

    By Water Hygiene Systems Ltd (WHS) based in High Wycombe, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • BiOzone - Ozone Cooling Tower Water Treatment System

    BiOzone ozone water treatment and ozone cooling tower water treatment produces clean and reusable water through ozone oxidation. This ozone cooling tower water treatment approach provides water disinfection and sterilization. The high oxidation potential of ozone through our ozone cooling tower water treatment processes are utilized to its ...

    By BiOzone Corporation based in Englewood, COLORADO (USA).

  • Vacuum Type Water Cooling Tower

    Body of the unit is made of galvanized sheet to obtain resistance to rust and lime. When lime and layer accurs, do the mechanical cleaning without harming the galvanize. Definitely do not use chemicals that can harm galvanized. To obtain chemicals to clean without harming the galvanize, seek help from our firm. Check the water level of water ...

    By ISISO Heating Refrigeration Air Conditioning Systems based in Yenimahalle, TURKEY.

  • TurbEx - High Efficiency Compact Fluid Bed Cooling Towers

    TurbEx Cooling Towers offer:1) Lowest Approach & Range Temps bellow 1ºC2) 25% Volume of Traditional Cooling Towers3) Fouling Free Operation - Can Operate on Slurries4) Biofilms Constantly Removed by Self Cleaning

    By Fluid Technologies (Environmental) Ltd. based in Kingston upon Thames, UNITED KINGDOM.

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