Corrosive Gases

Equipment & Solutions

  • Corrosive Gas Multi-Pass Cell
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    Corrosive Gas Multi-Pass Cell

    By Cerex Monitoring Solutions, LLC.

    Cerex offers a corrosive gas multi-pass cell with a 4.5m or 1.5m path length for use with the Cerex AirSentry FTIR. All cell body materials are designed to withstand corrosive gases such as HCl, HBr, and HF. The cell ...

  • Panel Mount Utility Gauges
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    Panel Mount Utility Gauges

    By Blue Ribbon Corp.

    A durable Dry type utility gauge designed to look good from the front or back of the panel. These gauges are suitable for air, water, oil, gas or any other media not corrosive to brass. Other connection locations, ...

  • Ammonia Cylinder Valves
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    Ammonia Cylinder Valves

    By JTC Valve Sales LLC

    JTC valve sales employees have significant work experience in the compressed gas industry. JTC Valve Sales offer a vast bank of knowledge and experience, the highest quality products, the majority of which are ...