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Deep Ultraviolet (UV-C) Disinfection equipment for Air and Climate

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    OmniAire - Model 1200PAC - Portable Air Cleaner

    OmniAire 1200PAC Portable Air Cleaner is designed for use in hospital and medical environments or where there is a risk of bio-contaminants such as virus are a concern. The combination of a medical grade 99.99% HEPA filter and UV Germicidal-Irradiation offers the highest level of protection for both health care professionals and patients. The ...

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    Lenntech - UV Disinfection for Packaging Materials, Foodstuffs Surfaces

    When exposed to sunlight, germs are killed and bacteria and fungi are prevented from spreading. This natural disinfection process can be utilised most effectively by applying UV radiation in a controlled way. Packaging materials can be efficiently and easily disinfected using UV-C radiation. Likewise, the shelf life of several foodstuffs is ...

    By Lenntech Water Treatment based in Delfgauw, NETHERLANDS. from UV Disinfection Systems Product line

  • VGE - Model Pro - Sustainable Industrial Water Purification Systems

    The VGE Pro assortment consists of a complete range of industrial UV-C purifiers. The units provide healthy, clear and safe water. VGE Pro UV-C purifiers are the driving force in a filter installation; they have the ability to keep the water free of algae, bacteria and fungi. It is essential that the UV-C purifier seamlessly connects to the design ...

    By VGE International B.V. based in Son & Breugel, NETHERLANDS. from UV-C Industrial Water Purification Product line

  • Aqua UVtron - Model A series LCD - UV-C Water Disinfection Units

    Compact Construction. Electropolished V4A steel chamber designed for working pressure of up to 12 bar. Sample collection tap for inflow and outflow. Electronic control gear with integrated radiator current measuring loop. Selective UV-C intensity monitoring in accordance with DVGW standard worksheet W-294, Austrian standard 5873-1 with 4-20 mA ...

    By Aqua Innovation GmbH based in Rotkreuz, SWITZERLAND. from UV-C Water Disinfection Units Product line

  • Blue Lagoon - Model VGE Pro UV series - Commercial Swimming Pool UV-C Purification Systems

    For high volumes and professional pool and spa applications the new VGE Pro UV series suits very well. VGE Pro UV-C purifiers are the driving force in an installation; they have the ability to keep the water free of algae, bacteria and fungi. It is essential that the UV-C purifier seamlessly connects to the design and the components used in the ...

    By VGE International B.V. based in Son & Breugel, NETHERLANDS. from Swimming Pool UV-C Equipment Product line

  • Lifetech - Model UVL - UV Systems

    LIFETECH UV systems offer customers green alternative to environmentally harmful chemicals used for disinfection including chlorine, chlorine dioxide, and hypochlorite. Germicidal lamps generate energy in the UV spectrum to destroy bacteria, fungi and viruses (microorganisms). Microorganisms include several distinct groups of disease causing germs ...

    By Lifetech based in Brno, CZECH REPUBLIC.

  • BIO-UV- Tempo - Pool Dosing Pump

    It automatically injects a small daily dose of disinfecting, algicidal, anti-scale swimming pool product: BIO-UV residual oxygen, exclusive formula. This comprehensive process combines the action of UV-C and residual oxygen to disinfect water and make it disinfecting, for the greater comfort of bathers. Even in stormy weather, your pool water will ...

    By BIO-UV Group based in Lunel, FRANCE. from Residential Pools & Spas Product line

  • AquiSense Pearlsurface - Modular UV-C LED Surface Treatment Device

    The PearlSurface is a modular UV-C LED device for surface curing and disinfection. The unit is hot-swappable and fully customizable allowing for curing or disinfection for specialized applications.

    By AquiSense Technologies - Nikkiso Group based in Erlanger, KENTUCKY (USA).

  • RayVio - Model XR Series - UV Emitter or Star Board LED

    High UV C power for disinfection and sterilization. RayVio XR Series UV LEDs deliver high-power and high-density UV light with peak spectral wavelength output of 280 nm. These devices are designed to meet the most demanding and mission critical applications in the healthcare and well being segments.

    By RayVio Corp based in Hayward, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Safety and Diagnosis System

    Safety and Diagnosis System is an additional product to Desinfinator decreasing/ air cleaning solutions. The system is designed mainly for commercial kitchens (professional use) and for air duct units. Desinfinator Safety and Diagnosis System can be calibrated to suit any location and the system works with only one or with multiple Desinfinator ...

    By ProAir Oy Ltd based in Inkoo, FINLAND.

  • AquiSense - PearlAqua Micro

    Our PearlAqua Micro creates a brand new category of UV disinfection - Micro UV™. It is by far the world's smallest UV disinfection system. The Micro offers validated disinfection performance through UV-C LEDs and a patented flow cell design. PearlAqua Micro is designed to be integrated into point-of-use systems and processes.

    By AquiSense Technologies - Nikkiso Group based in Erlanger, KENTUCKY (USA).

  • Model Electronic Ballasts - UV-C Germicidal Lamps

    Light Sources and strategic partner LightTech offer an extensive line of electronic ballasts, covering a wide range of UVC germicidal lamps.Choosing the right ballast is essential because system performance is dependent on the interaction between the lamp and ballast.

    By LightTech Lamp Technology Ltd. based in Dunakeszi, HUNGARY.

  • BersonSense - Model Sense T - UV-C Light Transmittance Monitor

    When operating a UV reactor, it is important to monitor the UV transmittance, continuously online, or with a portable device. Changes in UV transmittance are important; on the one side for reducing the amount of energy as with a reduced UV transmittance the intensity could be reduced still achieving the required UV dose, on the other side to ...

    By Berson Milieutechniek BV - a Halma Company based in Nuenen, NETHERLANDS.

  • Model UVR-4K - Air Disinfection Systems

    sterilAir UVR-4K air disinfection systems serve for air disinfection in rooms with low convection, where direct emission has to be avoided under all circumstances. Typical applications are production, packaging and maturing rooms as well as cold storage areas.

    By sterilAir AG based in SWITZERLAND. from Air Product line

  • Model EX - Air Ducts and Vessels

    With this insertion solution, the UV-C emitters are led directly from outside into a chamber (e.g. air duct) in order to unfold their full potential. Thanks to different lamp types and electronics, the system can be ideally adapted to practically all kind of conditions.

    By sterilAir AG based in SWITZERLAND. from OEM Product line

  • Tecninox - Model Cube & Pibi - Static and Dynamic Pass Box

    Cube Pass Box is one of the best solutions for material transfer between two areas differently classified. Cube Pass Box is very easy to install and can be integrated both in pharmaceutical mobile walls (cantilevered or coplanar) and in masonry/plasterboard walls. It is realized in satin stainless steel AISI 304 (or stainless steel AISI 3016 as ...

    By Tecninox s.r.l. based in Origgio, ITALY. from Decontamination Product line

  • Silver Bullet - Spectrum Stainless Steel UV-C Disinfection Systems

    The 'Silver Bullet' for water disinfection or controlling green water algae blooms. Quick and simple to install featuring a long service life that requires little maintenance. Matala Stainless Steel High Output ultraviolet Disinfection Systems

    By Matala Water Technology Co., Ltd. based in Longjing Dist, TAIWAN. from UV-C Disinfection Product line

  • Airpura - Model I-600 - Air Purifiers

    The Airpura 1-600 Specially designed for use in healthcare clinics and institutions. Large HEPA filter Traps airborne droplets. Optional UV germicidal lamp Sterilizes antigens and pathogens. Optional Hl-C carbon weave Adsorbs odors and airborne chemicals and gases. Effective for up to 2000 square feet Recycles the air approximately every 30 ...

    By Airpura Industries Inc. based in Laval, QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • WEDECO - Model A series - Disinfection Systems

    The UV disinfection systems of the WEDECO A series destroys bacteria, viruses, yeasts, parasites and cryptosporidiae efficiently and environmentally compatibly, without using chemicals. 

    By WEDECO - a Xylem brand based in Herford, GERMANY. from UV Systems Aquada Series Product line

  • UV Lamps

    Germicidal ultraviolet lamps emit radiant energy in 253.7nm (C-Band ultraviolet or UVC) wavelength. The UVC energy photo-chemically reacts with the DNA and RNA of microorganisms - viruses, bacteria, mold and spores - sterilizing them. Germicidal UV lamps have an effective life of approximately 8,000 - 12,000 hours continuous use.

    By American Air & Water, Inc. based in Hilton Head Island, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA). from UV Lamp Product line

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