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  • Power Generation

    Power Generation

    Description Thermal power plants powered by either nuclear energy or fossil fuel located along a seacoast normally use seawater as a coolant in the steam condensers. These are typically once through cooling water systems Electro chlorination in above mentioned types of application has considered as the most effective, low operating cost and safety operation method in order to control the ...

  • Recent degassing jobs - case study

    PURGIT has recovered hundreds of tons of tank vapor. Our process takes tank vapor and recovers it by condensing the vapor to liquid that can be recycled or sold. PURGIT does not waste valuable ...


  • Phosphorus measurement according to DIN EN ISO 6878:2004-09

    Phosphorus measurement according to DIN EN ISO 6878:2004-09

    Metrohm Process Analytics presents the 2035 Process Analyzer, an integrated solution for 24/7 online-monitoring of critical chemical parameters such as ortho- and total phosphate phosphorus in wastewater streams. Three fixed ranges are available for ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Process Analyzer

    Process Analyzer

    The 2060 Process Analyzer is an online wet chemistry analyzer that is suitable for countless applications. This process analyzer offers a new modularity concept consisting of a central platform, which is called a «basic cabinet». The basic cabinet consists of two parts. The upper part contains a touch screen and an industrial PC. The lower part contains the flexible wet part where the ...