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  • Refurbished Concrete Mixer Truck

    Refurbished Concrete Mixer Truck

    Remanufacturing is the process of revitalizing old machinery and equipment. It takes old machine equipment as blank, adopts special craft and technology, a new manufacture is carried out on the basis of the original manufacturer, and the remanufactured products are as good as the original ones in both performance and quality.Scientifically speaking, remanufacturing is an industry that carries out ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Semi-Mobile, Diesel Powered Vacloader

    Semi-Mobile, Diesel Powered Vacloader

    This is a semi-mobile diesel powered vacloader equipped with built-in hydraulic tipping system. It can be towed by a 3.5 ton vehicle on public roads. It is perfect for handling both wet and dry materials and most often used in industrial applications where collection of dust is required.